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Misplaced sympathies and overlooked opportunities



Misplaced sympathies and overlooked opportunities

Every time there is a slightest indication that a Muslim is mistreated anywhere in the world, everybody is up in arms. But the wanton slaughter and genocide of Christians continues while the world yawns.

This is fully in keeping with Islamic Sharia law which makes Muslims a privileged class and all of us infidels not even worthy of living. Even our own government is susceptible to being misled down the road to perdition.

Under Islam, Jews and Christians are treated as dhimmies or second-class citizens. The options are to convert to Islam, become a dhimmi and pay the jizya tax or die. While not recognized by Islam, one could also flee from the Dar ul-Islam to the Dar ul-Harb, or House of War.

But now many non-Islamic nations are bowing down in submission to Islam as when Twitter notifies someone that they are violating the blasphemy laws of Pakistan. It should be a matter of us just saying, “So, who cares?”

Other than Islam, Americans also still have to contend with the ideology of Communism / Socialism / Progressivism. First we will look at where our attentions are directed followed by where they would more appropriately be able to do some good.



China’s Western province in Central Asia of Xinjiang is known to the indigenous Muslims there as East Turkestan. Uyghurs joined Al Qaeda in training camps in Afghanistan during the terror campaign of UBL. Some wound up at Guantanamo Bay, of which a half dozen were released by Obama to the former U.S. territory and now independent nation of Palau in the Western Pacific for reasons known only to his own demented mind.

In 2014, Uyghurs traveled to Kunming in southern China just above the Vietnam border and slashed victims at the airport there. Other domestic acts of terrorism have been attributed to them within China as well. There have also been concerns of international terrorism that they could commit at some point.

China is a totalitarian state which we shall discuss later in this article, but Uyghurs should not be portrayed by the leaders of world nations and by the world media as innocent victims. While China’s activities to contain this Islamic Insurgency may not meet with our own specifications, it is a legitimate concern.


The Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar are not indigenous, but rather migrated from the Indian subcontinent. They began the current conflict by attacking Buddhist authorities in that Southeast Asian country. Rohingya have also threatened Hindus in nearby India and are even unwelcome in the neighboring Islamic nation of Bangladesh. Some Rohingyas have become boat people and tried mostly unsuccessfully to get into Australia. Rohingyas are legitimately viewed as a security concern by Myanmar authorities.


Both Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip and Palestinian Islamic Jihad are terrorist organizations which act as surrogates for the Islamic Republic of Iran. The orchestrated riots at the border fence are a made-for-the-media show. If they fail to penetrate into Israel to murder Jews, then they use their own children as human shields so they can claim victimhood when the Israeli Defense Force has to fortify the border.

Palestinians are just Arabs who migrated from other nearby countries. Their claims to possess all the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea are specious at best and designed to obliterate Israel at worst.


Yemen is a failed state. 30 years ago there were two countries of North Yemen and South Yemen. They have accomplished virtually nothing since other than to become a primary source of khat as well as a terrorist training ground for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. It was a base of operations for American Anwar al-Awlaki until he and his cohort were taken out by a drone. Today the Houthi of Yemen act as surrogates for Iran to fire missiles into Saudi Arabia.


The Islamic government of Pakistan deliberately makes life for the Christian minority in that country a hell on Earth. That’s why Asia Bibi had to flee after a drummed up charge of blasphemy. Her life may still be in danger in Canada as her tormentors have sent someone to follow her and assassinate her there. Pakistan harbored UBL there after 9/11. Today Pakistan is behind the Taliban in neighboring Afghanistan.


Afghanistan is really not one bit better off today than it was 18 years ago. There is no reason for American soldiers to still be shedding blood in a nation that has resisted foreign influence all the way from Mongols to Russians to Americans.

Ilhan Omar

Along with foreign countries to which Americans improperly direct their sympathies, there are three new U.S. Congresswomen who are getting entirely too much attention compared to their actual contributions to the national good, which in each case is at absolute zero.

