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It is massively hypocritical for leftists to turn away any migrants sent to sanctuary cities



It is massively hypocritical for leftists to turn away any migrants sent to sanctuary cities

The spin machine is in overdrive in the minds of many Democrats and their leftist supporters. As the President pushes to have illegal immigrants who are to be released into the interior sent directly to sanctuary cities in California, mainstream media and their Democratic handlers are scrambling to paint this as political retribution without sounding like they don’t want this to happen.

They can’t act like they don’t want this to happen. That goes against every claim they’ve made over the last couple of years regarding illegal immigration.

But here’s the thing. They really DON’T want it to happen. They’re perfectly fine with defending the “rights” of illegal immigrants as long as the vast majority of them are released to the interior in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. What the left doesn’t want is for them to be released into the own backyard, but they can’t say that. Instead, they’re going to spin this as political retribution. That’s really what it is, but it’s the type of retribution that aligns with the claims made by the left.

In other words, they really should be welcoming this as their best case scenario. The President is giving them exactly what they claim they want. It’s disingenuous and hypocritical for them to cry foul in any form whatsoever. They should simply say, “Thank you,” and be on their way.

It’s time for California to prepare. If any state can handle the tremendous influx of illegal immigrants, it should be the state with by far the most tax dollars, right? After all, California is now the 5th largest economy in the world, ahead of Great Britain and the vast majority of nations across the planet. As a California resident, I’m very well aware that he size of our economy is not a good indicator of the ability of the state to handle, well, anything. I’ve seen the type of astounding waste and indefensible spending that one normally sees when visiting a dictatorship, not a part of the United States. The federal government is by far the biggest money-waster around, but California’s government gives DC a run for our money.

Yes, it’s our money, but that’s for a different discussion.

California should gladly welcome ALL migrants who are waiting for their asylum hearings. There should be no crying from Governor Gavin Newsom, no bellyaching from Hollywood, and no objections from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Their unified response should be to congratulate the President for the wonderful generosity and honor he is bestowing on the state.

Any response from the left other than, “Thank you Mr. President,” should be met with derision and contempt. Sanctuary cities by their nature should be havens for the migrants who need help. The President is simply granting their wishes.

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