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Twice-deported illegal alien Jorge Rios allegedly raped, murdered Carolina Cano in sanctuary state



Twice-deported illegal alien Jorge Rios allegedly raped murdered Carolina Cano in sanctuary state

Carolina Cano was out for an early morning jog in Jersey City’s Lincoln Park on March 24 when she was abducted, raped, strangled, and had her body dumped in a lake. Police have charged Jorge Rios, 33, with the crimes.

Rios is a Honduran national who has entered the country illegally at least three times. Deported in 2003 and 2004, Jorge Alberto Rios-Doblado can be seen in surveillance video stalking, then chasing his victim in the early morning hours before sunrise. Later, he’s seen walking to a friend’s apartment. Once there, he allegedly asked the friend, “How much time do you think a person would get for killing someone?”


It is getting truly disturbing to find so many of these types of stories at any given moment. It’s getting to the point that I no longer have to search for heinous crimes committed by illegal immigrants. They’re happening daily.

The problem isn’t just a bunch of illegal immigrants committing crimes. It’s that the depraved nature of the crimes and unrepentant people committing them seem to be on the rise. We cannot defend our nation’s sovereignty or protect American citizens as long as people like Rios take advantage of the open borders policy pushed by leftists. They do not want a wall or additional border security that could have kept people like Rios from reaching his intended victim because the victims are secondary to the benefits the left receives from their open borders stance.

As long as we continue this untenable path of bad policies and stupid rhetoric, more dangerous people like Rios will continuously find their way back across the border no matter how many times we deport them.


“Put 100,000 of these guys a month in front of Nancy Pelosi’s walled mansion.” – James Woods

Final Thoughts

This story will not get the national attention it deserves because the alleged perpetrator is an illegal immigrant. Imagine if it was a guy wearing a MAGA hat who raped and murdered a Peruvian legal immigrant. It would be media madness.

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