Ilhan Omar came to Minnesota as a refugee from the failed state of Somalia. Her hostility toward American values and her animosity toward American allies endangers our national security, particularly as a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Both the voters of Minnesota and the Democrat leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives are accountable. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Majority Leader Steny Hoyer should be told that they are derelict in their duties for not reprimanding this new member for her bigotry.

Rashida Tlaib

The new Congresswoman from Michigan is a Palestinian advocate who favors Hamas and fails to respect Israeli sovereignty. She barely got the furniture arranged in her new office before she called for the impeachment of President Trump. To say her priorities are wrong would be a gross understatement.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a joke still waiting for a punchline. She is basically an airhead and an empty vessel being used by Social Justice Warriors to further their own objectives with her as a figurehead. Her stupid remarks should just be ignored and she should not be given so much attention at every political utterance.



Whenever I see all of the megabytes of data used to document the alleged plight of Muslim Uyghurs, I pause for a moment and wait to see if anything will be said about the increasing persecution of Christians in Communist China. More times than not, nothing is.

China bans one of the Ten Commandments

North Korea

For 18 years in a row, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been #1 on the Open Doors list of countries where it is the hardest for Christians to survive. KJU has perpetuated the state religion of worship of himself as the heir of the Kim family.

Just having a Bible or uttering the name of Jesus can get a person and three generations of his or her family relentlessly murdered. It is a primary responsibility of Christians to teach their children and raise them in the faith. But many parents under Pyongyang’s bloody regime must hide their beliefs from their children lest they be betrayed.

If President Trump has another summit with Kim Jong-Un ~ and I do mean IF ~ ceasing the persecution of Christians and other religions by North Korea must absolutely be a prerequisite before proceeding to anything else.


Turkey was once considered a dependable American ally with U.S. Air Force listening posts near the border of the former Soviet Union. But under the autocratic Islamic rule of Erdoğan, it has become a conduit for ISIS and other Muslim terrorists to transit to the battlefields of the Middle East.

Erdoğan fancies himself the next Caliph of the revived Ottoman Empire. Many of the churches to which St. Paul the Apostle ministered in Asia Minor are in present-day Turkey. Today it is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to live according to their beliefs in Turkey.

Turkey has also sought to align with Russia and Iran as it distances itself from the United States and Israel.


Syrian Christians continue to suffer more in that country today than they did when Bashar al-Assad was in full control. America’s single-minded focus on eliminating ISIS just left a vacuum which Iran now seeks to fill. Both the Sunni Islamic enemy and the Shia Islamic enemy endanger our own country and particularly Israel via the Golan Heights.

As ISIS disperses geographically, Iran becomes the primary threat to the well-being of Christians in Syria.


Saddam Hussein did have blood on his hands. He harbored a Palestinian terrorist who took a flight via Japan to Honolulu and planted a bomb under the seat before disembarking. A Japanese youth was killed in the explosion when Pan Am 830 landed at Honolulu International Airport on August 11, 1982.

That said, Christians within Iraq still fared better under Saddam than they have ever since. Now that ISIS has lost its territory, Iran is poised to establish a land bridge all the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

Assyrian and Chaldean Christians in Iraq have diminished greatly in numbers since 2003. Those who remain are still in mortal danger. Even Muslim Kurds in Northern Iraq and the Nineveh Plain have begun imposing the Sharia jizya tax on Christians, who are threatened from all sides.


Afghanistan is still just as inhospitable to Christians today as it was in the heyday of UBL and Mullah Omar of the Taliban. Don’t look for any churches or synagogues to be built in Kabul any day soon. As the U.S. Embassy keeps touting years of friendship between our two countries, it’s all one-sided.

Afghans get full respect in the United States as do all Muslims. American can’t just walk safely down the street in Afghanistan and a Christian is a very targeted minority.

