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Marco Rubio: Iran proxies ‘plan to attack Americans with the intent of inflicting mass casualties’



Marco Rubio Iran proxies plan to attack Americans with the intent of inflicting mass casualties

Following a major ramp up of America’s military presence in the Persian Gulf based on intelligence, likely from defector Ali Nasiri, that Iran was planning attacks against the United States and our allies, non-essential personnel  were ordered to leave Iraq Embassy and.consulate.

Now, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has taken to Twitter to repeat the administration’s claims that we are not provoking war with Iran.

More importantly, he gave the first real details of a possible plan to attack American interests using proxies in Iraq and Yemen.

His full Twitter thread:

These actions are not the prelude to a U.S. attack against #Iran.

There is clear & persistent evidence,supported by observable movements on the ground,that Iran’s proxy forces in #Iraq & #Yemen plan to attack Americans with the intent of inflicting mass casualties.

#Iran’s #IRGC has spent years building the capability to attack us using proxy forces. They believe they can inflict casualties on the U.S. without international condemnation because world will see it as the actions of independent Shia groups instead of Iran itself.

The also believe that our internal political divisions combined with the legacy of the #IraqWar will lead a substantial % of Americans to doubt #Iran’s role in such attacks or blame Trump. & they have built propaganda capability to spread narrative in social media.

The idea @POTUS is creating a pretext to start war with #Iran makes no sense. While I may not agree with him on it, @realdonaldtrump wants to wind down U.S. military presence in Middle East, not expand it..

We can debate whether designation of #IRGC provoked all this. But right now Americans serving us in #Iraq are facing a serious & imminent threat. #Iran need to know that if they are attacked a UNITED States of America will respond decisively.

This is obviously a very disturbing development. Iran has been backed into a corner after being treated so kindly by President Obama and the United Nations, who essentially bribed them to cease their nuclear program. But repeated missile tests that went against the Iran Nuclear Deal and an unwillingness to comply with U.N. inspectors prompted President Trump to pull out of the deal and slap sanctions back on Iran. Now, he’s planning to tighten the grip on the Middle Eastern nation by cutting loopholes that have allowed others to keep trading with them.

With oil being the primary export of Iran, such sanctions will devastate an economy that has been floundering for over a year.

To exacerbate the situation, U.S. military intelligence along with others have said initial indicators implicate Iran in last weekend’s sabotage attacks on four oil tankers. If it’s true, then it could represent the first stage of a much broader attack in the near future. Iran is known for using proxies to do their dirty work. In the Middle East, their proxies are embedded in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon. Their reach is wide and their capabilities are sufficient to do real damage.

And that doesn’t even take into account their cozy relationships with Russia, China, and North Korea.

Rumors of war are rumbling. This does not appear to be the standard saber rattling we’ve come to expect from Iran. They are cornered and they’re getting desperate. Pray for peace. Be ready for war.



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Two weeks after Benghazi attack, Ilhan Omar Tweeted ‘Allahu Akbar’



Two weeks after Benghazi attack Ilhan Omar Tweeted Allahu Akbar

This is old news, of course, but bears repeating at this time. Representative Ilhan Omar has been doing everything she can over the last couple of weeks to paint herself as the victim of bigotry and someone who loves our country. And while there’s definitely some substance to the notion that crowds of Republicans shouldn’t be chanting “send her back,” it’s also understandable why so many Americans are opposed to her presence on Capitol Hill.

Even if we dismiss reports that she married her brother, called for CBP to be eliminated, said this is “not going to be the country of white people,” referred to 9/11 as “some people did something,” and is regularly praised by former KKK leader David Duke, it’s difficult to dismiss her reaction to the Benghazi attacks that took the lives of four American heroes in 2012.

I’m not going to dignify her Tweet with an opinion. She’s the one who needs to explain it. But despite her celebration, life isn’t good for the four men who lost there’s in Benghazi. Remember this, folks, as Democrats embrace her wholeheartedly.

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Iran has seized a British tanker



Evidence points to Iran seizing British tanker

Update 2: They may have captured a second British tanker.

Update 1: Iran has confirmed it seized the tanker.

Original Story:

A British oil tanker traveling through the Strait of Hormuz to Saudi Arabia has made some strange maneuvers, causing speculation that it has been seized by Iran.

The tanker, Stena Impero, veered off course according to positioning trackers and is now heading towards the Iranian island of Qeshm which has a substantial Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) base. British authorities are seeking answers.

The Islamic republic has threatened retaliation for the British seizure of an Iranian tanker heading towards Syria, which would break an EU sanction. Five Iranian attack vessels confronted a British tanker last week but quickly retreated when the Royal Navy frigate HMS Montrose closed in.

Iran has long claimed sovereignty over the international waters of the Strait of Hormuz. They attempted to stage bombings of two oil tankers last month and four in May in hopes of being able to act as defenders of the Strait, but U.S. video of the second round of bombings caught an Iranian ship removing an unexploded mine from the haul. With that potential bargaining chip off the table, it appears they’re trying to work their way to the negotiating table by force.

A collapsing economy is forcing Iran to make aggressive moves. This is standard operating procedure for the desperate. An international military response may be in order to abate further acts of terrorism by Iran.

This story is developing and will be updated.

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Is war with Iran inevitable?



Is war with Iran inevitable

Aggressive actions have become commonplace between Iran and the United States over the last two months. The U.S. sent the powerful Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber squadron to the region following the defection and intelligence cache delivery by former Iranian Brigadier General Ali Nasiri. Since then, Iran has been bombing tankers, shooting down American drones, and attempting to seize a British Tanker.

Today, the escalation continued as Iran admitted to capturing at least one foreign oil tanker. Then, the United States sent the USS Boxer, loaded with 2000 Marines, into the Persian Gulf where it shot down an Iranian drone that came within 1000 yards of the ship.

Is war inevitable?

No. There is still a very good chance President Trump will not risk reelection by engaging in another unpopular Middle East war. There are those who think Iran will push it too far, and that may be the case, but their goal would be to provoke attack, not war. It behooves them to get hit by the United States so they can play the victim card in the international arena. This is why they’ll poke, prod, annoy, and continue to be aggressive without going so far as to make war warranted.

An attack by the west is the best thing Iran can hope to happen at this point. Their economy is crumbling. Their terror and military proxies are hurting because of the dried up funds no longer coming in from Tehran. They can’t seem to sneak an oil tanker around Africa to Syria, one of the few places willing to disregard U.S. sanctions against Iran. So they’re left with either giving up their nuclear weapons ambitions altogether or provoking a war without being clearly seen as the aggressors.

Even though I do not believe war is inevitable, I don’t see a way to completely avoid military action. Iran won’t stop until they’ve forced an attack against them.

The Middle East has always been a volatile place. With Iran doing everything they can to appear like the victims to the international community while still seeming strong internally, strikes may be inevitable but war is not.

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