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Eric Swalwell’s awkward announcement of presidential run brings gun control into focus



Eric Swalwells awkward announcement of presidential run does nothing to the race

The shockwaves felt by the Democratic Party following Representative Eric Swalwell’s announcement that he’s running for president were over before they began. They were non-existent. Another hyper-leftist threw his name in the hat, bringing the total to somewhere just south of 350. Nothing to see here.

He was awkward and scripted, like Mark Zuckerberg taking questions wearing his hoodie. Just before the announcement itself, one could see a tinge of doubt cross his face as if wondering if he’d be able to say the words without letting his voice crack.

Here it is:

There’s one thing his announcement does to the field, though. If he can raise enough funds to get a voice at the big kids’ table come debate time, his hardcore focus on gun control will elevate it higher on the to-do list of the other radical progressives running. That means they’ll have the environment, Medicare-for-All, varying degrees of socialism, college debt, minimum wage, tax hikes on the rich, and gun control as their primary talking points. It’s a lot to swallow, even in the bite-sized morsels we’re fed in the debates. Then, there’s the growing list of secondary issues that will be force-fed to us as well.

What few are truly discussing other than Beto O’Rourke is the border crisis, even though today it’s arguably the biggest concern of millions of Americans. O’Rourke’s stance as a Texan is odd considering the sentiment that’s growing in America today. Then, there’s Bernie Sanders who recently denounced the concept of open borders. All of this is adding up to a degree of strangeness we haven’t seen in an election since, well, 2016.

Until the choice is made, we’ll just have to speculate about what odd policies they’re going to announce next.

Eric Swalwell is loud and opinionated, but overall he’s just an idiot. If he wants to run on gun control as his big issue, so be it. Conservatives have plenty of ammunition to use against any of his ludicrous arguments.

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