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The Democrats will not save the Constitution



The Democrats will not save the Constitution

Trump skeptical conservatives have reason to be concerned about the President’s convictions in constitutional government, but the Democrats’ contempt of constitutional values cannot be overstated.

We are living in what many have called a post-constitutional age. Both major political parties praise “constitutional norms,” especially when out of power. However, their conduct when granted the wheels of government by the people demonstrates the lack of seriousness these praises truly hold. Political commentators on the left and right can voice approval for what has ensued under this and the most recent presidencies, but few can seriously deny that we have been living under “phone and pen” presidential government for the last eleven years. Hardliners of either party have openly admitted that when it comes to constitutional values, it is a vague, secondary consideration next to the demands of “victory,” whether or not this victory is meaningful absent constitutional values or not.

It shouldn’t be any wonder that, under these circumstances, those who wish to reassert constitutional values into the national conversation have broken off from the main political parties and have attempted to create new movements and even found new political parties. These are admirable goals, but goals very much in the long-term. With another presidential election around the corner, a decision is quickly coming upon us where each of us must decide how best to be involved in the process. Some are going to choose to remain unaffiliated. Others, like me, will register Republican and try to reassert constitutional values in the party that has stood for them in recent history. Others may hope that voting for Democrats would send a shock through the Republican Party and force a re-calibration upon constitutional values in defeat. It is to those tempted to vote for Democratic candidates that I offer this word of caution.

I would be willing to concede that in the last three years, the Democrats have surprised me with how much they suddenly talk of “constitutional norms” and with how effectively they have used the mechanisms of federalism to combat what they oppose in the Trump administration. They have used state sovereignty to counter the president’s executive orders. They have asserted local values and beliefs in openly rejecting federal law they oppose. They have used the court systems to check the arbitrary actions of the executive. They have gained power in the House of Representatives and asserted the independence of the legislative branch in its relations with the executive branch. Chiefly, for the first time since the National Emergencies Act of 1976, they have forced a presidential veto to occur when a president has sought to use emergency powers. It might be easy for a casual observer to conclude that the Democratic Party is the party standing for constitutional government.

However, I can’t state it with enough emphasis: the Democrats will not save the US Constitution. Their use of constitutional mechanism and federalist checks-and-balances is nothing more than a convenient use of a system they have largely disavowed. While President Trump and his followers have primarily set aside constitutional values in exchange for their immediate goals of victory in the culture war, the Democrats have demonstrated open hostility to those values in both word and deed.

Democratic presidential candidates have embraced, almost without exception, a full gambit of progressive dream policies which would turn the constitutional order upside down. They have vowed to remove the electoral college, to pack the US Supreme Court, to socialize healthcare and higher education, to introduce gross punitive taxes on successful American citizens, to legislate an “assault weapons” ban and other attacks upon the 2nd amendment, and to introduce near absolute central planning of the national economy as part of the “Green New Deal”. Considering the virulent way in which many Democrats speak about the founding vision, it should go without saying these policies would only get them warmed up for further fundamental changes to our country.

It would be one thing if we could say these policies are just pipe dreams which, at most, we would only have to worry about at a future date far from now. However, the Democrats’ assault on the constitution and upon federalism is not just a future possibility. The first bill passed by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, the For the People Act of 2019, was an outright shot across federalism’s bow. It would have upended the entire idea of state sovereignty and would have considerably shrunk free exercise of individual political thought.

I understand that once more we face the prospect of a difficult and frustrating presidential election year. Each citizen must search their heart and determine what it is they feel they must do to live with themselves moving forward. Whatever the choice is, I would strongly suggest that each of us take an honest look at the direction of the Democratic Party and truly consider what the consequences might be if some of us turn to them with the false hope that they will reassert the constitutional order. I, for one, trust them to do exactly what they say they want to do.

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What part of NO to gun confiscation do they not understand?




What part of NO to gun confiscation do they not understand

A meaningless photo-op in exchange for a gun registration scheme isn’t worth the tyranny.

Now that Chuck and Nancy have proposed a photo-op that will sink President Donald Trump’s electoral chances in a ‘read my lips’ moment, we the patriots of the pro-liberty right need to consider our response to their demands for a de facto gun registration scheme. Anyone paying attention should realize that the authoritarian socialist left has dropped the mask, openly calling for gun confiscation with ‘universal’ background checks being the next step to the edge of the cliff.

The socialist left loves to play games with words and phrases, trying to bend reality to its lies and prevarication’s every step of the way. In this case, dropping the word ‘universal’ or ‘enhanced’ from the phrase background check in a bid to deceive the public once again into thinking they desperately want something that already exists.

Why are they putting all of their gun confiscation eggs in one ‘universal’ basket?

Gone are the demands for the immediate confiscation of ‘weapons of war’, most people realized that could apply to any object used to assault someone. At one point in time, stone knives and spears were ‘weapons of war’ or anything else Robert Francis O’Rourke would like to demonize.

They still want the ability to send in a SWAT team to confiscate guns from the innocent for ‘wrongthink’ or undefined ‘hate speech’. But now they are laying all of their gun grabbing cards on the table in a last desperate overreach.

Those who cannot grasp the importance of this issue need to consider why the left is putting so much effort into this step. Why have they obsessed over ‘universal’ background checks for so many years?

Trump’s surrender on this issue will only momentarily placate the left.

If this takes place, expect that Chuck and Nancy to walk away from that ‘historic’ moment and immediately demand gun registration and confiscation. It will be quickly forgotten – except by those who supported Donald Trump because of his 2nd Amendment stance. That will spell disaster in the presidential election.

