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Trump Derangement Syndrome: It’s not in the DSM, but should be



Trump Derangement Syndrome Its not in the DSM but should be

I don’t believe that Donald Trump Jr is trying to be a psychiatrist, but it appears that he has accurately diagnosed a real mental illness on the Left. Last evening the Daily Caller published a few of Junior’s latest comments.

The Democrats and the Media were pushing “sick and twisted conspiracy theories.” Anyone with a “sane mind” knew those theories were garbage. And he supplied a new name for them: “Collusion Truthers.”

This brilliantly reminds us of the “birthers” who insisted that Barack Obama was not born in the US, and that that somehow disqualified him from serving as President. Those conspiracy theorists were properly excoriated for ignoring the fact that Obama’s mother was a US citizen, guaranteeing him “natural born citizen” status. When Donald Trump said that Obama could lay the controversy to rest by releasing his long form Hawaii birth certificate, the Left declared him to be a “birther.”

Let’s be clear. A birther denies that Obama is a natural born US citizen. Not Donald Trump. But the Left grasped the shiny object and turned it into a lie. When Obama released his birth certificate, Trump declared that “I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue.”

“Getting rid of this issue.” In other words, demolishing the birther argument! But the Left keeps insisting that Trump is a birther. At every turn, this is what they’ve done. When Trump said, “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing… I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” Any sane person would note two things.

First, this was a brilliant piece of sarcasm. It had just been revealed that Hillary Clinton had “lost” 33,000 emails from her illegal server. So maybe the Russians, who are the great bug-a-boo of American politics, could find what she had lost. Hillary was incompetent. Maybe worthless and incompetent Russia might be able to aid her oafish skills. “Help her!”

Second, Hillary’s emails had already been hacked. There was no need to call for hacking. She had also destroyed the 33,000 emails. So a new hack would do nothing. But an uncritical audience might not catch these nuances, particularly if the commentators didn’t mention them.

We could go on with lie after lie from the MSM and the Democrats. But perhaps Phillipe Reines’ performance on Fox news right after AG Barr’s letter dropped is most illustrative. Each time Molly Hemingway tried to point out that the indictments and pleas of Trump campaign associates had nothing to do with the collusion narrative, Reines shouted her down with “37 indictments and pleas!” He could not allow her to use the truth to contradict his implication that the presence of malfeasance in some arena was necessarily malfeasance by Trump. It was necessary to shout down basic facts in order to perpetrate the Lefty narrative. In psychiatry, this is known as an obsession.

The Bible of Psychiatry, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, lists a gradation for obsessive behaviors.

  • Good or fair insight
  • Poor insight
  • Absent insight/delusional obsessive-compulsive disorder beliefs (i.e., complete conviction that obsessive-compulsive disorder beliefs are true)

If we are to assume that the Left has good or fair insight, then we have to assess them as behaving in a completely antisocial manner, contrary to observed facts. An antisocial person “often feels little or no empathy toward other people, and doesn’t see the problem in bending or breaking the law for their own needs or wants.” For those of us who have been combating Lefty lunacy, this has become epidemic. The pictures of Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, James Comey, and many others are attached to this definition.

This has been a considerable problem for those of us who actually believe in truth, justice, and the American way. The Left protects its own, and Al Franken’s fall from grace is a rare exception to that rule. The Left sacrificed one non-essential character to maintain the fiction that Democrats actually believe in justice. The election of Keith Ellison as Minnesota Attorney General, in the face of corroborated allegations far more serious than those against Franken, proves this point. Democrats are ruthless power brokers. It is their only currency. Evil-doers will be protected as long as power continues to flow to Democrats. But one has to ask how many Democrats actually have good insight and are acting in a merely anti-social manner.

I recently discovered that a long-time Jewish friend was a hard-Left liberal. This is indeed curious, since his personal wealth is a result of his surgical skills and long medical practice. In other words, he profited from merit. His medical practice depended on the careful identification of truth. Was a particular artery blocked? Or not?

At one point, we had a discussion on Facebook about the President. He was unwilling to use the President’s name, calling him “Drumpf” or “the orange ferret.” Political opponents were “resucklicans.” The rest of his language was even more offensive. When I pointed out that he was a smart guy, as evidenced by his medical career,” I was shouted down with personal insults.

As I look across the Twitterverse, similar sentiments appear widely. Facebook is no better, with repulsive epithets thrown about like confetti as if they were potpourri to cover the stench of illogic. I’m left with the inescapable conclusion that a vast number on the Left have become fully Obsessive/Compulsive. This comes from a delusional belief system that is without any sort of insight. In short, it is a psychosis. This is a major psychiatric disorder. It may be that Van Jones is the sanest of the lot.

“There’s an honest level of sadness and disappointment and disorientation among progressives and Democrats and I think it goes deeper than just what’s in the report.” He noted, “The revelation that none of that was true had created a general sense of moral confusion among Democrats and also an inability to understand what the administration has done, without the filter of “Russia collusion.” Jones goes on to demonstrate his own lack of insight when he asks why Trump “kisses up to Putin.” “Why does he want to meet with him by himself?” Really?

