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Democratic candidates give their best sleazy sales pitches pushing pay-for-votes schemes



Democratic candidates give their best sleazy sales pitches pushing pay-for-votes schemes

Common sense tells us politicians will say and do whatever they can to get more voters. The goal of running a political campaign is to win, after all, so on the surface it makes sense for them to want to promote policies that help them achieve that goal. But there’s a huge problem with this concept. In some cases, the policies that are designed specifically to generate more votes (or voters) is not in the best interests of the nation. In fact, one could argue this is the case most of the time.

Let’s look at some of the proposals being thrown out there by Democrats, why they’re designed specifically to sway (or create) voters, and why they’re not in the best interests of the people or the nation.

“Free” college

What student who agreed to borrow money to pay for college wouldn’t want their debt erased? I’ll give most of them enough credit to believe they understand it isn’t fair for them to accept a loan in exchange for something of value, but to then have that debt forcibly paid by someone else – taxpayers – while keeping the valuable education they received. But, I’ll also assume most would say, “Hey, it’s not right but if you’re offering, I’ll take it.”

This is the second most obvious pay-for-votes scheme the Democrats are rolling out. It doesn’t take a college graduate to realize the extreme hypocrisy in making hard-working, tax-paying Americans take over the bill for those who whine about a debt they willfully assumed. Nobody was forced to go to college. Nobody who went to college was forced to pick one they couldn’t afford. Nobody who decided to go to a college they couldn’t afford was forced to take on a huge amount of debt. They did this of their own accord with the understanding that they’d be able to use the education they acquired to make enough money to pay back their debt in the future.

What does this policy proposal say to those who thought college was too expensive or who chose to go to a more affordable college? They were fiscally responsible, but now Democrats want to make them pay for those who chose to be fiscally irresponsible. And in the end, the kid who got the “free” college degree from a prestigious school is going to move up faster in the world than the people who took the responsible road but ended up paying for everyone else’s education.

Felon voting rights

It’s been a common joke regarding the political makeup of this country that the vast majority of convicted felons are Democrats. Now, that joke is turning into a threat by many Democratic candidates as they push to give felons access to the ballot box.

This is ludicrous. People who break the law should not help decide who makes the laws. That’s a right they gave up when they decided on a life of crime. But it’s more than just ludicrous. It weaponizes the criminal justice system for political gain. Imagine a future election in which a Democratic candidate proposes blanket reductions of non-violent criminal jail time. This may sound like a far-fetched notion today if you haven’t been paying attention, but the strain on our nation’s jails has gotten to the point that there aren’t always enough beds for lawbreakers.

What convicted felon wouldn’t vote solely for the sake of their own freedom? What family member of a convicted felon wouldn’t do the same? Democrats are looking at jails as an untapped voter base and they’re ready to pop the cork on it.


This is the most complex pay-for-votes scheme employed by the Democrats to address because it’s the one that requires the greatest degree of education given to a populace that is generally non-receptive to matters of finance or governance. It’s one that gets the blanket treatment of “the rich will pay for it” all the way up to the point that reality strikes after it’s passed.

Medicare-for-All is a truly existential threat to America. Single-payer healthcare has two dramatic effects on the people forced under its provisions. First, it increases the tax-based healthcare costs to a large portion of Americans, not just the rich. Essentially anyone who makes enough money to pay federal taxes today will pay more through single-payer. Yes, the wealthy will see a greater increase, but even working-class Americans will see dramatic rises in their tax bills. The math isn’t difficult; $32 trillion over a decade to implement it will crush every taxpayer.

Second, it reduces the quality and availability of healthcare. As evil as the insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare providing companies are painted in America, their sins will be minuscule compared to the evils found in a government-run system. Obamacare demonstrated the sheer inefficiency of the government by spending $2 billion on a website. To believe the government is capable of handling a system as complex and expensive as single-payer healthcare without turning it into a debacle is lunacy.

It’s not like we haven’t seen it before. If you ask politicians in nations with single-payer, they’ll gleefully say everything is great and there’s nothing bad to see here. If you ask the people, invariably they’ll acknowledge excessive wait times, rejection of procedures they need but that the government doesn’t deem worthy, and a quality of healthcare that diminishes instead of improves.

