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House goes Barr-less as Nadler promises vote for contempt of Congress



House goes Barr-less as Nadler promises vote for contempt of Congress

There is clearly contempt in Congress right now, but it’s not coming from Attorney General William Barr. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler want to have a vote to hold Barr in contempt of Congress if he does not provide an unredacted Mueller report soon.

Barr was a no-show, as expected, at the committee hearing today.

“Ordinarily at this point, I would introduce the witness, but instead we will conclude this proceeding,” Nadler said. “We cannot permit him or anyone in the administration to dictate the terms of this hearing. We will not hear from the attorney genera today but his committee intends to obtain the information it needs to conduct legislative oversight.”


As our EIC noted yesterday, Nadler doesn’t want the accountability of his Democratic members of the committee attacking Barr. He wants people with no accountability come election day to do the questioning for them, allowing them to remain distant from the proceedings. It’s a sham.

The last thing this country needs is more of a gap between the actions of our elected officials and the ballot box. If they want to attack Barr, do it. Don’t hide behind lawyers.

The reality is this: the Mueller report is available and there’s nothing in it to support the Democrats’ narrative, so they’re doing everything they can to change the conversation in their favor by painting Barr as a bad guy. It’s not Barr’s fault the report didn’t jibe with the agenda they’ve been building for two years around the Mueller investigation. He wasn’t even in office at the time for the vast majority of the investigation itself.

They didn’t get the fruit they sought, so they’re trying to manufacture false fruit out of thin air. This is despicable, which is why most Americans hate Congress in general.


“I think what we’re seeing from Chairman Nadler is incapable of holding power.” – Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

Final Thoughts

If Nadler wants Barr to testify, all he has to do is hold the hearings the proper way with members asking questions instead of unaccountable lawyers. Nadler’s unwillingness to do it the right way betrays his fear of being on the record.