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Gaining a better understanding of radical Islam



In our politically correct society, it’s against the sensibilities of many of us to use the phrase “radical Islam” when talking about others. Even terrorists or conquerors such as the Islamic State or al Qaeda are identified by American politicians and the media as anything other than Islamic because they don’t represent the religion in their eyes.

There are definitely very good people who are Muslims. They live peaceful lives, help others, and would never even consider hurting anyone of another faith. The majority of those who worship Allah or any other false gods fall into this category. However, it’s very important for us as Christians to understand the real differences in the religion, particularly in how the mentality of the religion guides the lifestyles and motivations of those who are dedicated to the Quran.

As I’ve said in the past, we must pray for our Muslim brothers and sisters. Everyone is given an opportunity to find Yeshua and to know Him as our Lord and Savior, and that must be a calling at our core. To do this, having an understanding of the religion on both ends – the Islamic extremists and the bulk of Islam – is imperative.

In this video, Messianic Jew Dr. Michael Brown tells what he knows about the Islamic faith and the radicalization that is occurring around the world today.