One of the great ironies is that there’s rapidly emerging market in many countries that have single-payer. Private health insurance is not only making a comeback but is becoming the avenue of choice for those who can afford it even after paying for the awful single-payer taxes. Unfortunately, the drain of single-payer means many who need better healthcare cannot afford to receive it.

But that’s not the Democrats’ pitch. They say everyone should get healthcare and it should be free. They will never mention what they know with a certainty: That the quality of healthcare for all will be diminished and there’s not such thing as free.


If “free” college is the second most obvious pay-for-votes scheme, this is the most obvious. The party that claims to embrace diversity and fairness wants to pay people money because of the color of their skin over sins committed against their ancestors. It’s insane.

The Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, and everything in between were designed to create equality. Democratic candidates want to remove that equality by paying people for their heritage. It’s an absolute lie. This is literally, “vote for me and I’ll pay you.” Period.

Hose the rich

I’m not rich. Not even close. But I am very cognizant of the realities of capitalism and the things that have made the United States of America the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world. While Democrats like to paint rich people as sitting in their mansions with servants acting as their footstools while they burn hundred dollar bills to cook their Kobe burgers on the grill, the truth of the matter is that producers of wealth are the people and corporations who employ the rest of us. They give us our paychecks, pay the lion’s share of taxes already, and carry certain burdens that the middle class does not.

I’m not saying they’re innocent. I’m not saying they’re better than us. I’m not even saying they’re doing the nation a service for the sake of the nation. But whether you think rich people are good, evil, or (as I like to see them) just people, they’re a necessary cog in the machinery of America.

I’ve always thought if rich people didn’t have to pay so much in taxes, they’d be more giving to charities. That’s obviously not true for everyone, but it would certainly be true for many who are currently hosed by the tax system already. “Philanthropy” comes in two forms in the minds of the rich – giving to those who need and having it taken by the government to give to those who need things. While neither system is perfectly efficient, the former has proven to be much more likely to achieve its desired goals.

The bottom line is this: America pushed the boundaries of exceptionalism in this world because its citizens were allowed to push the boundaries of success in their lives. I don’t like Jeff Bezos, his politics, his lifestyle, or any of his companies. But Amazon gives out a bunch of paychecks while offering products and services at reasonable costs. I may not like Bezos or even Amazon, but I wouldn’t want them financially harmed simply because they’ve built something amazing.

But again, this is a surface-level sales pitch the Democrats use knowing their voter base won’t take a second to think about the consequences to themselves and the rest of the nation if we start attacking the very things that have driven our nation for over a century: capitalism, exceptionalism, and success of the individuals.

Final Thoughts

The trend is very clear. Most of what Democrats are promising seem good on the surface to at least a portion of the population. Invariably, they would not only be bad for the rest of America but bad for their intended targets. It’s a con job.

Petition Capitol Hill for Term Limits

Sign the petition. We demand Congress immediately put together legislation that spells out term limits for themselves. Americans need to know who is willing to suppress their own power for the sake of the nation. This can only happen by bringing legislation to the floor.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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Cory Booker in the aggregate: Propagating the ’mass shooting every day’ deception




Cory Booker In the aggregate Propagating the mass shooting every day deception

Witness the formation of a false talking point by continual repetition.

Presidential candidate Cory Booker et al. has repeated the same line of ‘a mass shooting every day, in the aggregate’ for the past few weeks in various town halls and interviews. Like most Leftist talking points, this absurd assertion has been carefully constructed to foment a pithy little saying unmoored from reality. The fact is, the Liberty grabber Left exploites every mass shooting to maximum effect, to the point that they have begun to regularly use ‘anniversaries’ of these tragedies to push for more controls over our freedom.  Even in this case, it has it’s own escape clause of ‘in the aggregate’ if anyone is ever called on this deception..

Just for reference, this is the Oxford English dictionary entry for the phrase ‘in (the) aggregate’

In total; as a whole.

Again, even here reality isn’t too kind to the Left. The fact is, there hasn’t been a ‘mass shootings in the aggregate every day.’ Or ‘mass shootings In total every day.’ As in this video at the 5:10 mark.

This is as yet another case where the Left doesn’t care about the truth of the matter, only the setting of a certain perception in the public consciousness. It doesn’t matter that each and every mass shooting is exploited from beginning to end. Or that even the hint of one taking place will see news bulletins instantly going out over the wire.

