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Justice Democrats use deceptive, albeit brilliant Tweet to discredit Joe Biden



Justice Democrats use deceptive albeit brilliant Tweet to discredit Joe Biden

The Justice Democrats are a case study in how to manipulate the conversation to their advantage. They created the persona and talking points for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and guided her after her “audition” to be one of their candidates in 2018. They’ve now infected most major Democratic presidential candidates with their visions of socialism and have rallied the primary-voting radical base to call for extreme perspectives.

It’s go far-left or go home to the Justice Democrats.

Their prime target right now is frontrunner Joe Biden. The former Vice President holds a commanding lead in many of the polls and has done everything they can to paint him as a right-leaning moderate. But they don’t just attack his policies. They’ve gone so far as to paint him as a truly bad politician.

No political organization has mastered the devious art of narrative-control in such a short period of time as the Justice Democrats. They don’t have the luxury of the RNC or DNC who have built up relationships over the ages, nor do they have the vast stores of money long-running PACs have to buy their messages’ dissemination. So, they use new media with an understanding that far eclipses any of their competitors.

The latest example was a Tweet of a video. This is a standard practice in modern campaigns, but they did in a way that was clearly deceptive while giving themselves the safety they need to not get called out too badly for it. The video was of Biden denouncing big-money bundling by giving examples of how they work. He turned it into a personal story, inserting himself into the situation of receiving bundled money and then getting asked for a meeting. This is one of the big concerns of “dark money” and bundlers influencing politicians. Those who put in the effort and gather the money often want a backend meeting with the politician they supported so they can get their agenda in play.

The first deceptive component by the Justice Democrats was to cherry-pick parts of the quote and rearrange it as if he was saying it in a positive. Then, they started and ended the video in such a way that if someone wasn’t listening very carefully, they might not realize he was denouncing the practice, not supporting it. Lastly, they followed it up with a Tweet in the thread showing their alleged true motives of pointing out hypocrisy when in reality, they just wanted it to look like Biden takes big money in exchange for meetings.

Mission accomplished. Judging by the comments, the vast majority of people who saw the Tweet, read the quote, and possibly watched the video now believe Biden exchanging cash for influence.

Some called them out, but the percentage of people who understood he was denouncing cash-for-influence among the half-a-million video viewers and more who read the Tweet but didn’t watch the video is probably very low.

This Tweet did exactly what they intended to do.

I’m no fan of Biden. When Democrats take down Democrats, it’s a win-win. But this is a tactic the GOP should take note of as it will certainly be turned against them when the general election season begins.