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‘New Palestine’ established in leaked overview of Kushner’s ‘deal of the century’ Middle East peace plan



Leaked overview of Kushners deal of the century Middle East peace plan calls for creation of New Pal

A document circulated by the Israeli Foreign Minister and published by Israel Hayom, the Jewish State’s most popular newspaper, calls for the creation of “New Palestine.” Moreover, it would make Jerusalem an Israeli municipality shared by both nations with areas designated as Israeli and Palestinian.

The newspaper circulating the report is owned by GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson.

Based on the sources as well as the text of the document itself, it seems likely this leak is a legitimate document. Whether it was intentionally leaked to test the waters or if it’s a disinformation scheme is unclear, but if it turns out to be an accurate depiction of the peace plan to be proposed by White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner, it’s a risky move by the President ahead of the 2020 elections.

Neither side will agree to these terms as they stand unless Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, is completely removed from the negotiating table. And that may very well be the trump card Kushner and his team intend to play.

Full analysis to follow, but here is the text translated from Hebrew:

  1. Agreement — A tripartite agreement will be signed between Israel, a wizard and Hamas, and a Palestinian state will be established, which will be called “the new Palestine,” which will be established on Judea, Samaria and Gaza, with the exception of the settlements.
  2. Evacuation of Land — The settlement blocs as they are today will remain in the hands of Israel and will be joined by the few settlements. The areas of the blocs will grow according to the area of the isolated settlements that will be added to them.
  3. Jerusalem — Will not be divided and shared by Israel and the new Palestine and will be the capital of Israel and the new Palestine, the Arab inhabitants will be the citizens of the new Palestine. The Jerusalem Municipality will be responsible for all areas of Jerusalem except the education that will be handled by the new Palestinian government and the new Palestinian Authority will pay the Jerusalem Municipality municipal taxes and water. Jews will not be allowed to buy Arab homes, and Arabs will not be allowed to buy Jewish homes. No additional areas will be annexed to Jerusalem. The Holy Places will remain as they are today held.
  4. Gaza — Egypt will lease new land to Palestine for the purpose of establishing an airport for the establishment of factories and commerce and for agriculture, other than housing. The size of the territories and the price will be determined between the parties through the mediation of the supporting countries (an explanation for the countries that support the continuation of the road).
  5. Supporting Countries — The countries that will financially support the implementation of this agreement are: the United States, the European Union and the oil-producing Gulf states. The supporting countries will provide a budget of $ 30 billion over five years for national projects for the new Palestine. (The cost of evacuating the isolated settlements and their location in the settlement blocs will apply to Israel).
  6. Division Between Supporting Countries — USA 20%, EU 10%, Oil-Producing Gulf States 70% (divided according to oil production).
  7. Army — The new Palestine would no longer have to form an army. The only weapon would be light weapons held by the police. A defense agreement will be signed between Israel and the new Palestine in which Israel will guarantee the new Palestine from all external aggression and the new Palestine will pay Israel for this protection. The cost of this payment shall be in negotiations between the parties, mediated by the supporting countries.
  8. Timelines and Stages of Execution — Upon signing the agreement:
  • Hamas will deposit all its weapons, including the personal weapons of the Egyptians.
  • Hamas members, including the leaders, will continue to receive salaries from the supporting countries until the establishment of the government.
  • All the borders of the Strip will be open to the passage of goods and workers to Israel and Egypt as they are today with Judea and Samaria and by sea.
  • Within a year, democratic elections will be held and a government will be elected to the new Palestine. Every Palestinian citizen will be able to stand for election.
  • Prisoners – One year after the elections and the establishment of the government, the prisoners will be released gradually for three years and within five years, a seaport and airport will be established in the new Palestine and by then the airport in Israel and the seaports in Israel will be used.
  • The borders between the new Palestine and Israel will be open to the passage of citizens and goods as is the case with friendly countries.
  • The bridge will come from: China 50%, Japan 10%, South Korea 10%, Australia 10%, China 10%, South Korea 10%, Japan 10% Canada 10%, the United States and the European Union 10%.
  1. The Jordan Valley — The Jordan Valley will remain in the hands of Israel as it is today. Route 90 will turn into a four-lane toll road. Israel will issue a tender for paving the road. This will give two crossings from the new Palestine to Jordan, these crossings will be under the control of the new Palestine.
  2. Liability — If Hamas and Shas object to this agreement, the US will cancel all their financial support to the Palestinians and ensure that no country in the world transfers money to them. If the PLO agrees to the terms of this agreement and Hamas or Islamic Jihad do not agree, the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad will be held responsible and in another round of violence between Israel and Hamas, the US will back Israel to personally harm Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders It is inconceivable that a group of a few dozen will determine the lives of millions of people). If Israel objects to this agreement, economic support for Israel will cease. So far the text of the announcement. In about a month, when the program is officially published, its credibility will be clarified.


