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Illegal alien Oscar Ramirez arrested for rape of seven-year-old girl in Virginia



Illegal alien Oscar Ramirez arrested for rape of seven-year-old girl in Virginia

In 2006, ICE agents placed a detained on Oscar Ramirez for failing to appear at his immigration hearing. He has been living in the country illegally ever since. Last Thursday, he was arrested by law enforcement officers from the Culpeper Sheriff’s Department in Virginia for allegedly raping a seven-year-old girl earlier this month.

Ramirez, 33, has taken advantage of the plentiful loopholes in the immigration system for over a dozen years. A foreign national from El Salvador, Ramirez was first apprehended in Texas after crossing the border illegally.


This is the rare case where the headline and opening copy of a story produced by local mainstream media didn’t bury the immigration status of the alleged criminal. In most cases, these facts are either pushed to the bottom of the story or never mentioned at all.

The lives of a seven-year-old girl and the people around her have been forever changed by our lack of security at the southern border. There is no reason for criminals like Ramirez to be treated with such a soft and “compassionate” touch by our government, only to allow them to do such great harm to American citizens.

The left is dead-set on protecting illegal immigrants to the point that they will sacrifice American citizens in order to keep the flow of illegal immigrants into our nation going strong. Those who support the open borders policies preventing the wall from getting appropriate funding and keeping law enforcement understaffed and under-resourced are destroying our sovereignty and harming Americans.

This is inexcusable.


“This is another example of America’s need for secure borders and repair of our broken immigration system.” – Culpeper Sheriff Scott Jenkins

Final Thoughts

These incidents are becoming far too common. As long as our southern border is so easy to breach and the laws make it so difficult to apprehend the masses of illegal immigrants already here, things are only going to get worse.

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