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Spreading the Word boldly through your ‘channels’



Spreading the Word boldly through your channels

Today, everyone has a pulpit. Unfortunately, the majority of those using it aren’t doing so for the glory of God or for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can.

Technology has opened the doors to much evil in the world. The internet is loaded with negative components ranging from distractions that keep us focused on the world to downright evils that make us victims to the flesh. However, it is simply a tool. You can use this tool to promote the message of salvation and to let those within your sphere of influence know that you believe in the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that you know His Son was sent to die on the cross to wash us from our sins in His Blood.

People are so “politically correct” that the term itself no longer holds any real meaning. Everything must be politically correct by the standards of western society and when something goes outside of those bounds, the offender is persecuted to one degree or another. Christian voices are being shunned, ridiculed, and stifled. Many of those doing it do not even realize they are. The majority of those witnessing it consider it to be a positive thing. Persecution by inclusion is growing – it’s a concept that we will touch on in the future.

As believers, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to boldly proclaim who we are and why we believe what we believe. Today, the voices of non-believers are much stronger online than the voices of the believers. Atheists and Muslims in particular have excelled at using the internet to spread their doctrines. Despite the number of proclaimed Christians, we are often the quietest about our beliefs.

This must change.

Know the message YOU were meant to share

Every now and then, I debate with my wife about the type of message to deliver and the method of delivery. She is very pure in her desire to stay focused on identifying sound doctrine and sharing it appropriately. It means that she shares less but is more certain that what she’s sharing is correct. I’m more aggressive in that I will tackle topics that are not necessarily as black and white. It has made for a wonderful relationship as we grow in our faith as one flesh.

Different messages resonate with different people. I don’t want to tell anyone which message or portion of a message they were meant to embrace and share. I only ask that you pray and research the Bible diligently. It is so important that we listen to the Holy Spirit in all things; the doctrines of many of the religious leaders in our day are often tainted with messages of the flesh designed to fill their churches and pocket books rather than spreading the true message of the Lord.

When a message resonates in your heart, there’s a good chance that it’s one that you were meant to share. This isn’t universal as there are messages meant specifically for us to hear, but there are others that touch you. When a message is powerful enough to move you, it’s a message that you will likely be able to share with more clarity and passion.

Share it how you were meant to share it

One could easily debate me on this particular point. I believe that we are given ways to share the message of the Gospel and that we should embrace these avenues as part of our responsibility. The arguments against this stance include:

  • How we hear the message is personal and we are not obligated to share it.
  • We are only responsible for our own beliefs and God will work to reach others.
  • Some people were meant to spread the Word. Others were meant to hear it.
  • Our lives in this world have very little to do with our personal faith.

There is validity in all of these arguments. There is also plenty of scriptural evidence that we are to go forth and spread the Word, to share the Gospel, and to point people in a direction that allows them to open up to the truth.

If you choose to spread the Word, then be sure that you’re doing so in the way that best fits what God has given you. Some are gifted in speaking one on one to individuals. Some do well speaking in front of a crowd. Some write about it. Others research and share their findings on social media. There are even people who can do some or all of these things. You were given a voice in one way or another. Utilize it to do more than gossip about what’s happening in Hollywood or gripe about what’s happening in Washington DC.

Be Bold

For me, social media has been one of the ways that I share my faith. It’s why I publish articles about the faith and it’s why I try to use social media to reach those who would listen.

Western society has made it taboo to discuss religion. I can write for hours about the lukewarm nature of many believers today, but I’ll sum it up with this Tweet:

It won’t be my most popular Tweet. In fact, it will likely receive little social media engagement at all. But it will reach some, and I’ll keep sharing a similar message when I feel so compelled.

Will you lose social media “friends” by declaring your faith boldly? Unless you’re very selective with your social media “friendships,” the answer is likely yes. Should that stop you? That’s the question you must answer.

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Culture and Religion

The false narratives behind Portland’s Antifa versus Proud Boys



The false narratives behind Portlands Antifa versus Proud Boys

Depending on which news outlets you use, there are two primary narratives that are being pushed. Narrative one is, “Far-right group and Antifa clash in Portland.” Narrative two is, “Antifa gets violent. Again.”

The first narrative is what you’ll get from progressive legacy media outlets as they offer cover for the violence being perpetrated almost exclusively by Antifa as they clash with the Proud Boys. The latter is being classified as a “far-right” group, but they’re actually more of an “alt-right” group that does not believe in true conservative principles. Nevertheless, anything “right” is painted by the media as part of the conservative movement, the GOP, and President Trump’s base. This is important to understand because in the narrative the left is painting, their goal is to make the Proud Boys appear to be white supremacist and therefore attached to President Trump because according to their latest agenda, they have to portray him as a racist at every turn.

The second narrative is the reality, and you won’t find it reported this way by many news outlets, even on the right. There’s a disassociation some publications are actively engaged in where they believe reporting that seems to favor the Proud Boys makes the news outlet seem like it’s supporting white supremacy. This is the progressive propaganda machine at work; even conservative journalists are hesitant to lose credibility over perceptions.

