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Illegal alien Marco Cobos charged with sadistically murdering 75-year-old woman



Illegal alien Marco Cobos charged with sadistically murdering 75-year-old woman

When illegal immigrant Marco Cobos, 19, came to the door of Etta Nugent, 75, seeking help with his broken down truck in Houston, the grandmother wasn’t in a position to help. But he wasn’t really seeking her help. He wanted her money, which is why he forced his way into her home and stabbed her in the chest with her own kitchen knife, according to police.

She tried to escape, but he dragged her back in and continued stabbing her with kitchen knives 13 times over the next 40-minutes to an hour before stealing over $500.

Illegal Alien Accused of Stabbing Beloved Grandmother to Death

Nugent attempted to escape, heading out the front door and making her way to her front porch, but Cobos heard her and pulled her back inside the house where he continuously stabbed her until she died, prosecutors said.

The illegal alien then stole $560 from Nugent’s purse and her car, fleeing the alleged murder to buy food and a battery for his broken down truck. Cobos then returned to the murder scene, prosecutors said, to eat and steal more of the woman’s things, including three of her credit cards.


We hear plenty of stories of criminal opportunity when illegal immigrants commit crimes based on their needs. But this wasn’t one of those cases. He didn’t just kill someone for the sake of robbery before fleeing the scene. He was methodical. He drew out the murder to inflict the most possible pain.

He worked slowly, sadistically, in a way that belies the probably reality that he enjoyed killing Etta Nugent.

Democrats do not want stories like these to be exposed in the press. This goes against their common narrative that illegal immigrants are mostly good people seeking opportunity who pose no threat to the American people. This is a demonstrably false narrative, but with the media on their side there’s no reason for them to fear the truth. They’re in no danger of having their lies exposed by a mainstream media establishment that believes in the Democrats’ agenda.

This, more than anything else, is why we wish more people would support sites like ours. We are willing to speak the truth and expose what mainstream media is unwilling to discuss.


“Etta was a kind, gentle and generous woman who lived her life with unwavering dedication to her faith, family, and friends.” – Statement from the Family

Final Thoughts

This wasn’t just a robbery gone wrong. This was a heinous and intentional act of evil allegedly perpetrated by one of the millions of illegal immigrants the Democrats continue to protect. When will they start protecting Americans?

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