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Public Statement by Hawaii’s John Carroll Endorsing NOQ Report



John Carroll arrived in Hawaii in 1949 at the age of 19. He will obtain the status of nonagenarian later this year 2019.

In an impressive 70 year (thus far) career, he has served as:

  • Football player for the University of Hawaii
  • Tank Commander in the U.S. Army during the Korean War
  • Military pilot in the Hawaii Air National Guard
  • Commercial pilot for Hawaiian Airlines
  • Glider pilot to this day
  • Attorney at law
  • Member of the Hawaii House of Representatives
  • Member of the Hawaii State Senate
  • Candidate for Hawaii Governor as recently as last year.

He currently has an exploratory committee for a possible run for the nonpartisan office of Honolulu Mayor in 2020.

He is a strong advocate for conservative principles of governance.

He has upheld the Republican banner in a deep blue Democrat state consistently since Hawaii Statehood in 1959.

John wants to share with you his public statement about NOQ Report which he recognizes as a long-overdue asset for disenfranchised conservatives here in the 50th State.

Here it is as he just issued it today;

Office of John S. Carroll
810 Richards Street, Suite 810
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

Phone: (808) 526-9111
Fax: (808) 545-3800

Public Statement by John S. Carroll

Together we can get the conservative message to the voters and take back Hawaii from the Democrat one-party machine. Hawaii-based media has done us all a disservice through their biased coverage of political campaigns.

NOQ Report is an excellent objective source of News, Opinions and Quotes and much more, with a professionally maintained website that is now reaching decision-makers all over the United States and beyond. Many of the timely pertinent articles are written by a Hawaii-based author with a perspective and focus on Hawaii and the Asia-Pacific.

What conservatives lacked in 2018, we now have for 2020 to present our common sense solutions to the people of Hawaii who are tired of the embarrassment caused to us by our Congressional Delegation in Washington, DC. Therefore, I fully endorse, support and recommend NOQ Report to everyone in Hawaii.

In the 60th year of Hawaii Statehood, we now have a level playing field to compete for leadership at the municipal, state and federal levels to make Hawaii affordable for Hawaii families once again. Our first step is equal access to the media.

Please bookmark on both your home computer and your mobile device and visit it regularly for global breaking news and analysis, prominently featuring a Hawaii perspective that you will not find elsewhere. In social media, you will receive updates as they occur by following @NoqReport, @JDRucker and @OverHorizon808 in Twitter.

You may want to begin by reading an article that the local Hawaii media declined to publish without explanation last year. “A case study in getting the conservative message to the voters”



Per publisher JD Rucker, Hawaii has a very high per capita rate of NOQ Report viewership. That is an excellent sign. Hawaii folks are fed up with getting only one side of the issues from our local media.

With John Carroll in our corner, Hawaii stands to gain many more dedicated followers of NOQ Report. Note that I said Hawaii stands to gain not just that NOQ Report stands to gain.

Senior Statesmen like John Carroll, local GOP leadership, future conservative candidates, voters and all the people of Hawaii will benefit from equal access to the media. That’s what NOQ Report provides.

Thank you, John, for your lifetime of service, for your sage advice and for your friendship!

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