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Liz Wheeler: ‘This is what happens when you celebrate sexual promiscuity to the point of glorifying perverted sexual deviancies’



The push by the left to normalize sexual perversion is driven by jamming by LGBTQ leaders and their progressive allies. It’s a shock and awe campaign that’s cleverly and diabolically designed to desensitize the population to actions that would once be considered unimaginable in American society. The latest variation of this jamming comes in the form of objections by Democrats to a bill that would protect children.

One America News host Liz Wheeler drew attention to this indefensible position by explaining what prompted the bill and why the left is bent on stopping it.

“Leftists are going nuts because a lawmaker in Ohio is proposing a bill to protect children from sexual exploitation,” Wheeler began. “That’s right, the Ohio bill, House Bill 180, would prohibit children under 18 years old from performing in shows in which the child simulates sexual activity, or as the bill reads, ‘suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality.’ That means sexualized performances by child drag queens would not be allowed and that is why leftists have their panties in a twist.”

On the surface, it seems ridiculous that the left would oppose it, but once we get to the heart of the matter it’s clear that the LGBTQ element of the issue is what’s driving their entire narrative. Suddenly, they feel comfortable opposing a bill designed to protect children because they have a good chunk of society’s blessing to call it bigoted.

“This bill is in response to a performance by a nine-year-old boy named Jacob at a bar in Ohio,” Wheeler continued. “Jacob was dressed in the highly sexualized garb of drag queens, wigs and high heels and makeup. He danced and performed and the drunk adult men and women in the bar gave him tips.”

A plethora of excuses were used to dismiss the incident as harmless and to clear the mother behind this of any wrongdoing. To make their agenda work, they need to be able to jam any thoughts of opposition by labeling such opposition as bigoted against the LBGTQ community. This is they only way they can distract from the reality of the situation, but Wheeler continued calling them out.

“It’s still just a nine year old boy dressed up by his mom to look like a highly sexualized version of a girl and the left calls us bigots for being outraged by this.”

Then, she returned to the foundation of their argument and how it’s driven by the left’s favorite agenda behind which they can hide.

“Democrats have been telling us for years that any opposition to the LGBTQ agenda makes us homophobic or transphobic. Give me a break.”

What do we call this? For conservatives (and any sensible and honest American, for that matter), it doesn’t take much thought to see with absolute clarity that this is wrong and disgusting. But for the left, they use new-age labels like “self-expression” to help them dismiss it. They throw in other excuses, but all of them fall flat.

“This is not self-expression. This is not cool because it’s LGBTQ approved. This is not Jacob playing Halloween like his mother claims. This is child abuse. This is what happens when you celebrate sexual promiscuity to the point of glorifying perverted sexual deviancy.”

The left loves their shield. They hide behind it knowing few will have to courage to speak against them. Any words spoken against parts of the LGBTQ agenda must be bigoted, at least that’s how they’ll be labeled. Apparently, only bigots do not want children dancing on stage in a sexualized manner to draw tips from pleased adults. That’s what they want you to believe.

As long as we allow the left to dictate what is acceptable, society will continue slipping into the absurd. People like Wheeler are speaking the truth. Will you listen? Will you share in her righteous outrage? You should.




‘Wax my balls’ is the new ‘bake the cake’



Wax my balls is the new bake the cake

The story of the man who attempted to force a women to wax his scrotum renewed its virility after a Canadian business owned by a Brazilian immigrant reportedly had to shut down because of a hearing in front of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, according to Post Millennial.The story displays a curious amount of similarity to the Masterpiece Cake story which resulted in a Supreme Court ruling and subsequent harassment lawsuits before the Colorado equivalent body. In this case, a man who goes by Jessica Yaniv targeted upwards of 15 women who refused to wax his balls.

Mad Wax: Hairy Road

In 2018 he launched a complaint about Mad Wax refusing service. The women in question for discrimination was a Muslim, making this a clash between Transgenders and Muslims, a rare but foreseeable clash between two of the Left’s most prioritized groups according to intersectionality.