The big question mark is control over Jerusalem. It seems like it will be designated as a separate Israeli municipality and act as the capital for both nations. But will it have its own laws separate from Israel’s laws, or will it be like Washington DC under the complete jurisdiction of the national government as the only federal city? The latter seems most likely, especially when we consider Palestinians living in the city will be considered citizens of New Palestine.

The details of trade and transit are interesting because it presupposes a peaceful coexistence that will somehow erase decades of extreme tension between the two sides. Will the Palestinians be able to keep remnants of terrorists from seeping through trade routes between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip?

The trump card I mentioned above is the end of Hamas as a factor in the area. By calling for elections within a year and assuming those elections will favor the PA, Hamas will no longer have control over the Gaza Strip. They won’t go quietly, which is why the United States will be tasked with assisting Israel in eliminating them should they object to the terms of the agreement, which they most certainly would.

Pound-for-pound, this is the most achievable two-state solution I’ve ever seen based solely on the Hamas factor. Both sides would gain from giving Hamas the boot. That may be the only acceptable gain as both sides will feel they are giving up too much to make it happen. But the prospects of peaceful coexistence may be enough to sway the people to pressure the politicians. This isn’t a plan geared towards the leaders of Israel or the Palestinian Authority. It’s geared to be acceptable to the people under their rule. In that regard, this may be the most brilliant peace plan proposed IF it succeeds.

In case it sounds like I support it, I do not. This opens the door to too many holes in Israel’s defensive structure. Because they will be responsible for safeguarding both themselves and New Palestine, it behooves them to maintain a military presence in New Palestine. This will not be welcomed by the people, but it will be necessary. Provocations against New Palestine will instantly draw Israel into the fray, and there will be provocations. It’s the loophole in the deal that could put Israel in a very poor defensive situation.

But the last part is most troubling. This is a Godfather-esque deal. Kushner would be making them an offer they can’t refuse by tying aid to acceptance of the deal by both sides.

Politically, proposing this deal now puts a timer on its acceptance. President Trump is not known for patience and he wouldn’t want to go into an election with the deal floundering in indecision. He will press both sides to take the deal before election day, 2020. If it’s signed, it would all but guarantee the President’s reelection. If it fails, it’s another foreign relations black eye on his resume.

A two-state solution is too dangerous for Israel to consider, but this deal has huge incentives for both sides in the short term. If this is legitimate, we could be seeing the rough draft of true history in the making.



Foreign Affairs

US officials confirm Israeli strike in Iraq



US officials confirm Israeli strike in Iraq

Editor’s Note: This story from the Associated Press does not necessarily reflect the opinions of this publication. It contains news that was deemed important. Rather than rewrite fresh content on a story that has already been appropriately covered, we know our audience is capable of seeing through any bias often associated with left leaning news outlets like the AP.

JERUSALEM (AP) — U.S. officials have confirmed that Israel was responsible for the bombing of an Iranian weapons depot in Iraq last month, an attack that would mark a significant escalation in Israel’s years-long campaign against Iranian military entrenchment across the region.

The confirmation comes as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is strongly hinting that his country is behind recent airstrikes that have hit bases and munitions depot belonging to Iran-backed paramilitary forces operating in Iraq.

The mystery attacks have not been claimed by any side and have left Iraqi officials scrambling for a response, amid strong speculation that Israel may have been behind them. Earlier this week, the deputy head of the Iraqi Shiite militias, known collectively as the Popular Mobilization Forces, openly accused Israeli drones of carrying out the attacks, but ultimately blamed Washington and threatened strong retaliation for any future attack.

