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Avengers: Endgame ties for highest Rotten Tomatoes score of all MCU movies



Avengers Endgame ties for highest Rotten Tomatoes score of all MCU movies

There’s a little movie coming out this weekend. You may have heard of it. Avengers: Endgame is set to break records and (nearly) conclude this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s eleven year run.

Critics love it.

Based on its score on movie review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, the culmination of the infinity stone saga is the best yet, tied with Black Panther at 97% “fresh.”


Fans of the MCU are in for a treat, though bittersweet it might be. This movie is expected to bring a close to many of the storylines that have dominated summer blockbusters for over a decade, which means we’re sure to have a heart-wrenching experience that will also deliver vindication in ways movies are rarely able to achieve.

But I’m glad. This may be the level of distraction that Hollywood has always been tasked to deliver, but it’s also the bane of entertainment when such films make so much money they choke out the artistic aspect of movie-making. I hate to sound like a movie snob, but I’m glad to see this chapter, which has sucked all the air out of movie theaters for a decade, finally come to a close.

The mold won’t be broken, but there’s going to be a major challenge by all studios to duplicate the insane level of success the franchise has achieved. This bodes ill for the future of Hollywood as we’re bound to see poor attempts to live up to the world-building challenge the MCU seems to have mastered. Even those who continue forward will have a difficult time matching this level of success both critically and at the box office.

In other words, this is the end of an era.


“The MCU sticks this landing, allowing us to let go of years of baggage and get ready for the next flight.” – John Wenzel

Final Thoughts

It’s going to be hard for Disney to capture this level of movie magic again as they continue to build on the MCU. Frankly, I’m pretty sure they won’t be able to match what they’ve accomplished with these 22 films.

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