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After Democrat makes heinous comment about killing babies, media focus on conservatives ‘pouncing’



Alabama state Representative John Rogers is a pro-abortion zealot. He made that crystal clear with his comments about killing through abortion because he says we can “kill them now or kill them later” in the electric chair. He was referencing “unwanted” babies, but he missed an extremely important aspect of life in America.

Abortion isn’t the only “solution” to unwanted children. There are 2 million couples who are eager to adopt, as Alison Centofante from Live Action told OAN‘s Liz Wheeler tonight on Tipping Point.

But mainstream media isn’t as concerned about the vile comments from the Democratic representative. Instead, their headlines are all about conservatives “pouncing” on the statement.

“We should all pounce,” Centofante said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re conservative or not.”

This is an issue that should break through tribal loyalties. Whether someone is Democrat or Republican, leftist or conservative, pro-abortion or pro-life, they should be able to recognize statement’s like what Rogers said are unacceptable.

“That is so insane and so extreme, I don’t even know who they’re trying to appeal to in this country,” Wheeler noted. “Even mainstream Democratic voters must think that this is important.”

The pro-life movement must win the cultural battle if we have any hope of changing the laws. If lucid Democrats can’t see the insanity that Rogers is preaching from his political pulpit, the right messages aren’t reaching them.