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See Unplanned. Take people with you. Spread the word.



See Unplanned Take people with you Spread the word

Despite efforts to prevent people from seeing Unplanned, the pro-life movie has been shocking box office experts with strong numbers since its release last weekend. Now, it’s time to keep the pressure up on those who would love to stifle the conservative Christian voices of the world who speak out against evil corporations like Planned Parenthood.

The movie follows the evolution of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood director whose life was changed when she learned the truth about the organization that employed her. Now a pro-life activist, Johnson has shared her story in book form and now again on the big screen.

Unlike many Christian movies in modern times, Unplanned is actually a high-quality movie of its own merits. The message is delivered at a proper pace. The acting is strong. Pound-for-pound, it’s a movie that would deserve to be watched if it weren’t a true story. The factual basis behind it is even more reason to make plans this weekend.

One of the thing that needs to be understood about Planned Parenthood is what we got to witness with the release of this movie. Organizations like Monsanto, Church of Scientology, and similar nefarious groups always do what they can to prevent bad press from hitting them. This includes intimidation of the media, payoffs to journalists, threats to current and former insiders, and kickbacks to politicians. Planned Parenthood is no different.

This movie is one of the few that was able to break through despite attempts by the powerful to quash it. Go see it. Get others to see it. We need to make this movie so big, people who need to see it are compelled to do so.

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