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Christianity is not a task



Christianity is not a task

It’s a busy world. Many of us are wrapped up in it to the point that we can’t always make time for the things we know we should be doing. There are things you can do to manage activities such as Bible study, but don’t let that get in the way of your complete faith.

A while back, I wrote an article about Bible study in which I recommended scheduling it on a calendar. This makes sense for some people, especially those who are so busy with their worldly activities that if it’s not on a calendar, it’s not going to happen. I stand by that recommendation, but it’s important for me to add a caveat.

There’s a difference between setting aside time for faithful tasks and turning one’s presence within the realm of Biblical Christianity into a task unto itself. One of the biggest problems with the lukewarm church and the secular society that builds so many “part-time Christians” is that there are so many people who are only focused on their faith during these specific moments. They “do church” as some people call it, then they go back to their worldly lives without a thought towards God’s Will or following Yeshua as our permanent, ongoing Lord and Savior.

You can schedule time for Bible study. You can’t schedule time to live a servant’s life. Everything you do must be focused on Yeshua and the Father. It isn’t an occasional thing. It isn’t about separating “Bible time” from “real life time” like so many of us have done. You cannot set aside time to do Christian things. You have to set yourself apart as being a Christian 24/7.

Devotion is not about having devotion time. It’s about being devoted. It’s about making every decision at every level with God on your mind and Yeshua in your heart. It’s about accepting His Will in all things you do and being mindful of the guidance of the Holy Spirit whether you’re deciding if the person you’re with is the right person to marry or if you’re picking between ranch dressing or blue cheese for your lunch salad.

Some would say that the Holy Spirit does not work with trivial matters such as salad dressing. That concept takes away from the sovereignty of our Father because it implies that we know what things are important and what things are not. We don’t know. Only He knows. To you, it may just be a salad and what taste you’re in the mood for today. God knows if the ranch is tainted and will make you sick. If you’re open to constant guidance, you won’t know why but for some reason the blue cheese certainly seems like the right choice this time.

Schedule the tasks. Live as a Christian. You shouldn’t try to schedule your beliefs.

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