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YouTube caves to progressive mob, demonetizes Steven Crowder and others



YouTube caves to progressive mob demonetizes Steven Crowder and others

The war over “hate speech” on social media took a very sour turn today as YouTube announced they are going after “supremacists” on their platform. The first known victim is Steven Crowder, the conservative comedian who drew the ire of Vox Media host Carlos Maza.

His extremely popular YouTube channel has been demonetized, meaning the revenue that has helped pay Crowder and his team for years is losing a huge direct source.

There was a brief moment of celebration as YouTube initially left Crowder unpunished. But the backlash by Maza and his supporters was clearly too much for YouTube to continue to do the right thing and protect free speech for more than a few hours. They caved to the progressive mob quickly and spectacularly.

Crowder, whose brand of comedy includes insulting people, announced his team will be putting out a video tonight to explain further. It didn’t seem like all doom and gloom, though, as he teased a “silver lining.”

The “silver lining” may be that YouTube will allow Crowder to continue running ads if his channel removes links to his merchandise. This made Maza even more upset than before.

Even if Crowder is hopeful, there are plenty of creators on YouTube who are in jeopardy as a result of YouTube’s decision:

Perhaps the most distressing part about this move is the classification of Crowder as a “supremacist.” He offends people by making fun of them and invoking race, sex, sexual orientation, and religion among other things. That’s his shtick. It works. Some may not appreciate the humor. They do not have to watch. But at no point does Crowder encourage violence or bigotry. He makes jokes. Others make “hateful” jokes as well.

If YouTube is going to start classifying anything offensive as “supremacist” speech, they better start hitting the bigoted left as well. There’s a ton of “progressive” content they need to examine.

This is not okay, and unfortunately it’s just the beginning. The purge is happening. If Crowder can get hit while progressives are left to spread their real hate unabated, YouTube’s hypocrisy will be on clear display.

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