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After 10 infant deaths, Fisher-Price should recall the Rock ‘n Play Sleeper



After 10 infant deaths Fisher-Price should recall the Rock n Play Sleeper

Ten babies have died while using the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Thus far, all the company has done is issue a warning. It’s not enough.

Products have been recalled for much less. One infant death is unacceptable, but ten makes this a trend that cannot be wiped away by a warning to parents.

The deaths occurred when infants rolled over. This stage of development normally occurs around three-months-old, which leaves a very small window for the usefulness of such a device. Considering babies often start rolling over before their parents are even aware, such a flaw in the system itself makes the equipment too dangerous to remain on the market.

Fisher Price must issue a recall immediately. Relying on parents to be aware of the warning is not nearly sufficient. The company must send word of a recall to all parents using this equipment. There is no excuse for keeping it on the market.

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