Saudi Arabia

Our alliance with Saudi Arabia against Iran is strategic. But KSA remains one of the most closed countries in the world. A Christian can’t even enter the country with a cross around his neck or a Bible in his hand. A non-Muslim is not allowed to ever visit Mecca. Not that there would be a whole lot of incentive to want to do that anyway. Christians who worship secretly within their own homes, if found out, are often raided and arrested.


Nigeria has approximately equal numbers of Christians and Muslims but it has a government that is currently unwilling to protect Christians from Muslim slaughter particularly in the northern part of the country. Christians are regularly murdered in their churches including on such holy occasions as Christmas and Easter. Nigeria is perhaps the world’s worst killing field of our present day. It should be receiving due attention by the United States government and in the media but it is not.

Burkina Faso

Only recently has this landlocked country in West Africa begun drawing attention for the kidnapping and killing of westerners and Christians. Years ago, you may have learned of this nation under the former name of Upper Volta. It is in a very volatile region near the Sahel of Africa. Unfortunately, things do not bode well and more atrocities are likely to occur in Burkina Faso.


3,885 miles away from Burkina Faso is Kenya in East Africa. Kenya has long been one of the more stable nations on the continent, but it has the unfortunate problem of a border with Somalia. Attacks are becoming more frequent where Christians are told to recite the Islamic shahada and deny Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or die. Many suffer the death of the body rather than the death of the soul.


Northern Africa was once predominantly Christian. Alexandria in Egypt was a center of advanced learning. But 600 years after the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, the followers of Muhammad subjugated Egypt and that entire region at the tip of a sword.

Even today, Coptic Christians comprise perhaps as much as 15% of the population of Egypt. While the persecution is not as severe as it was under the Muslim Brotherhood, the current military government under el-Sisi has failed to prevent further killing of Christians by Muslims. Perpetrators are not properly prosecuted.


Pakistan deserves special attention and scrutiny both as a country which severely persecutes Christians and other religious minorities and as a breeding ground for worldwide terrorism. The United States does well to ally itself with India as a hedge against Pakistani aggression. Israel has likewise sought closer relations with India.

All the Islamic institutions in Pakistan are arrayed against Christians who are accorded absolutely no rights whatsoever. That is why it is so hypocritical of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to condemn India for Hindu persecution of Muslims while ignoring persecution of Christians and other minorities in Pakistan and her native Somalia by Muslims.


Indonesia is often falsely seen as a moderate Muslim country. With 264 million people, it is the most populous predominantly Islamic country in the world. Christians comprise about 10% throughout the island nation. Some areas such as Aceh on Sumatra are more rigid in implementing Islamic Sharia law. But attacks also occur on Java and throughout the archipelago against Christians simply because of their faith.


The Philippines is America’s only former colony in Asia. For our review of the relationship with the United States, see:

America’s good friends in the Philippines

It’s a very complex situation, but for our purposes here, the salient point is that in Muslim regions in the southern Philippines, it is very perilous for local Christians. The current regime of President Rodrigo Duterte, who admits to having Muslims within his own family, and who hails from Davao City on Mindanao, does not fully appreciate the ideological nature of the struggle within the Philippines between Muslims and the predominant Catholic Church.

Which is not to say that the United States government fully understands that ideological underpinning of Islamic Jihad either.


Israel under Prme Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is America’s most dependable friend and ally in the world today. Bibi is very articulate in English and often touts his government’s respect for the rights of Christians. What he does not seem to fully appreciate, however, is the role of Messianic Jews who follow Yeshua.

In the alliance which his Likud political party has had to re-establish with other smaller factions, one is with orthodox Jews who will continue to control the immigration apparatus and who will keep making it difficult for Jews who accept Yeshua as the Messiah promised by the Hebrew prophets to make aliyah to Israel and reside there as citizens.

This has been a suggestive rather than exhaustive compilation of countries where the rights of Christians and other minorities are not respected. Our current government here in the United States and all of our future administrations need to take heed and act accordingly. Think of this in the ballot booth on November 3, 2020.


