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Thanks to Trump, Americans still have free speech



Thanks to Trump Americans still have free speech

In spite of what mainstream media says, Trump’s rejection of the “Christchurch Call” may spare Americans from the Orwellian censorship other Western countries have pledged their allegiance to

Using tragedies to push political agendas is nothing new.

While people are still reeling from some disaster, before they are thinking rationally again is the best time for the shrewd-minded to take advantage of the situation. These cunning individuals cite prevention of another catastrophe in order to pressure those soft hearts – yet to come down from the shock of recent horrific events – into taking rash, impulsive, immediate action.

This is exactly what happened on May 15, when several nations and big tech companies, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft, signed a pledge written up in response to the Christchurch mosque massacre which was live-streamed by the shooter on Facebook.

The “Christchurch Call To Action,” which can be read in its entirety here, outlined efforts to be taken in order “to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online,” including “strengthening the resilience and inclusiveness of our societies” and encouraging media to “apply ethical standards when depicting terrorist events online.”

Among the countries who signed the call were Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, the European Commission, Japan, Senegal, Jordan, India, and Indonesia.

But not America.

President Trump saw through the guise of humanitarianism that the Christchurch Call hid behind and refused to get on board.

In a statement regarding the president’s decision not to sign the Call, the White House claimed,

”We continue to be proactive in our efforts to counter terrorist content online while also continuing to respect freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Further, we maintain that the best tool to defeat terrorist speech is productive speech, and thus we emphasize the importance of promoting credible, alternative narratives as the primary means by which we can defeat terrorist messaging.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump has received a lot of backlash from mainstream media accusing him of being a “white supremacist bigot” contributing to “hate” for not signing the Call, but in reality, Trump was wise to stand against the crowd on this one.

The Christchurch Call is framed as a means for combating terrorism, but the vague terms sprinkled throughout the reactionary document like “inclusiveness” and “ethical standards” leave too much open to interpretation. Such loosely defined words make plenty of room for government censorship of any dissenting opinions on the Internet.

Other western countries are already sliding down the slippery slope towards an Orwellian future.

Just after the Christchurch shooting, New Zealand criminalized the video of the assailant’s livestream and his manifesto. Now, several citizens of New Zealand have been arrested and are facing up to 14 years of imprisonment just for sharing the video.

Some New Zealanders have also reported receiving visits from local police, who asked questions regarding their political views, such as if they liked Trump or not.

In Scotland, a man was fined £800 for making this video in the spirit of comedy:

Several U.K. citizens have been arrested, fined, or had the police visit them for criticizing Islam on social media.

While Americans like Alex Jones have questionably been banned from platforms like Facebook and Youtube, this is the worst it gets in the United States.

In America, government involvement in silencing online political dissidents through arrests and fines is unheard of. In declining to sign the Christchurch Call, Trump made a statement displaying his commitment to preserving his people’s right to voice their opinions, no matter how controversial.

While the Trump administration still stands, America will remain the land of freedom of speech.


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Foreign Affairs

Russia threatens new crisis in Cuba as warship harbors in Havana



Russia threatens new crisis in Cuba as warship harbors in Havana

Russia is revving up the engines of the new Cold War as it sends a state-of-the-art warship armed with cruise missiles to Havana, Cuba, around 90 miles from the shores of Florida. This latest provocation marks the closest Russia has come to garnering a response from the United States over its combative measures to counter America’s alleged ramping up of aggression in Europe.

Neither side believes they are being the aggressor. Neither side is willing to back down.

This is significant for two reasons. First, the presence of a ship capable of completely leveling a small city by the sea is more than just an exercise. It’s a clear statement to the Trump administration that they do not want troops and, most importantly, nuclear weapons in the Europe. Second, it’s a departure from standard operating procedure for Russian President Vladimir Putin who has been reluctant to participate in Cuba at all in recent years.

But Cuba’s strategic importance cannot be overstated. Russia invoking their ally that is closest to the United States is an unambiguous warning.

Russia knows the Trump administration is juggling balls on multiple fronts right now. They are pushing their aggression towards him in hopes of subverting his presidency and sowing grievances already seeded in America.

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Mexico prevents illegal immigrants from entering U.S.



Mexico prevents illegal immigrants from entering US

Most leftist media outlets have ridiculed the President’s deal with Mexico, saying there was nothing new that would happen as a result of the agreement to cooperate on stopping the flow of migrants through Mexico across our southern border. But as One America News reported, the evidence of efficacy is very clear.

