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Why Ben Shapiro gets so many thumbs down on his PragerU videos



The most recent PragerU video by conservative commentator Ben Shapiro struck me as irrefutably true. While he inserted his opinions into the interpretation of the facts, there were no real stretches that needed to be made. One could be on the political left and still come away feeling they learned something profound about western society, the importance of Athens and Jerusalem as the epicenters of reason and Biblical teachings, and how history points to a supremacy of western civilization that has evolved into the paramount of proper human thought, governance, and moral values today.

But that’s not what happened. With just over 200,000 views as I write this article, the video above has garnered over a thousand thumbs down. Compare that to the previous two similar videos that have over a million views and less than a thousand thumbs down. Even Dennis Prager’s recent video which, like Shapiro’s videos, get extra thumbs down regardless of the content, it still has less than three thousand thumbs down with over two million views.

What is it about Shapiro’s videos that earn the the ire of the left on YouTube? Perhaps it isn’t the content of the videos but the person himself who draws so much negative attention. I don’t agree with everything Shapiro believes just as I don’t agree with everything anyone else in the world believes. We’re don’t have to be automatons to still be considered like-minded and I find I agree with Shapiro’s perspectives much more than I disagree. But one thing that can be said about Shapiro is that his arguments for his perspectives are challenging to counter. This, perhaps more than anything else, is why he is so widely panned by the left. They can’t beat him. They won’t join him. Therefore, their only recourse is to suppress him. They do this with their thumbs down.

Why is western society so successful? For the short answer to that, watch this PragerU video by Ben Shapiro. It’s elegant and frankly difficult to argue against, but that won’t stop the left from trying.

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Share your voice: Conservative writers wanted



Share your voice Conservative writers wanted

Have you ever wanted to help conservatism grow in America? Do you have a talent for the written word? Do you already publish on social media sites and are ready to have a byline at a growing news outlet? Let’s talk.

Unfortunately, this is an unpaid gig. Perhaps someday revenues will grow to the point we can start hiring our writers, but as of today we’re looking for volunteers. All of us who write for the site currently do so out of passion and patriotism. If you’re ready to join us, please contact me.

We only accept original content. Our mission is to promote a conservative and/or Judeo-Christian message online where the majority of the news is left-leaning. Our articles are picked up by Google News and is readily accessible through all the major search engines. Traffic is good, but we need more content to continue to make our voice (and the voices of our writers) stronger.

If you have opinions or news you’d like to report, we’re ready to hear from you. If you know someone who needs to have their message heard, tell them about us. The more voices we have, the louder we can be. America needs that.

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The AOC-Ilhan Omar trap and how conservatives can avoid disaster



The AOC-Omar trap and how conservatives can avoid falling into it

Most Americans know nothing about Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). It’s a sad reality those of us who are politically attuned often fail to realize. But don’t confuse lack of knowledge to mean a lack of an impression, at least on a subconscious level. Most Americans have at least a vague idea of who they are if they’re on social media or scanning through cable news channels at any given point. Both freshmen members of the House of Representatives have received an unprecedented amount of coverage across the entire media spectrum.

They, and to a lesser extent some of the other new faces in Washington DC, represent the machinations of the Justice Democrats who have put together a political gameplan unlike anything we’ve seen in the United States. If I were a hyper-leftist radical progressive, I would be so amazed at what they’re doing and how they’re doing it that I’d be begging to get on their team. It’s that brilliant. Thankfully, I’m a Christian conservative who believes in limited government and defense of freedoms, so what the Justice Democrats are doing is truly despicable to me. It’s also quite terrifying, but the silver lining to all of this is that they’re plan is one of both extremes. If they succeed, they’ll reform the Democratic Party in the image they want and could bring about a fundamental change in the very fabric of American politics. If they fail, they’ll tear the Democratic Party to shreds.

Either way, the Democratic Party of the Clintons and Obamas will no longer exist by the time the next elections roll around. Whether they’ll be stronger or weaker will depend on how conservatives handle the changes. In many ways, those changes are being driven behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. This is why we must understand how and why they’re getting so much attention. Only then can we prepare ourselves for what’s to come and thereby have an opportunity to avert disaster for our nation.

How: Being radical for the sake of attention

It as only been 100 days since the two Congresswomen were sworn into office. This may be hard to believe since they’ve taken turns garnering more headlines than Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or any of the other powerful establishment Democrats.

How they’re doing it is actually not very different from how President Trump won the GOP nomination and general election. They’re doing and saying things that were once considered inappropriate for members of Congress, let alone freshman members new to the job.

They appear to be on a rotation when it comes to shocking the political world. If it seems too perfect to not be coordinated, that’s because it almost certainly is. They talk. The people in their offices talk. Most importantly, the Justice Democrats are talking to both of them.

When AOC said she was “the boss,” it was to grab headlines. When Omar said, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” it was to grab headlines. Anything you hear about them saying or doing is for the sake of you hearing about what they’re saying or doing on a constant basis. This is part of the overall plan of the Justice Democrats. They helped install both of these politicians into positions where they are essentially untouchable; no Republican could ever win in their districts and no Democrat would dare run against them at this point.

But it isn’t all about being radical. They have to be likable. When the dance video of AOC was released, it was intended to draw as much attention to her outside of politics as possible. It worked. Leftist media even manufactured fake rage from conservatives and AOC played properly along with the false narrative. As for Omar, whatever strings they pulled to get her into the Maroon 5 video, “Girls Like You,” it was totally worth it. The exposure of her dancing with Adam Levine was the best thing in musical politics since Bill Clinton played the saxophone.

