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Rocket attack in Syria kills six Christians, including five children. Mainstream media silent.



Rocket attack in Syria kills six Christians including five children Mainstream media silent

Rockets launched into the Christian community of Suqailabiyah in Syria left six people dead and eight injured. Five of the deceased were children playing outside on a day when the semi-regular attacks on their community seemed to have subsided.

While it is uncertain who fired the rockets, the state-owned Syrian news agency SANA is reporting the rockets were fired by opposition forces in Idlib. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which was formerly affiliated to Al-Qaeda, is the dominant rebel group in the area.

“The rebel-held areas of Idlib province and northern Homs province have been under sustained attack by the Syrian regime since April 30, killing and wounding dozens while forcing some 150,000 people to flee their homes in rebel-held areas,” reported al-Araby.

Radio-silence from American media

Despite the heinous nature of this attack, no major American news networks have covered it thoroughly. As with most attacks on Christians around the world, this is being handled as non-news even though children were murdered.

CBN is the largest American news outlet to cover it, followed by Christian Post, and now we’re the third. Otherwise, no stories can be found on Google from domestic news sources. Every rocket fired on Muslim areas of the Middle East is covered ad nauseam by American media, but a deadly attack against Christians in the region is apparently not worth covering at all.

Is America turning a blind eye to Christian persecution in the Middle East, or are we simply being shielded from it by a mainstream media cartel bent on keeping Muslim attacks on Christians out of the news cycle?