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Baltimore: Another city that cannot shake their addiction to Democratic corruption and failure



Baltimore Another city that cannot shake their addiction to Democratic corruption and failure

San Francisco. Chicago. Seattle. Detroit. Baltimore. These cities and many others across America have two things in common. First, their biggest problems continue to get worse despite high taxes, outside help, or both. Second, they’ve been run by progressive Democrats for a long time.

The last time Baltimore had a Republican mayor, current embattled mayor Catherine Pugh, 69, was still in high school. Throughout her entire adult life, Pugh moved to Maryland to attend college and reached the pinnacle of her career in 2016 when she beat an incumbent to become Mayor. Today, she’s in trouble and apparently nobody knows if she’s even capable of making decisions for herself.

But I’m not here to pile on the hate towards Pugh. That’s for the people of Baltimore. I want to discuss the trend of failures within large cities that generally vote for Democrats to run things. It makes very little sense to me to practice what Albert Einstein defined as insanity, yet that’s exactly what we see across the country. Baltimore has been a mess that’s getting worse every year, yet they’re on a current streak of nine consecutive Democrats in the mayor’s office. San Francisco, the mecca of human feces on city streets that has more drug addicts on the streets than students in public schools, is on an 11-Democrat streak. You’d have to go back to the start of the Great Depression to find the last Republican as Chicago mayor, yet they can’t seem to get a hold on crime as the gangs literally own the streets.

What possible reasoning can residents in these cities have to continuously vote for their own failure? The evidence is crystal clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the party that has oppressed them for decades continues to make their lives harder, their streets more dangerous, and the tax dollars wasted. Corruption is bred in these cities after decades of single-party rule. But even the corruption is less destructive than the poor policies that get adopted.

How do a majority of people living in these cities not realize they are being held down by the politicians they love? What magical spell or supreme sales pitch are these people falling for incessantly? Do they really believe that complete and unambiguous failure in policies be somehow reversed by voting in more people with the same policies? Does Baltimore think after eight consecutive Democrats have run the city into the ground, the ninth one is the charm?

The axiom states, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In many Democrat-majority cities, it seems their version of the axiom is, “If it’s broken, keep breaking it.” The level of indoctrination and dependence is mind-blowing.