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Michael Shellenberger, the environmentalist who opposes the Green New Deal



Nuclear power is one of the safest, most efficient methods of harnessing energy. It’s also extremely clean compared to fossil fuel use. For his reason, many true environmentalists are pushing for expansion of nuclear power in the United States and across the planet. But their greatest opposition isn’t coming from the fossil fuel industry as some might expect. Their biggest battles are coming from the other version of environmentalists, the ones pushing for the Green New Deal and similar pushes for wind and solar energy.

The question that should come to mind is, “Why don’t environmentalists support nuclear power?”

The answers are complex, but they usually come down to an environmental jamming that’s been spreading through progressive Americans’ talking points for years. Put simply, nuclear energy isn’t expensive enough. No, seriously.

For the tenets of the Green New Deal to work requires a dependence on the most expensive forms of energy harnessing. It does not behoove those who want environmentalism to be the driving force behind the economy to have something as efficient as nuclear power in the mix. Clean, inexpensive energy is not the goal of the new breed of progressive environmentalists. What they really want is control even if that means forcing people to pay more for their energy.

Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger has been a strong green progressive for decades, but he does not buy into the politics behind the Green New Deal or the radical renewable lobby that fights nuclear power. He believes the push for renewable energy has very little to do with the environment and everything to do with the economy.

This video by ReasonTV demonstrates the righteous push by Michael Shellenberger to make nuclear power more prevalent. It doesn’t take massive economic changes to help the environment despite the push by Green New Deal proponents.

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