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Why the NRA is in trouble



Why the NRA is in trouble

The plight of the NRA should be a cautionary tale for any Civil Rights organization that compromises on its fundamental beliefs.

Let’s be blunt about it, compromising with evil is a fool’s errand. It should be painfully obvious that making a deal with the enemies of liberty on the left will only see them redouble their efforts in pushing for their final solution to the freedom problem.

There can be no compromise with the gun confiscation agenda of the left

There should be no doubt as to the left’s ultimate goal of gun confiscation. This should be clear since Eric ‘Nukem’ Swalwell has made gun confiscation the central tenet of his candidacy along with the over 70 instances and counting of the liberty grabber left demanding gun confiscation.

However, in the face of this onslaught, the NRA decided to throw some of our fundamental human rights under the bus. It can’t be a coincidence that their latest troubles began with a willingness to compromise by acquiescing to the ‘regulation’ [read confiscation or destruction] of ‘bump stocks’ or the knuckling under to the idea of gun confiscation SWATing [aka ERPO’s or ‘Red Flag’ laws].

While the national socialist media loves to report at length on the troubles within the NRA, they are very careful in avoiding the subject as to why this is the case. This is also a reminder that there are many who prefer the Gun Owners of America [GOA] or local civil rights organisations such as Rocky Mountain Gun Owners  simply because they do not compromise on our fundamental human rights.

The liberty grabber left never compromises in their assault on freedom

The liberty grabber left is known for many things, but compromise isn’t one of them. In fact, one would be hard pressed to cite a case where they have compromised. For the folks who oppose liberty whilst parading around with the self-proclaimed label of liberal, their idea of compromise is that we give up on a bit of our fundamental freedom while at most, they temporarily applaud the move.

Thus when the NRA made these stunning announcements, everyone on the pro-liberty right cringed because we knew that the socialist-left would see this as weakness and try to exploit it to the hilt. The past year or so has seen a relentless effort on the part of the liberty grabber left in going after our fundamental human rights on a local, state and national level. Each success by them has seen them simply turn around and demand more.

They merely scoffed at the ‘bump-stock’ compromise [read confiscation or destruction] as a ‘meaningless’ gesture, letting the President nonsensically re-write the definition of the term machine gun that could easily be used to apply to ban every semi-automatic firearm in existence.

In a situation like frat house initiation scene in the 1978 movie ‘Animal House’, Trump and the NRA responded to the pushing of gun confiscation SWATing as though they were saying ‘Thank you, sir! May I have another?’. Crossing a legal Rubicon destroying the Constitutional principle of due process for gun owners and those alleged to be gun owners.

What changed in the defense of Liberty?

The paradigm used to be that the liberty grabber left would work to exploit the latest ‘serious crisis’ to further their gun confiscation agenda by first lying about the ‘easy access to guns’. Getting what ever compromise they could muster after which they would wait for the next ‘serious crisis’ to do it all over again. Those of us on the pro-liberty right would work to conserve liberty, working to maintain our basic civil and human rights.

But something changed last year, the NRA and Trump signaled a willingness to compromise on our basic human rights. The result was that the liberty grabber left ‘pounced’ seeing this as weakness, and they are still at it as though school shootings were taking place every 5 minutes despite the fact that even they’ve admitted to their rarity.

The Takeaway

Recent events have made it clear that one cannot placate with those who never compromise. Those who would dearly love to control liberty only see this practice as weakness, which they will seek to exploit to maximum effect.

There is only one way to confront those averse to liberty, and that is to resist their efforts and never compromise. That is the lesson that has to be learned and never forgotten.