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Is YouTube going to ban Louder with Crowder?



Many conservatives tune into Steven Crowder and his crew over at Louder than Crowder to get some laughs and mock the hypocrisy of progressives along with the jolly team. But today’s video wasn’t so jolly. For some, it was downright scary.

Crowder delivered an uncustomary heartfelt plea. There was real concern in his voice and demeanor as he revealed the popular channel had received a notice from YouTube claiming a “copyright strike” against a video and the denial of the subsequent appeal. YouTube has a “3 strikes” rule and since the segment was used three times, it’s unclear if that will count as one strike or all three.

If they get three strikes, the channel will be wiped.

Logic tells us this should count as a single strike, but as we’ve been learning very clearly in recent years, logic is often tossed out the window when tech platforms take notice of conservatives. Despite claims the platform is politically unbiased, there is plenty of evidence that this is not the case, including several highlights from Crowder’s show itself.

It’s time to get behind Louder with Crowder if you aren’t already. Watch the video, say a prayer, buy a 40 and prepare to dip it. If the show does, indeed, get the ax, we may have to mobilize to protest the video tyrants.

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