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Liz Wheeler: ‘This is what happens when you celebrate sexual promiscuity to the point of glorifying perverted sexual deviancies’



The push by the left to normalize sexual perversion is driven by jamming by LGBTQ leaders and their progressive allies. It’s a shock and awe campaign that’s cleverly and diabolically designed to desensitize the population to actions that would once be considered unimaginable in American society. The latest variation of this jamming comes in the form of objections by Democrats to a bill that would protect children.

One America News host Liz Wheeler drew attention to this indefensible position by explaining what prompted the bill and why the left is bent on stopping it.

“Leftists are going nuts because a lawmaker in Ohio is proposing a bill to protect children from sexual exploitation,” Wheeler began. “That’s right, the Ohio bill, House Bill 180, would prohibit children under 18 years old from performing in shows in which the child simulates sexual activity, or as the bill reads, ‘suggests a minor is participating or engaging in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality.’ That means sexualized performances by child drag queens would not be allowed and that is why leftists have their panties in a twist.”

On the surface, it seems ridiculous that the left would oppose it, but once we get to the heart of the matter it’s clear that the LGBTQ element of the issue is what’s driving their entire narrative. Suddenly, they feel comfortable opposing a bill designed to protect children because they have a good chunk of society’s blessing to call it bigoted.

“This bill is in response to a performance by a nine-year-old boy named Jacob at a bar in Ohio,” Wheeler continued. “Jacob was dressed in the highly sexualized garb of drag queens, wigs and high heels and makeup. He danced and performed and the drunk adult men and women in the bar gave him tips.”

A plethora of excuses were used to dismiss the incident as harmless and to clear the mother behind this of any wrongdoing. To make their agenda work, they need to be able to jam any thoughts of opposition by labeling such opposition as bigoted against the LBGTQ community. This is they only way they can distract from the reality of the situation, but Wheeler continued calling them out.

“It’s still just a nine year old boy dressed up by his mom to look like a highly sexualized version of a girl and the left calls us bigots for being outraged by this.”

Then, she returned to the foundation of their argument and how it’s driven by the left’s favorite agenda behind which they can hide.

“Democrats have been telling us for years that any opposition to the LGBTQ agenda makes us homophobic or transphobic. Give me a break.”

What do we call this? For conservatives (and any sensible and honest American, for that matter), it doesn’t take much thought to see with absolute clarity that this is wrong and disgusting. But for the left, they use new-age labels like “self-expression” to help them dismiss it. They throw in other excuses, but all of them fall flat.

“This is not self-expression. This is not cool because it’s LGBTQ approved. This is not Jacob playing Halloween like his mother claims. This is child abuse. This is what happens when you celebrate sexual promiscuity to the point of glorifying perverted sexual deviancy.”

The left loves their shield. They hide behind it knowing few will have to courage to speak against them. Any words spoken against parts of the LGBTQ agenda must be bigoted, at least that’s how they’ll be labeled. Apparently, only bigots do not want children dancing on stage in a sexualized manner to draw tips from pleased adults. That’s what they want you to believe.

As long as we allow the left to dictate what is acceptable, society will continue slipping into the absurd. People like Wheeler are speaking the truth. Will you listen? Will you share in her righteous outrage? You should.