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What’s driving the border crisis? According to AOC it’s climate change. Seriously.



The left has been jumping back and forth between their old narrative that there is no crisis at the border and the new narrative that the crisis at the border is due to President Trump’s policies. Democratic lawmakers are having trouble keeping up with the narrative of the day, but Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been consistent. To her, there’s a humanitarian crisis at the border and the major factor driving it is… wait for it…

…climate change.

Because of course it is.

The Justice Democrats have done a fine job of keeping her narrative consistent even if many of her leftist cohorts on Capitol Hill are haunted by their unwillingness to acknowledge the crisis even exists. AOC has had the safer narrative by framing the crisis as one that is about the treatment of the people and not about the unsustainable numbers. But even this narrative has a breaking point if we continue to release them by the thousands daily into the interior.

Unfortunately for many of her supporters, they haven’t been as faithful to the narrative. They’ve been playing the Nothing-To-See-Here card by claiming like other Democrats that the crisis doesn’t even exist, that it’s manufactured by President Trump and his supporters to promote bigotry or something like that. As a result, they’re having a hard time reconciling AOC’s latest claim.

AOC supporters on illegal immigration

At the end of the day, this is just a politician whose handlers have given her a set of talking points. When those talking points can be combined, it’s an opportunity to double-dip and promote two agendas in one fell swoop. Today’s message from the Justice Democrats: “Climate change is so bad it’s causing the humanitarian crisis at the border and making Republicans act even more racist than usual.”

Let’s talk reality for a moment. I’ll even use bullet points for easier reading by Justice Democrats who aren’t careful enough to block their IPs when they visit the site:

  • There is definitely a border crisis. This is why thousands are released to the interior daily. This is why thousands more are trying to cross daily.
  • There is a humanitarian crisis. It’s caused by the border crisis. If there was no border crisis, there would be no humanitarian crisis.
  • It’s possible to jump from tangent to tangent and claim climate change is causing portions of the border crisis, but to claim that it’s the primary or even a major reason for the border crisis is ridiculous. Whether there was climate change or not, the border crisis would end if the wall was built, asylum laws were changed to match laws in other countries, and border patrol was given the resources it needs to handle the numbers without releasing them into the interior.

Once again, AOC has attempted to say something profound but instead revealed she’s unable to make it over the low bar that’s set for critical thinking on Capitol Hill. If the border crisis is due to climate change, ANYTHING can be attributed to climate change.

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