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Abby Johnson confronts those accusing Unplanned of being a fake story



Abby Johnson confronts those accusing Unplanned of being a fake story

The recent life of pro-Life activist Abby Johnson, detailed in the movie Unplanned, is one of the most interesting stories about Planned Parenthood to make it into the mainstream. Despite aggressive attempts by the left to suppress the movie, it has enjoyed a very successful two-week run and it’s not done yet.

But now many in the pro-abortion camp have been circulating a false report that the whole story is fiction. Johnson has confronted these attacks with her response posted in The Federalist:

Yes, I Really Did See An Ultrasound-Guided Abortion That Made Me Pro-Life

I left Planned Parenthood nine years ago after assisting in an ultrasound-guided abortion of a 13-week-old fetus. I saw the unborn child struggle for its life against the abortion instruments. I saw the empty uterus on the screen where life had been just moments before.

This story is now a major motion picture released in theaters nationwide, called “Unplanned.” While the movie defied industry expectations at the box office, attention has also been drawn to an article written about my story soon after I left the abortion industry. I had never felt the need to respond to the false claims in this story until now.

The best thing going for Planned Parenthood is disinformation and they’ve mastered the art of spreading it to the masses. If the truth about their base ideology ever made it out to more people, they’d quickly be out of business. Why? Because this isn’t just about pro-life versus pro-choice. Planned Parenthood was born from bigotry and hatred and continues the tradition of their founder, Margaret Sanger, unto this day. But they hide the truth behind a thick veil of lies and platitudes designed to keep the people in the dark and the babies from ever seeing the light of day.

Faulty information from a single source is being spread by multiple news outlets as proof Johnson made up the whole story. The source pretends to know more about the procedures of Planned Parenthood than Johnson, who was a clinic director. It’s absurd. Thankfully, Johnson has responded with the truth and now it’s incumbent on us to share it with the world.

When the truth goes against Planned Parenthood’s false narrative, they will do everything within their massive power to discredit this truth. It’s time to get even more people to watch this important movie. Let’s change some more lives.

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