Lifesite News Reported back in March 2018:

A local transgender woman claims she was denied services based on her gender identity and gender expression and is seeking $50,000 for “immense harm to my dignity.”

The complainant, who has asked to remain anonymous, said she called the spa March 17, 2018, to inquire about services for a transgender woman.

Following a conversation with an employee, she asked to speak with the owner. Carruthers said he called her back and explained that the female employee working that day was a practising Muslim who refrains from physical contact with males outside of her family.

He further explained the only staff member he had who did male waxing was off on a sick leave and there was no one else.

This man wanted a Muslim woman to handle his genitals which is the ultimate Trans vs Muslim showdown that Conservatives have pointed out ever since the Left formed a confederacy that openly included gays and Muslims. Just think about the ramifications of what would have happened if she complied against her own religious beliefs in Islamic marriage.


Maria De Silva, of the in-home service that was forced to close down, claimed that she was not trained in waxing male genitals. It’s reasonable to accept her expertise as the difference between waxing male and female genitals seems readily obvious to the anatomically aware. The lack of training in waxing male equipment seems to have been a common defense, as the overwhelming majority of Brazilian wax clientele are women. But there’s a more sinister angle to this story. Not only is Yaniv clearly harassing businesses who refuse to wax his balls, he is also sexually harassing women, particularly minority women as Post Millennial pointed out.

While the women he targeted were untrained in waxing testicles, there is apparently enough of a demand that these services exist enough for someone who filed a complaint against 16 businesses to have easily been able to find. Alas, he targeted these women, who cater to women, to wax his balls. There’s something undeniably perverted about what Yaniv is doing, and while transgenderism is a mental illness, the level of malice in his actions voids the excuse of lacking full capacity.


If you are wondering why Yaniv has made it his life goal to commit rainbow jihad, it’s the same reason why any other acronym-identifying person would. They seek affirmation. Government recognition of homosexual marriage didn’t suffice. An entire month where over ninety percent of major brands pandering to a small minority of the population still isn’t enough. Subverting female athletics isn’t enough.

Removing parents from their children’s lives for not affirming their lifestyle isn’t enough. At what point is the threshold met for rainbow jihad to end? Never. Because this man isn’t satisfied without the affirmation of everyone in society, nor will he be content with it. He is chasing the rainbow. And his trivial goals are why he is but a small fry in a much larger Culture War.

PC Pretzel

The struggle between the different identities seems highly contrary. This is a case of Feminism vs Islam vs Transgenderism with the former two fighting as cobelligerents. After all, neither can really exist with the other two. Leftism has made a strange alliance between these contrary identities. Now we could speculate whether the Socialists are using Muslims to achieve their political goals or are Muslims, like Ilhan Omar, using the Socialist to achieve their centuries older goals. In either case, the strange alliance has a common goal for the rest of us: control. Conformity, collectivism, control. That is how these contradictory elements of Leftism are intermarried into a hive like confederacy.

This is about control and that is why Conservatives must not give an inch when they come telling us to bake the cake or wax their balls.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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#TX21 is a congressional race the entire nation will be watching



TX21 is a congressional race the entire nation will be watching

When two powerhouse representatives of their respective political ideologies clash, there’s always national attention. But as Wendy Davis announces her intention to take on Representative Chip Roy in the 21st Congressional District of Texas, there’s more at stake than just a seat on Capitol Hill. This race represents a battle for the soul of our nation.

If you’re wondering how a single Congressional seat could have so much importance, we have to look at the two candidates. Roy is a freshman who has already been making an impact with is push for fiscal conservatism. His demands on his fellow representatives are simple, all centering around the notion that Republicans must do as they promised. That means securing the border, cutting spending, and other important promises that, thus far, have not been fulfilled.

Davis was a rising star in the Democratic Party before losing a high-profile gubernatorial race. Now, she’s starting her comeback campaign by going after Roy’s congressional seat. Her pro-abortion and big government stances are stark contrasts to Roy’s conservatism, but they have one thing in common. Both are willing to go to the ideological edges even if it means bucking their own party. Roy made news in May when he single-handedly blocked a disaster relief bill, not over he merits of the big spending bill itself but because he does not believe Congress should sit back and let $19 billion get dished out without talking about it on the floor and having a proper vote.

