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As Trump and Barr prepare to shed light on the truth, Adam Schiff calls it a ‘coverup’



As Trump and Barr prepare to shed light on the truth Adam Schiff calls it a coverup

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya

After President Trump orders intelligence agencies to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr’s investigations into the source of the Russian probe and the basis the Obama administration used to spy on the 2016 campaign, Representative Adam Schiff put out an interesting Tweet.

He invoked that standard buzzwords being thrown around by everyone in mainstream media and the Democratic caucus, words such as “obstruction” and “weaponize.” He even introduced “un-American” into the mix. But invoking one of the common Democratic buzzwords into this particular circumstance seemed off, as if his programmers had failed to remove a glitch. He said the President’s actions were part of “the coverup.”

To be clear, the President has ordered more information to be released to the American people. He has asked for full cooperation from intelligence agencies and law enforcement. He has empowered Barr to declassify pretty much whatever he wants pertaining to the investigation. In other words, what Schiff is calling a coverup is actually exposing a coverup.

Perhaps he missed the memo because he was in the middle of a programming sessions.

These sets of actions by the White House are literally the diametric opposite of what intelligent people would call a coverup. Then again, nobody ever accused Representative Schiff of being an intelligent person.

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Progressives’ contradictions make their immigration goals crystal clear



Progressives contradictions make their immigration goals crystal clear

Progressives are pushing what seems to be contradictory narratives on the same subject. The “concentration camp” narrative and all associated stories about poor conditions at migrant centers across the southern border is designed to invoke hatred that can be directed at the President for forcing migrants to live in terrible conditions. The “not a dime” narrative says American taxpayers should not spend anything additional on improving border housing quality and quantity.

Today, many Wayfair employees are walking out in protest because the company is selling beds to a contractor that supplies migrant centers. That’s the contradictory narrative in action, complaining that the kids aren’t comfortable while staying at migrant centers, then boycotting companies supplying the means to make them more comfortable.

Conservatives on Twitter responded:

The reality is this: They want the migrant centers to be so packed, so uncomfortable, and so inhumane that the outcry from America is to just let them go. Here is their narrative in a nutshell:

Give them their asylum hearing papers and let them go. In fact, take them wherever they want to go in America. If they show up for their hearing, so be it. If not, great! They’re immigrants like everyone else now. Give them a driver’s license, social services, free school, free housing, free healthcare, free food, free clothes, and anything else they can’t afford. Soon, we’ll give them voting rights. Because by coming here, they’re now Americans and deserve all of the rights of American citizens… plus plus plus.

If all of this sounds ludicrous, it’s because it is. If it sounds reasonable, you’re a modern-day radical progressive, in which case I welcome you to this site and I hope you read it thoroughly every day until you abandon your destructive ideology.

There is no contradiction in what progressives are promoting. They want all migrants released to the interior without hesitation. No stop at a migrant center. Just give them their papers and allow them to go if they want. If they don’t want to go immediately, take care of them until they do. That’s the current goal for progressives on border security. They want no security at all.

It’s time to stop arguing against progressives using logic. They won’t see it. They set their mind on a goal and will then do anything to achieve that goal. It doesn’t truly matter to them if migrants die in the process. In fact, it makes their case faster; the more deaths that happen at the border or in migrant centers, the easier it becomes for them to push their narrative.

Progressives don’t want beds for the migrants. They don’t want them to be held at all. We need to stop scratching our heads at their apparent contradiction and understand what progressives really want.

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The only 6 Democrats running that can think for themselves



The only 6 Democrats running that can think for themselves

Socialism is often a hive mind, as we see every Leftist outlet have the same take on a story, same arguments for a position, and the overall same mission. Conformity is the end goal; to Leftist-Socialism we will conform, if they have their way. In conformity, deviant thinking is often punished, as we saw how Joe Biden was forced to flip-flop on the meaningless Hyde Amendment and multiple feminists have been cast out for not accepting transgenderism.

The Left will eat their own for stepping out of line. But even within the confines of the conformity, there are notable distinctions between Democrats who can think for themselves and Democrats who cannot. The Joe Biden example with the Hyde Amendment shows he doesn’t have an original thought as it pertains to policy. Likewise Kamala Harris insisting on having that conversation indicates the same. Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand are the same exact person. So let’s take inventory of the original thinkers.

