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NY Times says antisemitic cartoon attacking Netanyahu, Trump was ‘error of judgment’



NY Times says antisemitic cartoon attacking Netanyahu Trump was error of judgment

There was a scene in Seinfeld in which George Costanza is confronted by his boss about sleeping with the cleaning lady on his desk. With nowhere to go after getting caught doing something so obviously wrong, George decides to play ignorant, asking, “Was that wrong? Should I not have done that?”

The New York Times responded in a similar manner after realizing the antisemitic cartoon they syndicated depicting President Trump wearing a kippah and sunglasses hunched over an extremely long Daschund with the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The likeness of the Jewish leader featured a Star of David as the tag on his collar.

As much as I hate publishing this hateful image, I believe it’s necessary for people to see exactly what the NY Times believes makes for a clever and funny political cartoon nowadays.

I searched Google Images to verify it because I had a hard time believing even the unhinged NY Times would syndicate something so obviously offensive. The link in Google was broken, didn’t have a cache, and wasn’t saved on, but Google had originally found it on the NY Times syndication portal. In other words, it was there, but they removed it.

Then, they posted a brief editor’s note on Twitter that will appear in the Monday international print edition of the paper.

Let’s all be exceedingly clear about something. This isn’t a borderline, nuanced instance of bigotry and antisemitism. It’s unambiguous; even most if not all of the freshmen Democrats in the House of Representatives would recognize this as antisemitic. The President of the United States, who is not Jewish, is depicted wearing a kippah while being led around by his “lapdog,” the Prime Minister of Israel.

This was not just someone not getting the implications or an editor skipping sensitivity training. This is blatant, but it was found acceptable by the news outlet because it attacked the two world leaders they hate the most.

Imagine if a cartoon crossed the desks of the NY Times with an image of President Obama wearing Muslim attire being led by a dog with the face of Ayatollah Khamenei and a star and crescent moon as his tag. Would they print it? No. Would they syndicate it? No. Would they fire the cartoonist who drew it? Probably.

Leftist media is following the narrative of the New Democratic Party. Shame on the NY Times for finding this acceptable, then posting a tiny, indifferent retraction four days later after getting called out. They are fake news.

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