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AAF’s dumps late Friday apology tweet to cushion PR blow



AAFs dumps late Friday apology tweet to cushion PR blow

If there’s ever a time, to bury something that must be made public, Friday is the day to do it. Nobody is paying attention as much. Often on weekends, the new cycle is dominated by one event that typically happened on Friday or Saturday. This was an incredibly slow news week, so inevitably this weekend would be dominated be the Final Four. Knowing this fact of human nature, it appears the now folded Alliance of American Football dropped an apology tweet in the 11th hour. The official statement was time stamped 10:56 PM – 5 Apr 2019.

The responses to the tweet weren’t so sympathetic to the league itself, rather the players or the lost opportunity of spring football. The league took yet another PR hit when it was uncovered that players were abandoned and have to pay their own ways home. This shameful act, which may not (directly) be the fault of its founders, explains the explanation. This was the second tweet since the drama unfolded earlier in the week.


If they didn’t royally screw this opportunity, they would not be dropping an 2300 tweet on a Friday. This was shameful. And thankfully people saw right through it. This tactic to cushion the shunning they deserve is exactly why I am drawing attention to that which they wanted to slip under the radar with minimal views.