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How will history view our current age of transgenderism?



For the majority of most adults’ lifetimes, transgenderism was rare. Today, we’re being led to believe that it was never really rare, just misunderstood and hidden away from the majority of bigots in the world. Now that western society has embraced the normalization of transgenderism, people stuck in the wrong bodies can boldly make the change. That’s the narrative.

The reality seems to be far from this. I’ll let the folks over at Blue Collar Logic describe this all better in the video above and part 2 below, but I do want to ask (and hopefully answer) a question: How will history look on this time period? Will the future hold to gender fluidity and expand on it as our sensibilities continue to modernize? Will it be viewed with the same type of contempt that historically bad ideas such as slavery and true gender rights inequality holds today?

The answer all depends on how long this odd progressive ideology is allowed to dominate. Today, the worst thing anyone can say on social media is the truth about transgenderism. It’s arguably the fastest way to get purged, censored, or silenced. This was demonstrated recently in Tweets by Dr Ray Blanchard that led to his temporary suspension on the platform:

Dr Blanchard isn’t just anybody expressing an opinion about transgenderism. According to PJ Media:

On Saturday, Ray Blanchard — the Ph.D. psychologist and adjunct professor at the University of Toronto who served on the working group for gender dysphoria (the persistent condition of identifying with the gender opposite your biological sex) for the DSM V, the gold standard of definitions helping psychologists diagnose disorders for patients — tweeted out his clinically-informed opinion on transgender identity.

Science has generally been very forgiving of attempts to manipulate how the world sees gender and sex. Biologists are bending over backwards to backtrack on what they taught just a decade ago. But some scientists, such as Blanchard, are looking at the question objectively and without prejudice in either direction.

This gives me hope that we can overcome the current trend, one leading to essentially a new species in the eyes of many progressives: Homosuperiorem. They are attempting to elevate not only the rights of the transgender community, but also their status in society to be higher than everyone else. Thankfully, actual science is on the side of the truth even if many scientists are attempting to pervert it.

Will progressive thought, politics, and religious beliefs succeed in changing society in a way that extends into the future? For how long? 1 decade? 1 generation? 1 century? I’d ask it if could last a millennium, but I couldn’t imagine society lasting much more than another century if progressive pushes for transgender dominance become the standard driving force for everything, which is the goal of much of the left.

If a logical and conservative brand of the future is able to prevail, I imagine a future in which transgenderism is accepted but rare. Members of society today who are pushing their own children to display signs of gender dysphoria will be viewed as weak examples of society who succumbed to the pressures of wanting “more” for their kids but manifested that desire in doing actual harm. It will be understood that there are actual psychological manifestations that drive people into gender dysphoria just as there are psychological manifestations that drive people to embrace their biological gender, but the latter will be exponentially more common than the former because honesty will prevail.

It’s a dangerous dream to have in a modern society with so many who would call these views bigoted, but as I often say, the truth is on our side.

So much of the battle for the future rests on this obscure topic. One side races to make transgenderism more common and dominant. The other side is appealing to scientific truth. Who will prevail?