Bernie Sanders

This is probably the most obvious among the field of 24. Bernie Sanders was a socialist before it was cool, like back when the Soviet Union was collapsing. This guy loves communism, breadlines, and living off the government. And it’s doubtful anyone has pressured him into becoming more zealous, as opposed to the environment being safer to expose himself.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the brains of the socialist movement. She has come out with more policy proposals than any other Democrat candidate, it seems. When it comes to policy, she’s a wonk, kept warm in her Massachusetts log cabin by the burning of the US Constitution, coming up with ideas on how to implement her vision. From the unconstitutional wealth tax to Medicare (Medicaid) for all, she’s a thought leader.

Tulsi Gabbard

The only thing likable about Gabbard is her foreign policy stances, only to isolationist Libertarians. Otherwise she is a complete communist. Still, her differentiating on foreign policy is enough of a deviance from the hive mind to credit her on this list.

Marianne Williamson

She was the thought leader for the New Age cult back in the 1990’s. Since then she has been an activist on multiple fronts. Oprah’s spiritual advisor was a socialist before it was cool, dating back at least to her failed Congressional run in 2014.

Tim Ryan

Nothing demonstrates divergent behavior in the Democrat ranks quite like taking on Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.

Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang does not fit in with the candidates at all. He has a grasp of economics and technology that far exceeds the field.

Democrat Presidential Primary Bracket

Are the candidates capable of thinking for themselves in a better position to win the nomination. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are among the top contenders, but the field is vast and socialist are legion. Fill out your bracket here.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Culture and Religion

Imagine the Left being completely honest




Imagine the Left being completely honest

The Left has to hide its core ‘value’ of forced wealth redistribution in order to survive, but imagine if the whole truth came out.

No one would support the Left’s socialistic slavery if it were truthful about its ideology of forced wealth redistribution. They will, however admit to some half-truths using the sin of omission to keep the rest under wraps. This is a look at what it would be like if they were completely honest about their socialist national agenda.

After all, these are people who disguise who they are with deliberately false labels. They can talk all they want about being ‘progressive’ or ‘Liberal’, but it’s all backward thinking with the antithesis of Liberty in having ‘the pedagogy of the paredón’ [execution wall].

Leftists weren’t socialists until suddenly they were.

It is really astounding that the Left expects their words to be taken at face value when their history has always been one of lies. For years they solemnly denied that they were socialists, even though the dictionary and their national agenda told a different story. Everyone was supposed to ignore their obvious denial of reality.

Then in a rare flash of honesty, they admitted what had been obvious for decades: They were socialists.

Lost in the accolades of their coming out of the red closet was the fact that they had been lying about their core values for years. It was positively Orwellian in how they switched without the slightest hint of guilt over their abject deception.

Leftist weren’t demanding gun confiscation while demanding gun confiscation.

Leftists certainly seem to have a talent for being able to lie while the truth is in front of everyone else. They used to parrot the lie that ‘No one is talking about gun confiscation’ while absolutely demanding gun confiscation.

It was a bold-faced lie designed to assuage the objections to the Left’s demands for Intergalactic Background Checks or gun registration. We’re not supposed to worry our pretty little heads about the implications of these measures because this just wasn’t in the cards. It was an obvious lie, but the Left demanded that we accept it as the truth along with many others.

These days it’s to the point that the mere rumour of the possibility of a shooting or a particularly cutting remark to a Leftist politician is enough to bring forth this demand. Nevertheless, Leftists will still try to parrot this obvious lie, expecting it to be taken at face value.

Happy talk half-truths.

The national socialist Left would like to be lauded for those rare occasions when they are truly honest. In most cases it’s only part of the story with ‘happy talk’ about free health care, free college, free food, free housing, leaving out the justification over how other people are morally obligated to fund all the freebies.

That is by design, because those discussions delve into the messier aspects of socialism. The false promises, the forcible wealth redistribution, the oppression when the false promises become manifest, the rounding up of dissidents into gulags and concentration camps, the pedagogy of the paredón [execution wall].

