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For clarity, migrants are already being released into the interior



For clarity migrants are already being released into the interior

Some of the complaints I’ve been seeing on social media about the President’s demand to release illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities don’t make any sense. I’m not going to call out anyone directly on this one; the complaints and even some of the praises were coming from both sides of the political aisle and insinuated that the President was going to be emptying out migrant housing facilities and throwing them on the streets of San Francisco.

Sometimes I assume everyone is aware how bad the problem has become, that there is simply no more space set aside for migrants because Democrats limited the number of beds and facilities allowed. Then I remember most Americans still get their news from mainstream media which not only fails to paint an accurate picture but at times paints an intentionally false one.

It occurred to me that there seems to be plenty of people who are unaware thousands of migrants are currently being released into the interior today. There aren’t enough beds and laws prohibit their detention for longer than 20 days. Currently, border patrol is forced to essentially act as paperwork processors. They apprehend the migrants, most of whom turn themselves into the nearest border patrol agent once they touch US soil. Then, with no place to put them, they give them papers telling them when and where to appear for their asylum hearing and release them.

They are often taken to bus stops or charities that house migrants, but Greyhound recently prohibited non-customers from hanging out at their stops and all the charities in the border cities have been full for months.

So, the President’s move is not him calling for any additional illegal immigrants to be dropped off at sanctuary cities. He’s calling for the masses of people who are dropped off in the interior every day to be dropped off in sanctuary cities rather than Texas, Arizona, or New Mexico where the vast majority are currently released.

If anything, this can be a teaching moment for leftists who don’t understand the scope of the problem we face. Yes, migrants are released into the interior daily by the thousands. Why not release them in sanctuary cities? It just makes sense.

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