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Blue Collar Logic on Memorial Day: Let’s stop talking civil war



The folks over at Blue Collar Logic have been exceptionally impressive since I found them a few months ago. I’ll admit, I passed on them initially because I thought it would be the same type of ranting we often see from right-wing video producers (which, admittedly, is still much more enjoyable than the unhinged whining we almost always see from left-wig video producers). Once I saw their reasoned reactions to modern events and the threats posed by progressives, I became a fan quickly and haven’t looked back.

For Memorial Day, they delivered another stellar video analysis of what Memorial Day truly means. They didn’t just attack the left, though. They were very aware that many of the problems we’re seeing in America can be at least partially attributed to the tribal mentality that has seeped into both sides of the political aisle. Notably, they brought up the rising number of conservatives who are openly invoking a potential future civil war. While that may seem farcical to most, there are plenty on the right (and left) who are deadly serious about taking up arms against fellow Americans if certain events take place.

Let’s stop that line of thinking. Even if only for Memorial Day, let’s put down our AR-15s and focus on the reality of wars, the death and the sacrifice that’s associated with the brave members of the armed services who gave everything so we could have the liberties we still have today.

It’s not out of the question that a future internal conflict could happen in America. The way the Democrats have been heading, it might even seem likely. But on Memorial Day, let’s hold the rhetoric and focus on honoring the fallen.

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