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Glenn Beck calls on Justin Amash to run… in 2024



Glenn Beck calls on Justin Amash to run in 2024

Former NeverTrumper turned MAGA-hat minstrel Glenn Beck made a brave yet confusing statement today on Twitter. On one hand, he praised Representative Justin Amash for a Tweet affirming his commitment to defend the Constitution while not catering to any party (GOP) or person (President Trump). On the other hand, he called on him to run for President… in 2024.

Many Republicans have attacked Amash for being the lone Republican in Congress calling for impeachment of the President. He has become anathema to the MAGA crowd while becoming an instant hero to both NeverTrump Republicans and anti-GOP Libertarians. And both groups have been calling on him to run for President in 2020, either as a Republican primary candidate or as a straight Libertarian.

Beck has been the punching bag for both sides of the Trump coin since the 2016 primaries. First, he was a heralded supporter of Senator Ted Cruz before Cruz dropped out and eventually endorsed Trump, drawing the ire of the MAGA crowd. But then his recent shift to supporting the President was seen as a betrayal by the NeverTrumpers. His recent actions may be seen as a way of testing the waters to see if the NeverTrumpers will let him back in the club, as he was never fully embraced by the MAGA crowd.

Here’s his Tweet:

I can appreciate Beck’s position, as I was once a NeverTrumper. But I’ve learned over the last two years that the things I don’t like about the President are either superficial or fall under the category of “damage has been done.” For example, I am a free-trade capitalist who does not like tariffs, but now that we’re here I’ve switched tunes to say we must go all out on these trade wars if we have any chance of returning to free trade principles sooner rather than later.

But Beck has to realize it’s important to pick a side and stick with it. If his intention was to praise Amash while simultaneously push him to put aside any ambitions he has for the White House in 2020, then the Tweet makes sense. But if he’s really trying to push him to run against the President now, he should just come out and say it. I am not a fan of playing both sides of the aisle. I’ve chosen to support the President because the current viable alternatives on the other side of the aisle are exponentially worse and represent a real existential threat to America.

Personally, I respect Amash and believe he is taking the right stance based on his beliefs. Of course, I also believe impeachment in the near future would benefit the President more than it would hurt him, so perhaps my perspectives would be different if I thought Amash was a real threat. His conservative bona fides are only hampered by his endorsement of open borders and voting rights for illegal immigrants. Otherwise, he’s a liberty-loving conservative.

If Beck is going to try to fit a MAGA hat and a NeverTrump hat on the same head, he’ll soon realize it doesn’t work. Better to simply pick a side and use full measures. Amash has picked his side. Beck needs to get off the fence.

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