That plain fact doesn’t stop Leftists from trying to promulgate the false perception of gun violence being an overwhelming ‘epidemic’ that demands the immediate implementation of drastic measures.

Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

Despite the admonitions from infamous Leftists Adolph Hitler and Vladimir Lenin, repeating a lie doesn’t make it the truth, but it is part and parcel for Leftists to traffic in lies. The fact is, mass shootings are rare, no matter what kind of creativity in defining these distinctive events to include just about anything imaginable.

The plain fact is that Leftists need ‘serious crisis’ in order to ratchet down our Liberty. When reality fails to meet their needs, they just make up their own ‘in the aggregate’. Never mind that there aren’t mass shootings every day, the national socialist Left would like that to be the perception so they can push their gun confiscation agenda. They push the ‘gun violence is a unique problem in the states’ even though other nations are far more violent, but as they drift further and further into insanity their grip on reality has become that much more tenuous.

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Bill de Blasio campaign launch sputters. Even his YouTube channel has under 100 subscribers.



It’s been about 24 hours since New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched his presidential campaign, and it’s off to a strange start. First, the excitement level has been hovering somewhere south of none. Then, he was clowned in his own city by Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

Not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel joined in on the bashing.

The morning after his launch is treating the Democrat any kinder. He’s waking up to headlines like “De Blasio unites America — against his presidential bid” and “Doesn’t anyone like Bill de Blasio?

But arguably the most embarrassing indictment of how poorly his campaign is being received is on his own YouTube channel. As of the time of this article, a full day after he announced, he’s been able to accumulate 87 subscribers.

President Trump has been giving him plenty of attention, but perhaps it’s time to stop. Bill de Blasio is not going to be a contender for the Democratic nomination. Even 76% of people in his own city don’t want him to be President.

Bill de Blasio Campaign

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Missed signals can lead to tragedy!



Missed signals can lead to tragedy!

Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a U.S. Army psychiatrist who gave PowerPoint presentations opposing American war efforts in Middle East. On November 5, 2009 he went on a shooting rampage of his fellow soldiers killing 13 adults and one pre-born baby at Fort Hood, Texas.

Warning signs had been ignored.

Edward Snowden was a contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency at the tunnel in Hawaii. As an I.T. specialist, he tricked high-level superiors into revealing their passwords. He then stole national secrets and fled the country with them. If an NCIC warrant had been timely obtained, or if U.S. Customs and Border Protection had been alerted immediately, he would have been intercepted on a constitutional warrantless outbound border search at Honolulu International Airport.

Warning signs had been ignored.

Bradley Manning was a U.S. Army soldier convicted of violating the Espionage Act by revealing classified information to Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. Manning’s “lawyers discussed a psychological assessment report that describes him as having ‘regressed stages of development’ and ‘narcissistic personality traits.'”

Warning signs had been ignored.

Major Tulsi Gabbard is a Commissioned Officer in Hawaii National Guard. She is simultaneously U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District. She is now running for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief.

Concerns have previously been articulated concerning a possible violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Tulsi's YouTube screenshot

She has released two videos this week accusing President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton of provoking a war against Iran. She has also condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

“Trump ~ eager for war with Iran”

“The US must NOT go to war with Iran”

Over a month ago she released two videos regarding Julian Assange.

“Wikileaks/Assange. Be quiet or else.”

“Assange Arrest: Toe the Line or Go to Jail.”

Major Gabbard apparently does not understand why the United States government classifies sensitive information and controls who may or may not release it. If she is called to active duty in Hawaii National Guard and sent to fight Iran, can you depend upon her loyalty?

General Logan's contact info

Hawaii Adjutant General Arthur “Joe” Logan wears multiple hats. He was appointed by Hawaii Governor David Ige to serve as Hawaii Homeland Security Advisor with responsibility for Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. He is also in charge of Hawaii National Guard.

Major Tulsi Gabbard is under his Command. The onus is upon Maj Gen Logan to hold her accountable under UCMJ. It is also incumbent upon Governor Ige to ensure that this issue is addressed by her chain-of-command.

Warning signs were ignored with Major Hasan.

Warning signs were ignored with Edward Snowden.

Warning signs were ignored with Bradley Manning.

Warning signs with Major Gabbard must NOT be ignored.

Khamenei threat

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