Such attacks are potentially destabilizing for Iraq and its fragile government, which has struggled to remain neutral amid growing tensions between the United States and Iran.

There have been at least three explosions at Iraqi Shiite militia bases in the past month. American officials now confirm Israel was responsible for at least one of them.

Two American officials said Israel carried out an attack on an Iranian weapons depot in July that killed two Iranian military commanders. The U.S. officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter with the media.

The July 19 attack struck a militia base in Amirli, in Iraq’s northern Salaheddin province, causing a huge explosion and fire. A senior official with the Shiite militias at the time told The Associated Press that the base hit housed advisers from Iran and Lebanon — a reference to the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah group. He said the attack targeted the headquarters of the advisers and a weapons depot.

On August 12, a massive explosion at the al-Saqr military base near Baghdad shook the capital, killing one civilian and wounding 28 others. The base housed a weapons depot for the Iraqi federal police and the PMF. The most recent of the explosions came Tuesday night, at a munitions depot north of Baghdad.

There have been weeks of speculation in Israel that the army is attacking targets in Iraq.

In an interview with a Russian-language TV station on Thursday, Netanyahu indicated the speculation is true.

“I don’t give Iran immunity anywhere,” he said, accusing the Iranians of trying to establish bases “against us everywhere,” including Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq.

Asked whether that means Israel is operating in Iraq, Netanyahu said: “We act in many arenas against a country that desires to annihilate us. Of course I gave the security forces a free hand and the instruction to do what is needed to thwart these plans of Iran.”

Early Friday, the New York Times, citing Israeli and U.S. officials, reported that Israel bombed an Iranian weapons depot in Iraq last month.

It would be the first known Israeli airstrike in Iraq since 1981, when Israeli warplanes destroyed a nuclear reactor being built by Saddam Hussein. It also steps up Israel’s campaign against Iranian military involvement across the region.

Israel has previously acknowledged hundreds of airstrikes on Iranian targets in neighboring Syria, primarily arms shipments believed to be destined for Iran’s Hezbollah allies.

Israel considers Iran to be its greatest enemy and has repeatedly vowed that it will not allow the Iranians, who are supporting the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad, to establish a permanent military presence in Syria.

Striking Iraq would be far more complicated than reaching neighboring Syria.

The Israeli warplanes would likely have to travel through Turkey, a former ally that now has cool relations with Israel, or through Saudi Arabia, to carry out strikes on Iraq.

Israel and the Saudis do not have formal diplomatic relations, but are believed to have established a behind-the-scenes alliance based on their shared hostility toward Iran.


Baldor reported from Washington.


This story has been corrected to show that the last known Israeli airstrike in Iraq was in 1981, not 1980.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib: The anti-Semitic intellectual terrorists in Congress



Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib The anti-Semitic intellectual terrorists in Congress

The constitutional republic that our founding fathers envisioned was as close to being perfect as any man-made system in history. But its effectiveness was predicated on the idea that Americans would be active participants in governing. It takes sober, cognizant American voters to hold our representatives accountable. We must be aware of who we put in office and what they’re doing for – or against – the people and the nation.

But that’s not happening enough in America when it comes to Congress, at least not to the degree that it should. Instead, we have tribal warfare going on between the two major political parties which enables people to sit back and stop paying attention. All they know is they’re going to vote blue or red. Many have no idea who they’re actually voting for when they go to the ballot. They simply look for the letters (D) or (R) next to a candidate’s name.

If there’s anywhere that this practice needs to be reversed immediately, it’s in Michigan’s 13th District and Minnesota’s 5th District. These are the places that voted for Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. It’s understandable as they’re reliable Democratic strongholds, but at the very least they need to get people who don’t hate America to run as Democrats against them. Getting them to vote for the Republicans would be nice, but even sane Democrats are better than these two clowns.

Their latest foray into the realm of complete disregard for the truth happened today at a press conference in which the dynamic duo systematically dismantled reality. Their lies were so thick and so obvious, it’s the type of publicity the representatives themselves hope their constituents don’t hear. Their targets weren’t their home districts that they’re serving so poorly. Their target were the rest of the nation and the nation of Israel. They want their hatred to be known as long as it doesn’t hurt them in 2020.