OAN Reporting:

Mexican officials are ramping up their crackdown on illegal immigration to the United States. Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress continue to oppose President Trump’s immigration agenda. One America News looked to President Trump for an update.

“Do you consider Mexico an ally or an adversary, a friend or a foe?” the President was asked.

“Well, this week I consider them a friend,” President Trump replied. “They’ve been doing a great job.”

The Mexican National Guards is preventing Central American migrants from entering the U.S., according to AFP Mexico. A group of migrants tried to cross into El Paso Texas over the weekend, but they were detained by Mexican security personnel. This comes as Mexican officials say they’ve completed the deployment of 6,000 national guards along popular migrants routes as part of the recent agreements with the U.S.

Mexico’s National Guard says their mission is to crack down on the human smuggling caravans traveling from Central America into the U.S.

AFP reports Mexican soldiers started patrolling the U.S. border last week as the clock is ticking on the 45-day observation period for Mexico to tackle mass migration. Mainstream media in the U.S. have claimed Mexico’s efforts would not block migrants from crossing into the US, but most recent developments suggest otherwise.

“Mexico is removing those people and they’re bringing them back to Honduras and different places, Guatemala, El Salvador – they bringing them back and so far they’ve been doing great,” the President complimented.

Presidents Trump is pressuring congressional Democrats to come together and change the immigration laws to discourage the influx of illegal arrivals. Additionally, DHS is bracing for sweeping roundups of illegal aliens in the country.

This unprecedented joint effort by Mexico and the U.U. is targeting transnational crime syndicates and their main sources of revenue.

Mexican officials say they could either deport the detained migrants to their countries of origin or help them remain in Mexico permanently. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador says he will fully cooperate with President Trump on immigration as his main objective is to maintain good relations with the U.S.

Still, congressional Democrats continue to oppose border security and enforcement of immigration law, demanding that all illegal aliens be released into the U.S.

If no deal on immigration is reached in Congress over the coming days, the DHS is expected to ramp up the roundups and deportations with help from Mexico.

Final Thoughts

Mexico has stepped up in ways that, frankly, I didn’t expect. This is a testament to the President’s deal-making abilities. In the 2016 campaign, he said Mexico would pay for the wall. In a way, they’re becoming the wall. This is a win for America.

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Second loss in Istanbul marks the beginning of the end for Erdogan, if he will allow it



Second loss in Istanbul marks the beginning of the end for Erdogan if he will allow it

We will soon see the true colors of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. His party lost the election for Mayor of Istanbul for the second time and by a much larger margin than the original “contested” election that was voided over “irregularities.” Now, there is no ambiguity about the will of the people, sending a message to the authoritarian leader who once said, “whoever wins Istanbul, wins Turkey”.

According to the BBC:

President Erdogan – the most powerful leader Turkey has seen in modern times – has just been dealt the biggest blow of his career.

This result shows that he made an incredible miscalculation by calling for the election to be re-run.

It will likely hasten splits in his ruling AK party and amplify talk of the post-Erdogan era. He will stress that he’s in power for the foreseeable future – elections are not scheduled until 2023 – but many will expect them earlier.

The result in Istanbul feels like it could be a precursor to them.


All things being equal, I don’t think Erdogan is going to accept this defeat. He’s not going to subvert the will of the people again by calling for a third election, but we should expect turmoil of some sort. Scandals may pop up surrounding mayor-elect Ekrem Imamoglu. Threats will be made behind the scenes. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Erdogan, it’s that nobody is allowed to oppose him without repercussions.

It will be harder to quell opposition now that the people have dealt him such a blow. He would have been much better off accepting the narrow loss initially instead of turning this into a mandate against him and his party. He faces an uphill challenge saving face and keeping his iron grip on control of the nation indefinitely, as he plans.

Just a year ago, Turkey was breaking away from western influence and starting the process of reviving the Ottoman Empire. Now, we’ll see if Democracy will be allowed to change things or if Erdogan will find some way to retain power indefinitely.


“In reality, he’ll still be president, his coalition will still control parliament – although many will perceive his defeat as the beginning of the end for him.” – Murat Yetkin

Final Thoughts

Turkey’s future may no longer include Erdogan, a prospect that hasn’t been seen as possible by many in the west for some time. If he can survive until the 2023 elections, we’ll get to see if he can hold on to power or if he’ll let it go willingly.

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