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Rod Rosentein failed to confirm the left’s narrative, making him their biggest enemy of the moment



Rod Rosentein failed to confirm the lefts narrative making him their biggest enemy of the moment

The most predictable components of politics are reactions from the tribes when someone doesn’t abide by the approved script. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein is learning that all too well after delivering a speech defending the Mueller report. He was expected to follow the left’s talking points of the day that the redacted pieces of the report were part of a conspiracy and an ongoing cover-up to protect the President. Since he didn’t do as expected, the left is now in full-blown attack mode after propping him up for nearly two years.

The speech in question was delivered last night at the Armenian Bar Association’s Public Servants Dinner. As the progressive voice at the DoJ and the man who ordered Robert Mueller to investigate Russian hacking of the 2016 election, many have been spreading the story that he’s been silenced by Attorney General William Barr in an effort to protect the President. Now that his speech failed to condemn this President and threw some blame towards his predecessor, his days of being propped up as a leftist renegade within a conservative administration are over.

As if adding insult to injury against the left, Rosenstein had the gall to tell the world he believed the investigation was successful.

Today, our nation is safer, elections are more secure, and citizens are better informed about covert foreign influence schemes.

But not everybody was happy with my decision, in case you did not notice.

On cue, the left is hitting him as hard as they’ve been hitting Barr and even Mueller himself since the release of the report.

Either Rod Rosenstein is part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to cover up the President’s wrongdoings, or the report exonerates the President. Sadly, the left is latching onto the former because they can’t accept that they’ve been wrong for two years.