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How not to get Constitutional carry passed in Texas



How not to get Constitutional carry passed in Texas

As one of the reddest states in America, one would expect Texas to be a leader when it comes to Constitutional carry. But a combination of lukewarm GOP leadership and over-the-top gun rights activists have resulted in the death of Constitutional carry in the Longhorn State.

I’m not going to assign blame since both the Republicans in the legislature and the gun rights activists are pointing fingers at each other. What actually happened to tank the legislation happened behind the scenes, but what we know publicly is sad on both sides.

The gun rights activists allegedly went to the homes of lawmakers to intimidate them out of fear the legislation was losing steam. They claim they were just posting flyers on doors, but it’s conspicuous they ended up at three lawmakers’ homes just posting flyers.

The lawmakers were backing down from passing Constitutional carry, claiming it would remove important current gun laws that keep the bad guys from getting guns. They are blaming the activists for going to far, but that doesn’t jibe. If all someone has to do to prevent legislation from going through is to go to lawmakers’ homes, then the government in Texas is broken.

Based on what I’ve seen, it appears both sides are in the wrong. To what degree is based on the aforementioned happenings behind the scenes, but it’s clear this wasn’t handled well by anyone involved. Constitutional carry is too important to blow.

As more states start addressing the need for Constitutional carry, they need to learn what they can from the failure in Texas. Usually, Texas leads to the right. This time, they went backwards. We can’t let that slow us down.

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