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Vox hits OAN after President Trump gives them kudos. Host Liz Wheeler hits back.



One America News has been subject of interest and scrutiny lately. The interest comes from recent Tweets by President Trump giving kudos to the conservative cable channel. As the leftist media is wont to do, they instantly pounced on the President’s newest media interest by attempting to paint OAN as many, many things.

I’ve noticed more articles than the one mentioned in the video attacking OAN’s credibility. Compared to Fox News, they are definitely unabashed about running controversial stories, but I haven’t seen any instances of them running clearly false reports. We’ve quoted many of their hosts, posted a ton of their videos, and turned to them regularly for interesting perspectives on topics that other networks refuse to cover.

The Vox story in question is so bogus and full of holes, I won’t even post a link.

Tipping Point host Liz Wheeler dismantled the Vox story for the Trump Derangement Syndrome that has clearly been guiding the progressive publication for three years. It’s a vicious dose of reality that was well deserved.