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Eric Swalwell makes the least logical argument ever for gun confiscations



Eric Swalwell makes the least logical argument ever for gun confiscations

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) is doing everything in his power to make the 2020 Democratic presidential race about one issue: guns. He’s painting himself as the guy who will take on the NRA and Republicans by focusing strictly on gun confiscation. It’s not working very well as his name recognition is going nowhere with Democrats, but he’s continuing to bang the same drum.

His latest attempt to argue for gun confiscations is ludicrous.

Read it carefully. It’s like one of those jokes that takes a second to get but once you get it, you laugh hysterically.

He claims he doesn’t want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. But he wants to change the laws so the guns currently owned by law-abiding citizens are no longer legal. THEN he’ll take them away.

In other words, he’s going to change the laws so law-abiding citizens are no longer abiding by the law to own the guns they purchased and owned legally.

Let’s get two things clear. First, any and all attempts to make it more difficult to keep or bear arms is an attack against the 2nd Amendment. There are plenty of laws on the books today that can be considered all the “common sense gun laws” we need. There are plenty of others that go too far and should be repealed. But there are no laws that are being discussed or that could ever be discussed that would make Americans safer in the long run or that align in any way with the 2nd Amendment.

Second, any time an inch is taken, the proverbial mile will be taken as well. Even the bump stock ban, which only affected a small portion of the country, is clearly a gateway to further bans of firearms and accessories. People like Stalwell are selling the idea that Americans can’t be safe as long as gun laws are the way they are. This is the sales pitch that has only one product – gun confiscations that will extend to more guns and will affect more people in a very short period of time. This isn’t the steady, incremental revocation of rights that many are expecting. What Swalwell and other leftists want is a quick grab that essentially never ends. The domino analogy works well here because the speed at which dominoes fall is a better representation of what will happen when we give that inch.

There are many idiots in the Democratic field, but few are as infuriating as Eric Swalwell. He’s one wing of the party that is spreading just as quickly as the hyper-leftist socialist wing. They all want our guns. They won’t stop until they get them.

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