Quillette journalist Angy Ngo is reporting live on Twitter. We’ll try to update it as he adds more:

As you can see from Ngo’s reporting, the violence seems to be undertaken exclusively by Antifa. But legacy media will only report it as clashes “between” the two groups and not as violence instigated solely by the side that holds the left’s progressive mantle. All of this is secondary to the overarching narrative they’re driving, that the Proud Boys represent the right and their white supremacy beliefs are defended by the President.

On cue, the President chimed in:

The left pounced, as they’re wont to do, by saying this is evidence the President is sympathetic to the Proud Boys because he singled out Antifa in a “mutual” conflict. What they won’t tell you is Antifa is starting the fights. They’re bringing the weapons. They’re pepper-spraying people. They’re attacking buses. One does not have to believe in the Proud Boys’ rhetoric to realize Antifa is instigating violence here.

As Beth Baumann reported, even journalists are being targeted:

So Much For Being ‘Peaceful’: Antifa Attacks Reporters And Conservatives In Portland (Again)

Not quite seven weeks ago, conservative journalist Andy Ngo was attacked while covering an Antifa protest in Portland, Oregon. Mayor Tom Wheeler ordered police to stand down at the time and received backlash for doing so. The city prepared for the Proud Boys to hold a rally on Saturday, with Antifa showing up to counter protest. Wheeler made it clear that Portland is taking a “zero tolerance” policy during Saturday’s activities.

Despite the warning, Antifa, once again, became violent.

At one point, Antifa protestors had The Washington Examiner‘s Julio Rosas surrounded. They wanted him to report on what was taking place from the other side of the street because he “wasn’t with” them.

Rosas attempted to explain that he was simply reporting on the events for his job but Antifa didn’t care. They thought he was “spying” on them.

The irony in all of this has become a recurring theme between Antifa and their supporters in progressive media and the Democratic Party. They claim Antifa is simply “anti-fascist” while ignoring the fact that they’re the ones using fascism to promote their ideas and to quash opposing ideas. Reports on the ground in Portland demonstrate this clearly.

Here are Rosas’s Twitter reports:

The left’s narratives: (1) Proud Boys and Antifa are equally to blame, (2) Proud Boys are white supremacists while Antifa are anti-fascists, and (3) President Trump support white supremacists. Don’t believe the lies.

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Romans 3:23 – all have sinned



Romans 323 for all have sinned

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; – Romans 3:23

Our Father wants obedient children but we have proven time and time again since the beginning of our existence that we are not obedient. Rather than let us destroy any chance of salvation, He gave us a final hope: Jesus Christ, our Lord, our Messiah, our Savior.

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Conspiracy Theory

Alleged Philadelphia shooter Maurice Hill attended radical Wahhabi Islam mosque: report



Alleged Philadelphia shooter Maurice Hill attended radical Wahhabi Islam mosque report

Wahhabism, the anti-American fundamentalist Islamic sect that drives the religious culture in Saudi Arabia, has as one of its stated goals to spread their beliefs around the world through any means necessary. Mosques promoting their radical ideology have been popping up across America over the last few years, including in Philadelphia. Alleged cop-shooter Maurice Hill attended one of them.

According to Clarion Project:

The mosque, called Masjid Ahlil Hadith Wal Athar, is known for preaching the Islamist ideology promoted by Saudi Arabia referred to as “Wahhabism.”

Clarion Intelligence Network has been aware through its sources that the area where the shootings took place is known for trafficking in guns, drugs and counterfeit items. This criminal market has a strong Islamist element that includes extremist gangs.

Hill’s older sister said he “occasionally attended” an unnamed mosque, confirming initial reports from our sources that Hill is a Muslim. The sources do not yet have first-hand evidence of the shooter being personally involved in Islamist extremism.

Clarion Intel’s sources report that Masjid Ahlil Hadith Wal Athar is a Salafi mosque which follows the theocratic teachings of Saudi Arabia’s top Wahhabist scholars.

At this point, there is no indication that Hill’s shooting of police officers was motivated by Islamism or anything other than a desire to resist arrest.

Today, a march was scheduled to “Free Maurice Hill” by Black Community Control of Police, a group adamantly opposed to law enforcement. There are no indications the group is aligned with Masjid Ahlil Hadeeth Wal Athar, but it is a common practice among radical Islamic groups to disguise their associations and operate apparently independent from one another.

The details surrounding the gunfight seem to indicate it was not prompted by Wahhabism as Hill was apparently approached as a result of a separate warrant enforced against a neighbor. But the clear disregard for police authority and the willingness to attempt to murder multiple law enforcement officers indicates an ideology that is prepared to kill and die. Was this ideology sparked at the radical mosque Hill attended?

As expected, the appetite of legacy media to cover Maurice Hill died down quickly despite the rampant calls for gun control. His story has too many things that go against the progressive media’s narrative.

Any connections to Islam in situations like these are automatically dismissed as Islamophobia. But it’s highly unlikely Maurice Hill’s alleged actions were completely disparate from the radical teachings of the mosque he attended.

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