It’s time to make their constituents aware of the blind hatred and unhinged rhetoric coming from these two Congresswomen’s mouths.

Commentaries like this need to reach the masses, particularly the Congressional districts that voted for these representatives. This is why we push so hard for financial contributions to this site. Getting messages like this in front of the right people is imperative if we’re going to keep our republic. Your donations directly contribute to educating the people who need to hear this the most.

The best way to categorize people like Omar and Tlaib is as “intellectual terrorists.” That is in no way a jab at their religious beliefs; the phrase can be used against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, David Axelrod, Saikat Chakrabarti, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, or anyone who essentially firebombs the truth for the sake of promoting their political agenda and pressing a false narrative.

Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” The left is always talking about words being violent. If so, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are clearly terrorizing America.

Here are some reactions to their tirade:


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The Democrats’ Israel test: Do they side with common sense or radical anti-Semitism?



The Democrats Israel test Do they side with common sense or radical anti-Semitism

Every few weeks, there’s a new test for the Democratic Party that is forced to the forefront by someone in “The Squad” – Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley. One or more of them does or says something unhinged, then all eyes turn to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as well as major Democratic candidates for president to see if they’re on the side of the radical progressives who have become the face of the party.

Invariably, these are manufactured choices. They’re not prompted by a pressing issue that was in the spotlight before, but the actions of the freshmen Congresswomen turns them into news. We saw this with AOC’s claims that the world is going to end in 10-12 years if her massive Green New Deal isn’t implemented yesterday. The popularity of the $50-$100 trillion proposal among the Democratic base prompted many in the party to embrace it. But prior to her claims, there had been common sense talks of how to change our energy policy over time in a pragmatic fashion that didn’t include banning air travel or mitigating damage from cow flatulence.

Next, we saw the Democrats blink following clearly anti-Semitic Twitter posts by Omar. At first, it seemed like Pelosi was going to do the right thing as she drafted a resolution condemning any anti-Semitism coming from Congress (though it didn’t name Omar directly) but ended up pushing forward a worthless resolution essentially saying all bigotry from any member of Congress was bad.

The group played their fiddles in unison to bring about the notion that migrant detention facilities are like “concentration camps” while simultaneously panning legislation to improve conditions at these facilities. It was a stark display of contradiction on their part until they made it clear they’re not trying to make conditions better. They’re trying to eliminate the facilities and incarceration of migrants altogether. Again, the Democrats were stuck looking torn over how to handle The Squad, agreeing with them in principle but legislating against them.

Today’s manufactured crisis within the party pertains to Israel. Last week, Tlaib and Omar were blocked from their trip to the Middle Eastern nation because their intentions were to incite anti-Israel groups with varying degrees of attachments to both the BDS movement and terrorist organizations themselves. To try to paint Israel as purely racist, Tlaib bluffed by cordially requesting to see her 90-year-old grandmother who lives in the West Bank. To her dismay, the request was quickly approved. She backtracked after her bluff was called.

Democrats in the House have a choice: Acknowledge that Israel is right to block this particular trip or follow The Squad in promoting the idea that Israel hates Muslims. These are two very distinct narratives that offer no middle ground. Keep in mind, they could have traveled with a huge Congressional delegation earlier in the month, but chose not to. Instead, they had an agenda and an itinerary presented to Israel that made it clear their intentions were to exacerbate problems and fuel anti-Israel tension. They even announced in their itinerary that they were traveling to “Palestine,” not Israel.

This is standard operating procedure for The Squad: Create an issue that drives a wedge between sensible Democrats and the radical progressives. They’re taking names, or to be more specific, their handlers at the Justice Democrats are taking names. Who is going to support the radical progressive agendas of extreme climate change “solutions,” full-blown open borders, and complete detachment from Israel as an ally?

It is crystal clear who is setting the Democrats’ agenda. As The Squad keeps pushing the party further to the left with each manufactured issue they present, will Democrats have the guts to stand up and tell their puppetmasters to back off?

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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