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Moving migrants to sanctuary cities sounds like a perfect idea



Moving migrants to sanctuary cities sounds like a perfect idea

Call me crazy, but I see nothing wrong with the idea.

Twice in the last few months, White House officials proposed transporting migrants who could not be detained after filing for asylum to sanctuary cities where they would be released. The idea was shot down by the ICE legal department and others who felt it would be too expensive, could increase chances of liability, and would be a bad public relations move.

Maybe I’m not seeing clearly without a law degree or a PR mindset, but this sounds like the exact appropriate message that needs to be sent to Democrats. They want sanctuary cities. They want migrants to roam free through the interior of the nation. Why not give them what they want?

If it’s simply too expensive, fine. I’m not a fan of adding to government waste. But the liability issue is silly. They’re a liability regardless of where they’re released. As for the PR move, this too is silly. What are they going to do, say “release them, but not near us”? No. The only PR damage is that mainstream media will paint it as a stunt, which it would be. But it’s a stunt that sends a clear message about one of the biggest problems this country faces right now.

The number of illegal immigrants crossing the border right now is so far beyond unsustainable it’s amazing the left can still pretend like there’s no problem. Their entire mentality regarding the situation is a mixture of denial and stupidity. We can’t keep taking in more people with no recourse to stop them and expect to be able to keep our nation sovereign.

Sanctuary cities are increasingly becoming havens for crime. American citizens are being hurt. Legal immigrants are being hurt. Even illegal immigrants are being hurt. The only people who are not being harmed by them are the criminals themselves.

It may be unpopular to say this, but so be it. If the left is dead set on keeping sanctuary cities and releasing asylum seekers into the interior, let’s let them have their way. Release the asylum seekers in the sanctuary cities and let’s see how long both perspectives last.

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