The Justice Democrats have tried to elevate Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to the same level, but she simply isn’t as likable. Her sort of infamous line, “Because we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the mother****er,” didn’t have quite the same play as things their other operatives have done. They’re not giving up on her, but she’s a support mechanism now. A B-player. They’ll call on her to fill the gaps when the power hitters are in a slump or to relieve media fatigue.

Why: Conditioning conservatives, media, and Americans

This isn’t just a power play to keep them in office and raise their profile, though it’s effective at doing those things as well. This is all about changing the narratives in both Washington DC itself and across America. They want to condition Democrats in DC, Republicans in DC, mainstream media, and the general population.

If you’re wondering how they can do that or be so ambitious with a couple of freshmen Congresswomen, just stop and take a look around. They’re already doing it. They’ve begun a cycle quite similar to what Trump did during the campaign, but they’re doing it on a larger level. Trump would shock, then punch, then counterpunch. It was all centered around him. With AOC and Omar, they shock, then wait to get punched, then whip out the victim card. You’ll notice they refer to “brown women” as a group when referring to themselves and each other. It’s a cycle that has enthralled the media who is gleefully playing their role of reporting the shocking statements or actions within the context of how conservatives respond.

Meanwhile, Americans are being fed a constant flow of this cycle. We’re being conditioned.

Democrats in DC have no idea how to handle it all. In three months, these two have been able to effectively mold the collective Democratic narrative as we can see from the 2020 presidential candidates. They’ve gone out and said the Democratic base is more radical than ever, so if anyone wants to get the nomination they better get on board with Medicare-for-All, the Green New Deal, and every other socialist principle they’ve been able to mainstream in such a short period of time. And it’s working. The sad part is, it isn’t real. These candidates aren’t playing to what the Democratic voter base is today. They’re playing to what they believe they can mold the Democratic voter base into being. And that’s working, too.

The best thing they have going for them is a foil in President Trump. He has stirred up such negative sentiment from the left, even the moderate left, that if AOC or Omar say “socialism is beautiful” and President Trump predictably says, “socialism will never happen,” the Democratic base that hates him would rather agree with AOC/Omar than President Trump. In a way, they’re only possible because of President Trump.

Like I said earlier, if I didn’t fundamentally oppose what the Justice Democrats represent, I’d be impressed with how well their plan is working. As it is, I’m starting to feel the worry associated with Ephesians 6:12 when I see how well their plan is progressing.

All of this is designed to condition conservatives to focus on them, Democrats to bow to their policies, the media to defend them, and the people to listen to them.

If you’re not concerned yet, it’s time to open your eyes.

The only play for conservatives

As I’ve said in a near-gushing manner, the Justice Democrats are working with a brilliant plan. Thankfully, there’s recourse for conservatives to turn this all against them.

We know the media is on their side. That means we need to build a fact-based narrative around them. They want to play the victim card. We cannot give them any justification for doing so. We MUST focus our message on attacking their policies, actions, and words. They will do whatever they can to make it about them personally. It’s imperative that we not only focus solely the policies they promote, but also that we call them out for their instant attempts at being victims every time they’re criticized for their actions.

These two are very dangerous. They’re changing the Democratic Party. If we act properly, the changes they make will allow them to hasten the demise of the party. If we act poorly, they might actually get their way: a socialist America.

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Conservative Michael J. Knowles attacked with ‘odorous substance’ during campus speech



Conservative Michael J Knowles attacked with odorous substance during campus speech

The ongoing campaign of intimidation and violence against conservatives speaking on college campuses took an ugly turn last night as Daily Wire show host Michael J. Knowles was sprayed with an “odorous substance” made to seem like bleach during a YAF speech at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He was hit in the face but wasn’t concerned, thinking it was paint or even milk. Later, he realized it was possibly bleach but was told by police it was not.

He was giving a speech titled “Men are Not Women” when the attack took place.

Here is a better angle to see the attacker and subsequent law enforcement take-down:

Here’s what was left from the water gun used by the attacker:

Michael J Knowles Attacked


Where do we begin? This represents an escalation of tactics that seems to be becoming more prevalent over the last couple of years. It wasn’t too long ago when leftists on campus would simply protest. They learned that these protests didn’t get the kind of attention they wanted and did very little to stop conservatives from speaking on campus, so they turned to more aggressive forms of protests that could actually disrupt the speakers.

The assault on Knowles wasn’t the first time physical violence was employed and it won’t be the last. But since it won’t work to actually stop most speakers from appearing, the next stage of escalation could turn deadly. That’s the real fear and why law enforcement is unfortunately required in order to keep the speakers and those in attendance safe from the unhinged progressives.

As I’ve noted before, this isn’t a question of freedom of speech. It’s about freedom of thought. As college progressives attempt to make their campuses “safe” from the ideas that conservatives spread, what they’re really doing is stifling the types of thoughts that could free some student from a life of helplessness, victimhood, and declining personal responsibility. Many if not most conservative speakers invited by organizations like YAF offer viewpoints that these students will not hear in classrooms or in the cafeteria with friends. The concepts being quashed are driven by the philosophy that made America a great nation, the concepts that desperately need to be heard by a generation that is growing increasingly lost in their own servitude to the leftist mindset.

It’s imperative for conservatives to keep speaking, for students to start listening, and for the radical progressives to stop shouting down the ideas that could actually keep this generation from destroying the United States of America.


“If a masked idiot came at me during a speech he better hope there’s campus police to take him down and not this pissed off preggo mama. has more restraint than I.” – Elisha Krauss

Final Thoughts

The escalation of suppression techniques used against conservative speakers on campus is scary. Before, it was the heckler’s veto. Today, it’s odorous substances. Tomorrow, it could be more deadly. The left can’t win with thoughts so they rely on anger.

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