When we hear presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard and other misinformed persons accusing President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton of warmongering and provoking a conflict with Iran, it displays an incredible ignorance of the threat posed by the apocalyptic regime in Tehran. Congresswoman Gabbard, who is a Major in the Hawaii National Guard, is a 38-year-old who was born after Iran had released the American diplomat hostages when Republican Ronald Reagan took over the White House from Democrat Jimmy Carter.

Iran is ancient Persia. You can read the book of Esther to see how far back the hostilities with Israel actually go.

Iran has progressed beyond mere talk and has actually used surrogates in Gaza to launch missiles into Israel and also has launched them over the Golan Heights from Syria. Therefore, when Iran threatens to attack United States forces throughout the Middle East, there is every reason to believe that they actually will do so.

The people of Iran are suffering as their resources are squandered by their government supporting worldwide terrorism. Christians continue to be arrested just for being Christians. The best case scenario would be for the Iranian people to replace the hostile government that acts in their name.

But meanwhile, America and Israel must remain on full alert. We are not going to initiate any hostilities no matter how much we are provoked to do so. But if and when Iran attacks, we must ensure that they regret it and that their capacity to inflict further damage is completely neutralized, whatever that takes for us to accomplish.


We have taken a glimpse at American priorities in the world. We have seen that we all too often focus on supposed victims who do not merit our involvement. We have also considered how we frequently fail to recognize those who truly need our assistance.

I adjure you to help focus this 2020 political campaign on issues that really matter. You may very well find that those which you have read about here are worthy of your consideration in that quest.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement


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William Barr nails the secular upheaval of Judeo-Christian morals



William Barr nails the secular upheaval of Judeo-Christian morals

Humans have a moral compass. We’ve had it for over 2000 years. Before we had it, there were other parts that were already being formed so mankind would have a basis for morality and absolute truth that differs from postmodernism or its emerging despicable cousin, the post-truth society of false absolutes based on personal feelings.

This moral compass is the Bible, and our adherence to Judeo-Christian beliefs as a nation and in many places around the world has helped mankind keep evil at bay. Our flawed efforts through the millennia have fallen short, not because the Word wasn’t perfect but because we are not perfect. This has eroded to the point that modern society is experiencing a secular upheaval forcing cataclysmic decay of our morality.

We are flawed. Progressives are trying to use these flaws to pull us further away from the truth of our existence and the only truly moral compass we possess. They’re doing it through media, education, and entertainment. They’re attacking churches, synagogues, and adherents to the Bible with an anti-Biblical worldview that is growing increasingly militant.

Attorney General William Barr recognizes this and expressed as much during a speech at Notre Dame last week.

William Barr’s speech on religious freedom should resonate with everyone who recognizes the degradation of our values as a people and a nation. The further we diverge from the Biblical worldview, the worse the world becomes.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Should Church be the mission field?



Should Church be the mission field

There is a growing prevalence of churches that want to draw people in to present the gospel. These churches, commonly referred to as “seeker friendly” churches have been one of the biggest trends in Christianity in the postmodern world. A comparison would be the analytics of Major League Baseball. Some people champion it; others loath it. For these seeker friendly churches are engaged in the advance usage of analytics and marketing. In the effort of not being dismissive in a traditionalist “get off my lawn” way, I want to examine, giving a fair shake, this prevalent trend in Christianity.

In the early church, it was inconceivable that churches would attract large audiences to present the gospel. During the time of persecution, Christians building coliseums for worship would have been lit as candles to light those coliseums while lions were fed to their brethren in an evening pagan spectacle. During the reign of the Papacy, this second phase of Christian history built cathedrals, however these architectural feats were never intended to be mission fields, rather home bases. The post-reformation segment of Christendom saw large gatherings and generational revivals but a large church does not equal a “seeker friendly” church. In American history, we have seen some readily obvious cycles of rebellion and repentance with the Great Awakenings. We aren’t in one of those periods of repentance as a society; we need to be, but I digress. If you build it and they will come is an entirely new phenomenon for physical churches.