The full implications of Leftist half-truths reveals why they keep them hidden, only emphasising the positive aspects of their socialist national agenda.

‘From each according to his abilities’ has to be done at gunpoint.

It should be no surprise that a man who advocated the ideas of a parasitical ideology would have stolen them from the ancient dialogs of someone else. Good old Karl Marx was aware of these ancient texts since he commented on them in his writings. Many others were experimenting – and failing with socialism well before he wrote his ‘manifesto’.

However, the man did phrase the essence of forced wealth redistribution with his:

‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’    Karl Marx

Leftists love to talk up the second part of that little ditty with the promise of all kinds of free stuff while leaving out how the ‘From each’ is supposed to be implemented. This is because other people’s money has to be taken by force.

Bernie Sanders gloated about cancelling student debt and making Wall Street pay for it, without mentioning why they are morally obligated to fund that freebie. He also failed to mention the economic implications of stealing of $1.6 trillion from some people simply because he wants to buy votes.

Where the Leftists truly honest, they would make sure everyone knows some people will be forced to pay for all of the ‘free’ goodies. Most people don’t have to worry about being at the wrong end of government gun, but they do have to worry about that taking of other people’s money sinking the economy.

The full implications of Medicare-for-All.

If there is one thing Leftists love more than being called Liberal, its being lauded for generously spending other people’s money. How they think that money is theirs to take can only be attributed to the distorted mentality of the collectivist mindset.

As reported by JD Rucker Bernie Sanders confirmed the ‘all’ in Medicare-for-All includes illegal immigrants Let’s complete the ‘logic’ of the left in this case and other entitlement issues.

The truthful implications of this are that he believes that everyone has a claim on the property of those who may happen to earn or have more than others. That government is more than a mere protectors of basic human rights, but should be the conduit by which wealth is equally distributed to all in the world.

Never mind that the prospect of free health care, free college, free food, free housing will have the entire world-beating down our ‘door’.

The Left wants everyone to be able to vote to steal other people’s money.

As in the previous example, we all knew what the Left wanted. It was a case of the Left finally coming out and admitting the truth. As reported on Townhall: Caught Red Handed: Despite Their Protests, Democrats Want Illegals To Vote. This is not just a case of the government obtaining the consent of the governed, it is one of the Left flooding the country with illegal invaders that will vote to have other people’s money redistributed to them. Couple this with the promise of free stuff for all who can come in over the border and the people who pay the bills will have lost control of their own country. It will be the end result of every democracy that will be inherently unstable.

If they can accomplish this, the national socialist left will have succeeded in taking the most stable and functioning systems of government and perverting it to one where the minority will be tyrannised by the majority. It will inevitably disintegrate as fewer people work to have their earnings stolen by others, shifting the burden to fewer and fewer until the whole system collapses.

Open borders and reparations for past sins.

Our final two examples – in more ways than one – we have Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking ‘What’s The Point?’ on the issue of enforcing Immigration Laws In U.S. as reported in the Daily Wire.

Then there is the story reported on the website Twitchy of an opinion piece from the New York Times that openly admits that the illegal invasion and reparations movement are meant to be penance for ‘our’ past sins.

The national Socialist-Left doesn’t see any point in borders or Enforcing Immigration Laws and that we must pay some form of penance for our past sins. Never mind that the people who committed these sins have long since passed or that the people benefiting weren’t the original victims. No, to those on the Left, we have committed the unpardonable crime of being successful and having the best system of government ever conceived.

The Takeaway.

The full extent of the truth of what the Left has admitted is almost too monstrous to contemplate. They have no qualms about forcibly taking property in order to buy votes and loyalty. They are perfectly willing to hand out goodies to anyone who will vote for them. Finally, they don’t believe in sovereignty and see the illegal invasion and reparations as a way of the innocent of today to pay for the collective sins of the past.

Thus whatever they do to the country to attain power for themselves is perfectly legitimate in their minds. It doesn’t matter to them if it leads to our destruction because we probably deserve it. It used to be said that certain foreign entities hated us for our freedom. In looking at the implications of the rare instances when the Left has been a little honest, it would seem they agree with that sentiment.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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