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Priorities: What must conservatives put at the top of the list for America?



Priorities What must conservatives put at the top of the list for America

One of the most important premises we started with when we first conceived of a new American Conservative Movement was the reality of truth. Conservatives have truth on our side. From issue to issue, policy to policy, and solution to solution, a conservative philosophy applied to each is the best way to preserve America’s prosperity and defend the freedoms of the people. When we stay true to conservative principles, we’re able to address the issues with policies that deliver real solutions.

Things have been ramping up more quickly than expected. Though the idea of forming an American Conservative Movement was birthed two months ago, it has been in the last three weeks that actions are being set in motion to form something tangible. Patriotic Americans are signing up rapidly to learn more about it. I’ve been meeting daily with new people who are interested in putting something together. Ideas are flowing freely. This is extremely important for this movement to be successful.

Multiple clocks are ticking. The 2020 elections are about to jump into high gear, so it’s time to start identifying candidates to support. But more importantly, America’s clock is ticking. The border crisis has been untenable for a while and solutions are being blocked left and right. Abortion laws are emerging everywhere. Some are positive, such as Georgia’s and Alabama’s. Others are very negative, such as New York’s. Meanwhile, the budget deficit is showing no signs of slowing as Capitol Hill’s addiction to spending permeates through every Democrat and many Republicans.

This is why our first update for the movement is actually a question:

What would you like to see the movement prioritize as we begin forming the organization?

It’s imperative that we understand the direction of the movement based on the priorities of the people in it. We’ve learned from past endeavors such as the Tea Party that when a handful of people set priorities without listening first to the people involved in the movement, it will invariably lose its way. That’s not an attack on the Tea Party itself, but we feel the momentum was lost because the people in the movement were ignored. We will not make that mistake.

Please reply and let me know what you believe we need to put at the top of our priorities list. I will read and respond to everyone. This will take time, of course, but it’s important to know the perspectives of the people up front so we can put together the right organization from its foundation.

There are so many incredible initiatives we’re considering now. If there’s one thing the left is better at than the right, it’s in promoting “big ideas.” Unfortunately, their “big ideas” are often counterproductive and always come with a big price tag. Conservative philosophies can be bold and renewing without wasting taxpayer dollars on concepts that don’t work. We do not want America to be like San Francisco. We want America to thrive because of exceptionalism and freedom.

Spread the word. The movement is just getting started. We’re excited to be at the heart of something we believe America desperately needs. We hope you’ll be a part of this movement as it grows.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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