There’s even a movie about Davis that’s potentially in the works, according to Fox News.

Davis became an overnight Democratic sensation in 2013 after her filibuster over an anti-abortion bill. She told Texas Monthly in March that she recently met with actress Sandra Bullock to discuss the Oscar winner portraying her in a movie about the filibuster, which Davis said could be released next year.

Texas was once considered to be a deep-red state, but in recent years has shifted to the point that many strategists on both sides of the aisle consider it a 2020 battleground. Beto O’Rourke confirmed this by coming within 3-points of taking down Senator Ted Cruz. For a hyper-leftist like O’Rourke to even be a consideration in the state is telling of the shift that’s happening there. This is why Davis’s entry into the race is so significant. If Republicans sit back and assume the seat is safe, they could lose it.

If a strong conservative like Chip Roy can hold onto the seat, it bodes well for the nation that Texas is staying true to its values. If Wendy Davis flips it, we can take it as a sign that progressives are making a bigger impact than expected.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Justin Amash exposed as only grandstanding on Trump impeachment



Justin Amash exposed as only grandstanding on Trump impeachment

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives voted to kill a resolution to pursue impeachment against President Trump. The vote followed a resolution to condemn Trump following his tweets that enraged the left. The House got to vote on impeachment and this time 95 members all voted against killing the resolution, all 95 members in this 322-95 vote were Democrats. Not among them was Justin Amash who actually called for impeachment back in May in a 13 tweet thread.

“In fact, there were many crimes revealed by the investigation, some of which were charged, and some of which were not but are nonetheless described in Mueller’s report.” Justin Amash May 20th

If you recall these tweet came weeks before he decided to name a single of the several instances of impeachable activity, instead reverting to vague tweets about the nature of impeachment. Yet since May 18th, it has become increasingly obvious Justin Amash has no intentions on following through on his calls to impeachment. As a Representative in the US Congress, he has the power only 435 people in the country have. If he feels that it is his duty to pursue impeachment, which is a view he pontificated on Twitter, then anything short of bringing forward impeachment on the specific charges he eventually laid out is grandstanding. With so few Congressmen having read the Mueller Report, his words, Democrats would defer to him on this issue if he would only do what he said he would do. But Justin Amash was only grandstanding on impeachment. Otherwise why would he have voted to kill a resolution on pursuing impeachment, the very thing he called for?

What has Justin Amash done since May 18th?

He voted for a resolution condemning Trump, but the real answer is, he’s taken some time to brand himself. After support in his own district plummeted, on July 4th, he declared his independence from the Republican Party in an op ed in the Washington Post. Seeing as Independence Day is about America’s history not a day for politicians to politicize for their own endgame, this is perhaps the most egotistical way do just that. Maybe doing it on 9/11 is worse. As he all but comes out of the closet on a 2020 Libertarian or Independent Presidential Run, Justin Amash looks to rebrand Libertarianism, removing the populism Rand Paul embraced. Daniel McCarthy at Spectator wrote a really good piece on Amash illustrating this point.

What Ron Paul did was to counteract neoconservatism in the Republican party with libertarianism and populism. Populism proved to be more potent, but libertarianism itself contributed important elements to populism, including an articulate anti-interventionist foreign policy and a sense of class warfare as about power, not just wealth. Amash was never comfortable with populism, but libertarianism without it has no market at all. The Washington Post and the NeverTrump neocons share Amash’s animosity toward Trump and the populist right, but they share even fewer of his professed principles than Trump does. Ron Paul won despite losing; Amash teaches libertarians simply how to lose by losing.

In not even fighting for the very thing he parted from the Republicans over, Trump, he has already lost. His district has likely turned on him and his best political prospect is being a below average 3rd party candidate. All he’s left with politically are his principles which his grandstanding calls into question.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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