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Democrats launch Republicans For Impeachment crowdfunding scheme



Democrats launch Republicans For Impeachment crowdfunding scheme

Jon Cooper, chairman for the DemCoalition, launched, with the grandiose backing of Twitter Moments, the Republicans For Impeachment campaign. The campaign is mostly a hashtag on social media. Its website is is a donation page with an outline of building a social media campaign. The campaign is “built around three main strategies.” Note the misuse of the word strategy when they really mean tactics.

1. Digital Ads Supporting Grassroots Advocacy
2. Elevating GOP Voices
3. Trending Hashtags

If your inference was that they want you to give them money so that they can get get their Twitter thumbs cranking, the full description of these tactics will confirm this. It’s not a grassroots movement if you are on the opposite side, literally, trying to start a movement to cause the other side to splinter. Tactic 2 involves elevating low level GOP voices, the first two are former insiders but unknown pundits. The third linked “Republican” is Bill Kristol. Basically this is a nice plan to get paid to be on social media. But with the previous generosity of Democrats giving money to Stormy Daniels, Christine Blasey-Ford, James Comey, and others, it’s a near certainty this scheme will work at its monetary objective. Fame hasn’t really worked out for the first two, but this attempt is premeditated.

The numbers are not on their side however. Polling shows that Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is sky high. Polling will also show Democrat hesitancy about impeachment. In general, the country is fatigued from this story, as polls show. And while polling should be approached with skepticism, Twitter should be approached with greater skepticism. Majority of Americans aren’t on Twitter. Democrats are overplaying their hand based on social media reinforcing their preconceived biases. As previously written, impeachment will only demoralize Democrats. The grand scheme of convincing Republicans to impeach Trump when he is guilty only by the Kavanaugh Standard, Republicans For Impeachment will undoubtedly fail.