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Be mindful of anti-Israel bias as news outlets report on Hamas attacks today



Be mindful of anti-Israel bias as news outlets report on Hamas attacks today

My wife has an app on her phone that alerts her any time Israel is being attacked. With 200+ rockets fired at Israel from Hamas today, needless to say her phone was blowing up.

I took a long nap, as I am wont to do on Saturdays, and went to check the new when I woke up. My wife had told me of the attacks, so I wanted to see the details and how mainstream media was responding. The top story on Google News in the “World” section was exactly what one would expect: a headline spun to match the leftist approach to anything pertaining to Israel.

Google News loves Aljazeera because Aljazeera hates Israel.


You may note that Aljazeera framed the story with their subheading which mentions the fact that Gaza fired rockets first. But the headline is geared towards an American audience that often draws their conclusions based solely on the headline they see on news aggregators and social media. Despite the fact that these were retaliatory strikes against Hamas targets where rockets are built and from which rockets are fired, the sentiment on social media is exceptionally one-sided:

Very few believe Israel is completely innocent as a nation. But the news coverage whenever Hamas strikes and Israel strikes back is invariably tilted to make Israel seem like not only the aggressor but also the persecutor. If Israel did nothing when attacked, mainstream media would find a way to condemn them. That’s the worldly narrative against Israel. It’s the narrative that is being spread across Israel’s only true ally, the United States.

As I noted the other day, Israel as a nation and Jews around the world must circle the wagons. The writing on the wall is crystal clear. The forces that oppose God and His people are hard at work making the world as a whole hate them. This narrative has always been there, but in recent years it has accelerated in how it’s spread and sadly, even many Jews and Christians are starting to buy into the antisemitic indoctrination that’s being forced into our psyches.

Neither Israel nor the United States is perfect, but our two nations do what we can to be beacons of hope for the world. The Lord told us in the last days evil would be seen as good and good would be seen as evil. It’s happening now.