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Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism: Why Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are despicably wrong



Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism Why Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are despicably wrong

There has been a trend in America growing for the last decade. It’s a trend that was pretty much under the radar until recently when a pair of freshman Congresswomen – Ilhan Omar (D-MN) an Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) – brought it to the forefront. They are masquerading their anti-Semitism behind the guise of anti-Zionism, bringing their growing masses of radical progressive supporters with them down the road to institutionalized bigotry.

And nobody on the left or in mainstream media are willing to call them out.

Thankfully, many pundits on the right are ringing the bell.

Anti-Semitism in America is often expressed by the elite in terms that are intended to disguise their true intent. They express cozy sentiments like, “I’m against the occupying Israeli regime, not the Jewish people,” but then willfully deny any and all wrongdoing on the part of those being “occupied.” This isn’t new, but the trend has been growing thanks in large part to the increased popularity of the two outspoken anti-Zionists on Capitol hill today.

There is no way to separate out anti-Zionism from anti-Semitism without blatant denial of the atrocities and provocations committed by Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Authority proxies in Israel itself, and/or Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the terrorist organization working with Hamas from the Gaza Strip that is much more active in attacking Israel than American mainstream media ever attributes.

Perhaps their name is too telling, so the media just pretends like they don’t exist.

Omar and Tlaib aren’t just wrong. They’re despicably wrong. The difference between just being wrong and despicably wrong is in their intent. I don’t blame every anti-Zionist for believing as they do because many of them have suffered through intense indoctrination for years. They truly believe Israel is wrong about everything while Hamas, the PA, and their cronies are all peace-loving people who simply want to land they believe rightfully belongs to them. They are just wrong. But Omar, Tlaib, and the vast majority of anti-Zionist leaders in the United States are despicably wrong because they are very aware of the crimes committed by the people they support.

They know about them, but they don’t care.

They know Hamas and the PIJ attack Israeli civilians in areas densely populated with Palestinians because the best headlines for them are written when Israel kills civilians.

They know aggression invariably starts as a result of actions in Gaza, but they only want the narrative framed with Israel looking like the aggressors.

They know Israel should have the right to defend itself as a sovereign nation, but they’re unwilling to acknowledge this right because they challenge their sovereignty.

Worst of all, they know if they ever got what they claim to want – a sovereign Palestine – that they’d change their own narrative to push for more. The only thing that might satisfy them is the obliteration of the nation of Israel itself. Even then, it might not be enough for Omar and Tlaib.

Americans need to stop relying on mainstream media to give them the news about the Middle East. The truth is out there. It’s here. It’s at Conservative Review, The Daily Wire, The Blaze, and other proper news outlets. Open your eyes, America.

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Trump hits Biden on China connections



Trump hits Biden on China connections

One thing has been made clear by recent events as they pertain to China: They are dying for someone to beat President Trump next November. In many ways, they’re banking on it.

This should make every American, including Democrats, concerned because even more than Russia, China has the capabilities to get in and change the hearts and minds of Americans, hack the 2020 election, and set in motion events that will benefit them. We’re talking about a country with nearly unlimited resources when it comes to cyberwarfare and social engineering. If Russia was ever a real concern to Washington DC, China is the true 800-lb gorilla in the political influence room.

The President called out former Vice President Joe Biden for his and his family’s involvement in China. Speaking to Steve Hilton on the Fox News show, The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, the President pointed to alarming facts about the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination.

The threat from China is far greater than that from Russia, both economically as well as geopolitically. They have been a stirring giant for years. For the 2020 election, their stirring may turn into game-changing action if we’re not watchful.

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How Alabama’s abortion law sets President Trump up to be a pragmatist



How Alabamas abortion law sets President Trump up to be a pragmatist

One of the favorite tactics for both major political parties is to paint opposing candidates as extremists. This is particularly true when it comes to presidential candidates; if you don’t recall, every Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan has been painted as a bigot by Democrats. But whether or not the people fall for the extremism play is usually based, at least to some degree, on reality.

That may not be the case in the 2020 election as both media and the expressions of the people seem to be favoring extremism as a reality rather than just a label. The President is a far-right bigot in the eyes of Democrats while every Democratic candidate (with the possible exception of Joe Biden) is a far-left socialist in the eyes of Republicans. Meanwhile, mainstream media is engaged in confirmation bias to appease their audiences. One need only look at coverage of the Mueller report to see how this is unmistakably true.