I am unsure whether this phenomenon of seeker friendly is the result of the rebellion in our societies or a response to. However, many prominent proponents of seeker friendly churches have questionable theology such as Andy Stanley. Andy Stanley’s Deep and Wide is the bible for seeker friendly churches. There’s obvious problems with the seeker friendly church model that stem from belief systems that counter scripture, the Popularity Gospel as I have coined it.

But the original question was not contemplating the theological legitimacy of seeker friendly churches. Rather we are examining the use of church as the mission field which these famous megachurches’ methods have permeated into many bible believing churches. The origin comes from theologically void sources, however legitimate churches use much of these methods to increase the audience of the church, but I am wondering how these methods can increase the size of the church.

1Now I make known to you, brethren, the gospel which I preached to you, which also you received, in which also you stand, 2by which also you are saved, if you hold fast the word which I preached to you, unless you believed in vain.

3For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4and that He was buried, and that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,
1 Corinthians 15:1-4 NASB

So if the church is to be the mission field why then is the church not interested in preaching the gospel every Sunday? Sermons on money don’t save. Sermons on not being “judgmental” don’t save. Not even sermons on loving your neighbor save. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 concisely articulates a saving message that Paul seems to have preached regularly during his time in Corinth.


The Good News of Jesus Christ is a call to a painful death to self, daily. No work-around backdoor preaching in a way non-believers can agree with is a sufficient substitute. Using the physical building and programs as a mission field is an unprecedented means modern Christianity finds itself in. By no means, should we turn down innovative ways to baptize believers and make disciples. However, these means must do exactly that. If the church is to draw non-Christians, specifically church adverse people, in with music, atmosphere, and accommodations then the duty of the Church to Christ is to present the gospel daily.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Child abuse: CNN uses 9-year-olds as ‘transgender’ props at Equality Town Hall



Child abuse CNN uses 9-year-olds as transgender props at Equality Town Hall

Two distinct sciences – biology and psychology – contradict claims of inherent gender dysphoria in children. It’s not that it never happens, but study after study shows parental bias, abuse, or both are more prominent causes for children to believe they are misgendered than being “born this way.” Undeterred, the radical progressive left continues to promote the concept that child transgenderism is common and totally not the results of activist, misguided, or abusive parents.

During CNN’s “Equality Town Hall,” two 9-year-old children have been brought to the podium to ask questions of candidates. One such child, Jacob, was accompanied by his mother, Mimi Lemay, who happens to be a member of the Parents for Transgender Equality National Council.

Conservatives on Twitter were quick to point out the spectacle CNN was trying to propagate in their question to stay “woke” and relevant at the same time.

What? Only three Tweets? Fortunately, most Americans were either watching football, shopping for Halloween candy, or doing literally anything other than watching CNN’s town hall. It was that bad… from what I hear.

Here’s the reality of the Democrats’ agenda. They feel like they must pander to secure not only the votes of those in the community but also the large number of radical progressives not in the community, but who wish they were. This is 100% for nomination purposes only. Once a Democrat emerges victorious, the LBGTQ community will be pushed to the bottom of the Democrats’ and CNN’s priority list. Why? Because they represent a secure voting block for Democrats.

This is what makes it so unfortunate that children like Jacob are used to promote an agenda. At 9-years-old, he isn’t old enough to understand the complexities of politics. He’s also not only enough to be definitively experiencing gender dysphoria from a clinical perspective. Even progressive doctors acknowledge post-puberty sexual awareness is a prerequisite for true gender dysphoria to arise. At 9-years-old, he’s still just confused at best and brainwashed at worst.

Parents participating in this type of brainwashing should be investigated for abuse. Shame on CNN for promoting this type of child exploitation for the sake of appeasing those who hold a radical political ideology.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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