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Spreading the Word boldly through your ‘channels’



Spreading the Word boldly through your channels

Today, everyone has a pulpit. Unfortunately, the majority of those using it aren’t doing so for the glory of God or for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can.

Technology has opened the doors to much evil in the world. The internet is loaded with negative components ranging from distractions that keep us focused on the world to downright evils that make us victims to the flesh. However, it is simply a tool. You can use this tool to promote the message of salvation and to let those within your sphere of influence know that you believe in the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that you know His Son was sent to die on the cross to wash us from our sins in His Blood.

People are so “politically correct” that the term itself no longer holds any real meaning. Everything must be politically correct by the standards of western society and when something goes outside of those bounds, the offender is persecuted to one degree or another. Christian voices are being shunned, ridiculed, and stifled. Many of those doing it do not even realize they are. The majority of those witnessing it consider it to be a positive thing. Persecution by inclusion is growing – it’s a concept that we will touch on in the future.

As believers, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to boldly proclaim who we are and why we believe what we believe. Today, the voices of non-believers are much stronger online than the voices of the believers. Atheists and Muslims in particular have excelled at using the internet to spread their doctrines. Despite the number of proclaimed Christians, we are often the quietest about our beliefs.

This must change.

Know the message YOU were meant to share

Every now and then, I debate with my wife about the type of message to deliver and the method of delivery. She is very pure in her desire to stay focused on identifying sound doctrine and sharing it appropriately. It means that she shares less but is more certain that what she’s sharing is correct. I’m more aggressive in that I will tackle topics that are not necessarily as black and white. It has made for a wonderful relationship as we grow in our faith as one flesh.

Different messages resonate with different people. I don’t want to tell anyone which message or portion of a message they were meant to embrace and share. I only ask that you pray and research the Bible diligently. It is so important that we listen to the Holy Spirit in all things; the doctrines of many of the religious leaders in our day are often tainted with messages of the flesh designed to fill their churches and pocket books rather than spreading the true message of the Lord.

When a message resonates in your heart, there’s a good chance that it’s one that you were meant to share. This isn’t universal as there are messages meant specifically for us to hear, but there are others that touch you. When a message is powerful enough to move you, it’s a message that you will likely be able to share with more clarity and passion.

Share it how you were meant to share it

One could easily debate me on this particular point. I believe that we are given ways to share the message of the Gospel and that we should embrace these avenues as part of our responsibility. The arguments against this stance include:

  • How we hear the message is personal and we are not obligated to share it.
  • We are only responsible for our own beliefs and God will work to reach others.
  • Some people were meant to spread the Word. Others were meant to hear it.
  • Our lives in this world have very little to do with our personal faith.

There is validity in all of these arguments. There is also plenty of scriptural evidence that we are to go forth and spread the Word, to share the Gospel, and to point people in a direction that allows them to open up to the truth.

If you choose to spread the Word, then be sure that you’re doing so in the way that best fits what God has given you. Some are gifted in speaking one on one to individuals. Some do well speaking in front of a crowd. Some write about it. Others research and share their findings on social media. There are even people who can do some or all of these things. You were given a voice in one way or another. Utilize it to do more than gossip about what’s happening in Hollywood or gripe about what’s happening in Washington DC.

Be Bold

For me, social media has been one of the ways that I share my faith. It’s why I publish articles about the faith and it’s why I try to use social media to reach those who would listen.

Western society has made it taboo to discuss religion. I can write for hours about the lukewarm nature of many believers today, but I’ll sum it up with this Tweet:

It won’t be my most popular Tweet. In fact, it will likely receive little social media engagement at all. But it will reach some, and I’ll keep sharing a similar message when I feel so compelled.

Will you lose social media “friends” by declaring your faith boldly? Unless you’re very selective with your social media “friendships,” the answer is likely yes. Should that stop you? That’s the question you must answer.

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