On the issue of abortion, the Democratic candidates have made no attempts to appeal to the middle. As each is either asked for or volunteers their perspective on abortion, invariably they are pushing no restrictions whatsoever. This is a far cry from the days when the Clintons thought abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. Today, abortions are to be embraced as far as Democrats are concerned, and any attempt to push for adoption or to fight for the rights of the child in the womb is considered bigoted. One by one, every Democratic candidate is adopting abortion extremism as their stated stance.

But President Trump did something yesterday that makes sense from a political perspective. I may disagree with his stance, but it’s a winning strategy for his reelection campaign. He said he is pro-life with exceptions for rape, incest, and the life of the mother. This stance was once considered to be an extreme position for the right, but with the Alabama abortion bill removing exceptions for rape and incest, the President has the luxury of being closer to the middle than any of his opponents (again, with the possible exception of Biden – we’ll find out soon enough).

Thankfully, the President of the United States has very little they can do when it comes to abortion other than pick pro-life judges and act as the leader of their party. Executive orders on abortion would be certainly struck down regardless of what they say, so it comes down to ideological purity. With Democrats taking on abortion-on-demand as their stated radical stance, it’s hard to argue that the President is the extremist when even he doesn’t directly support the Alabama bill. He didn’t call it out, but by stating his personal position he established that he’s not as far to the right as the Democrats are to the left.

Today, the Democrats must embrace their primary voters, many of whom are the radical progressives “shouting their abortions” and pushing for a socialistic Dystopian future for America. Meanwhile, the President has the luxury of being more pragmatic with his approach since he’s already in general election mode. He doesn’t need to appeal to his base very much because they either stand behind him out of adoration or they fear the Democrats too much to consider going against him. Even most #NeverTrumpers are having a hard time reconciling their hatred for the President with the current batch of hardline hyper-leftists vying for the Democratic nomination.

We can argue the nuances of being pro-life and having exceptions, but as long as the Democrats are all onboard for on-demand abortions, the President’s less extreme stance on abortion will help him next November.

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Cory Booker in the aggregate: Propagating the ’mass shooting every day’ deception




Cory Booker In the aggregate Propagating the mass shooting every day deception

Witness the formation of a false talking point by continual repetition.

Presidential candidate Cory Booker et al. has repeated the same line of ‘a mass shooting every day, in the aggregate’ for the past few weeks in various town halls and interviews. Like most Leftist talking points, this absurd assertion has been carefully constructed to foment a pithy little saying unmoored from reality. The fact is, the Liberty grabber Left exploites every mass shooting to maximum effect, to the point that they have begun to regularly use ‘anniversaries’ of these tragedies to push for more controls over our freedom.  Even in this case, it has it’s own escape clause of ‘in the aggregate’ if anyone is ever called on this deception..

Just for reference, this is the Oxford English dictionary entry for the phrase ‘in (the) aggregate’

In total; as a whole.

Again, even here reality isn’t too kind to the Left. The fact is, there hasn’t been a ‘mass shootings in the aggregate every day.’ Or ‘mass shootings In total every day.’ As in this video at the 5:10 mark.

This is as yet another case where the Left doesn’t care about the truth of the matter, only the setting of a certain perception in the public consciousness. It doesn’t matter that each and every mass shooting is exploited from beginning to end. Or that even the hint of one taking place will see news bulletins instantly going out over the wire.

That plain fact doesn’t stop Leftists from trying to promulgate the false perception of gun violence being an overwhelming ‘epidemic’ that demands the immediate implementation of drastic measures.

Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

Despite the admonitions from infamous Leftists Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Lenin, repeating a lie doesn’t make it the truth, but it is part and parcel for Leftists to traffic in lies. The fact is, mass shootings are rare, no matter what kind of creativity in defining these distinctive events to include just about anything imaginable.

The plain fact is that Leftists need ‘serious crisis’ in order to ratchet down our Liberty. When reality fails to meet their needs, they just make up their own ‘in the aggregate’. Never mind that there aren’t mass shootings every day, the national socialist Left would like that to be the perception so they can push their gun confiscation agenda. They push the ‘gun violence is a unique problem in the states’ even though other nations are far more violent, but as they drift further and further into insanity their grip on reality has become that much more tenuous.

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