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As Michael Cohen heads to prison, there’s a lesson here: Never trust a Democrat



As Michael Cohen heads to prison theres a lesson here Never trust a Democrat

Democrats have built a reputation as proponents of criminal justice reform with efforts to reduce sentences and gain early releases for violent criminals, drug dealers, and illegal immigrants. But when it comes to “white collar” crimes, they have no pity. Former Trump lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen learned that lesson the hard way as he prepares to go to prison.

Cohen has been helping Democrats, special counsel Robert Mueller, and New York prosecutors for months in hopes of getting a delayed or shortened sentence. Instead, he’s expected to spend more time in jail than some convicted of 2nd degree rape and none of the people he helped, particularly Congressional Democrats, did a thing to help him.

This comes after he put himself at further risk, more scrutiny, and heightened embarrassment by testifying on Capitol Hill again, this time for the Democrats. The accepted his help in trying to embarrass the President, then rewarded him with… nothing.

I’m not suggesting he should have been given any leniency, but it’s sad that he and his lawyers practically begged in public for their intervention and none were willing to act on his behalf. Now, he’s going to jail.