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Petition calling on DC to give Border Patrol the manpower and resources they need



Petition calling on DC to give Border Patrol the manpower and resources they need

There are many components to border security. Building the wall, fixing our broken immigration laws, finding visa overstays, and addressing the illegal immigrants already in our nation are steps that all require time to implement even if we had full support from the Democrats today. But there’s one action that can be taken very quickly that would make an immediate impact on our border crisis – more men and better resources for the border patrol.

They are stretched thin. Multiple officials and agents at the border have called for help, calling the emergency at the border a situation that’s much worse than most Americans realize. Many of them are unable to do their jobs because they’re busy handing out asylum hearing paperwork and processing people instead of stopping the flow of criminals, drugs, and possibly even terrorists.

Increasing manpower and resources for CBP is a relatively easy fix. Congress can do it. The White House can do it. In fact, either can do it without the other without jumping through legal hoops, overstepping their Constitutional powers, or bypassing the will of the people.

We are in the most dangerous situation the nation has ever faced in regards to the southern border. The problem is growing and DC refuses to address it properly. Now is not the time to point fingers, but it’s clear that some are trying to fix the problem and others want the problem to remain.

Securing the border will take time, but the most immediate fix is by strengthening border patrol. More men, more equipment, and better technology can be given TODAY. Sign this petition and let’s tell DC to get to work.