Everyone needs to realize that in essence, gun registration is gun confiscation and now that they dropped kicked that mask into the next county, it is obvious why they want this. It was always about gun confiscation for the liberty grabber left, their abject lies over the years thinly veiled attempts at hiding the truth.

They’ve already stated that ‘universal’ background checks are just a starting ‘base’ while they have been openly demanding gun confiscation for years, so why would anyone knuckle under to these charlatans?

We already have background checks, why do they lie and pretend that we don’t?

It used to be that the leftists were at least honest, couching the issue in the straightforward terms of ‘universal’, ‘enhanced’ or our favorite ‘intergalactic’ background checks. These days they have dropped those qualifiers with the false pretense that background checks are something new.

This alone should illustrate why we cannot trust the left in any realm. The implication that background checks are new is a false ‘selling point’ for those who are not knowledgeable about the subject. It falsely implies that this will ‘solve’ the problem when it will do nothing of the kind.

Talking about this in these terms is also abjectly dishonest, lumping a quasi constitutional process with that which is not. Asserting government control over private property would not only set up a registration regime, it would also set a dangerous precedent for other types of controls or taxes on everyone’s property on a national level.

Leftists pushing polling data that has unheard of agreement on certain issues. When has 90% of the country agreed on anything?

No to compromises that will lead the destruction of our rights.

Those who are truly patriotic and love our country know that the 2nd Amendment is the cornerstone of our representative republic. It was only the first objective in the authoritarian socialist left’s assault on liberty. They have already expanded their attacks to the first, fourth and fifth amendments. There should be no doubt that it won’t stop at one inalienable human right.

Now is the time to stand up for liberty and shout in one clear voice that we will not accept the subjugation of liberty. Now is the time to make it clear that we will not accept any type collective punishment for the crimes of a few miscreants. Now is the time to make it clear that the left caused this problem in the first place and we will not abide their use of this crisis as a power grab.

Everyone needs to consider why the left is lying about this issue in a myriad number of ways. Why is it so important that they will seemingly elevate president Trump while they are in the full throes of TDS?

The authoritarian socialist left wants this step because they need it to initiate gun confiscation. They have made it clear that is their final solution to the liberty problem, that is why we cannot move a micron on this issue, whether it is a ‘defeat’ or not. The long-term implications for freedom are far too important to fritter it away to meaningless photo-op.

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Netanyahu’s last-minute endorsement: Ilhan Omar wants him out as PM



Netanyahus last-minute endorsement Ilhan Omar wants him out as PM

It will be incumbent on the people of Israel to decide Tuesday who will lead their government. Outsiders are discouraged from trying to influence foreign elections, but there’s nothing wrong with people expressing their preference, especially as it pertains to such as strong ally like Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is against the ropes, but he should get at least a symbolic boost from his latest outspoken detractor: Representative Ilhan Omar. The anti-Semitic Congresswoman has made her perspectives on Israel very clear, siding very heavily with “Palestine” and even declaring in her attempted visit there last month that she was traveling to Palestine, not Israel, in her itinerary.

She has insinuated at times she believes Israel should not exist as a Jewish state. She also often sides with Islamic terrorists, running cover for them while saying 9/11 was a matter of “some people did something.”

Now, she’s clear about her opposition to Netanyahu:

Omar: Netanyahu’s ‘existence’ contradictory to peace

“I certainly hope that the people of Israel make a different decision and my hope is that they recognize that [Netanyahu’s] existence, his policies, his rhetoric really is contradictory to the peace that we are all hoping that region receives and receives soon,” the Minnesota Democrat told Face the Nation on Sunday.

The problem with her statement is that Netanyahu’s policies have been the only thing keeping Israel at relative peace the last decade. Her remarks were meant as a rebuke against the Prime Minister, but it’s not going to be received well by those who understand her politics. Of course she wants Netanyahu out. She wants Israel to be as weak and defenseless as possible.

Considering Iran is rearing its ugly head, demonstrating a willingness to attack its enemies, it’s difficult to see Israel remaining strong and safe without Benjamin Netanyahu at the helm. Now is not the time for cultural experimentation. Stick with Bibi.

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Culture and Religion

Democrats turn Mexican Independence Day celebration in Chicago into political statement against Trump



Democrats turn Mexican Independence Day celebration in Chicago into political statement against Trum

The long-standing tradition of cruising in Chicago streets for Mexican Independence Day had a double meaning this year as hundreds of revelers circled Trump Tower in Chicago waving Mexican flags and honking in celebration and protest.

The change in venue from the normal “cruising” in Hispanic neighborhoods was prompted by law enforcement’s decision to block off roads normally used for the occasion. The disruptive and sometimes violent celebrations were relocated after 10th district police blocked 26th St. in the Mexican neighborhood of Little Village.

The motivation behind the blocked streets in Hispanic neighborhoods was clear: To move the celebration downtown where it could become a protest. We know this because the official police statement declared their reasoning was for cleanup following a parade… but there was no parade scheduled for the streets in question. This was clearly a political move orchestrated by leftists in the Mayor’s office.

Cars and trucks with Mexican flags have been cruising Hispanic neighborhoods for Mexican Independence Day since the mid-80s. It wasn’t until far-left Mayor Lori Lightfoot sought to weaponize and politicize the celebration that the venue was changed to the streets right in front of Trump Tower.

Expression of cultural pride is one thing. Waving Mexican flags defiantly at Trump Tower has turned the celebration of Mexican Independence Day into a political statement, just as Democrats want it to be.

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