The first question answers itself. Trump does not “kiss up to Putin.” He never has, and never will. Trump has done more contrary to Putin’s benefit than any president before. And we should recall that Obama told Putin’s sidekick Medvedev that “after the election I’ll have more flexibility.” In other words, I can’t kiss your ass right now, but I can after I’m re-elected. And, by the way, I won’t put any effort into stopping your attempts to meddle in our elections. Wait! That’s not what Obama said he would do, it’s what he actually did.

As for heads of state meeting alone, that’s NORMAL. But the Dems can’t trust Trump to set things up their way, and want to hear from the interpreter. Fat chance. Van Jones has a major defect in his insight, but he’s still tethered close enough to reality to not go completely over the edge like Phillip Reines.

Obsessive/Compulsive Personality Disorder (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome) is a major psychiatric defect. In this case it has its origin in the incontrovertible fact that Donald Trump could not possibly win the Presidency. Hillary Clinton had been anointed and would serve. But he did win. That meant that it was absolutely imperative that his election be delegitimized. An immediate move to find faithless electors ensued, but without material success.

Within hours, such luminaries as Maxine Waters declared that we needed to “Impeach 45!” Somehow her massive intellect missed the point that you cannot impeach a president who has not yet taken office. Nor has she been able to explain how you can impeach a president for acts that predate the election. The Constitution requires “high crimes and misdemeanors,” a term that only applies to the president’s official tenure. But that level of insight is far beyond the capability of an obsessive.

At every turn, facts have come out that show Donald Trump’s complete legality. But to the deluded, when any Court rules against one of Trump’s actions, that means Trump is an authoritarian, even while the President allows the Court to stay his actions pending appeal. Anything the Left doesn’t like is “Unconstitutional!” but of course Obama’s acts weren’t, even though the Courts consistently ruled against his “pen and phone.”

I would exceed your attention span if I were to list all the prominent persons and examples of the psychiatric disorder. In short, the loonie Left has a view of the world. It is completely delusional and utterly divorced from reality. “The Left is smarter and wiser than the Right,” and the Right therefore has no right to do anything but acquiesce.  When the Right opposes the Left, and, heaven help us, actually wins a fight, the Left cannot bring itself to understand that they are wrong. That would be so, so harmful to their self-esteem. Snowflakes cannot allow themselves to be triggered.

TDS is not limited to politicians and commentators. Legal analysts are affected as well. David R Lurie claims that Attorney General Barr has created a new and dangerous interpretation of the doctrine of Obstruction of Justice. To do so, he completely misrepresents the statements of the AG to the point of claiming that asking for leniency for Michael Flynn constituted “shut[ting] down an investigation.” Somehow this would be obstruction, but, as President, Donald Trump has the absolute authority to direct Comey to do just that. We should recall that the first sentence of Article II vests all executive authority in a single person: The President. The FBI Director and the Attorney General are his subordinates. To “go easy” on Flynn would be “prosecutorial discretion.” But that would contradict Lurie’s delusions, and so he repeats them to all who will hear. Of course, Flynn got no discretion, and Trump did not intervene.

David Corn of Mother Jones is not so circuitous in his declamations. “Trump Aided and Abetted Russia’s Attack. That Was Treachery. Full Stop.” If one wades through this screed, the thinking person is again greeted with so many distortions and lies that they become impossible to count, and even more difficult to explain. They stand in direct contradiction to Mueller’s evidence and conclusions. We are again left with the disquieting fact that a large part of our public square has become completely delusional, bereft of any reasoning power.

As we continue in the Left’s echo chamber, we see all sorts of primitive defense mechanisms in play. Denial is obvious, but just the first step. Reality is too painful, so it simply cannot be true. Acting Out has been ubiquitous with the Antifa movement, where physical assaults are committed against peaceful political opponents. This is justified by Projection, where the psychotic person cannot accept his own thoughts and beliefs, and so projects them on to the opponent, the “hater” or “fascist.” “Donald Trump is an authoritarian” is another common trope. Projection is often combined with Compartmentalization, where the evil parts of oneself are separated from “who I am” in order to avoid guilt for evil personal deeds.

Slightly more mature defense mechanisms include rationalizations. These are more common in legal commentators than the bulk of the Left. But again, even this depends on the very first, most primitive mechanism: Denial.

“Trump didn’t win fair.” “Trump is the enemy of America.” These and similar demonstrably false tropes are so central to the identity of many on the Left that they cannot be allowed to be challenged without personal disintegration. All of the various denials of the Barr letter have to be seen in this light. They are “tales told by an idiot, signifying nothing.” (Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 5). Those who thought that the Left might give up the witch hunt have far too optimistic a view of the sanity of the Left. Psychotics cannot choose to gain insight.

Fortunately most Americans are not idiots. The task of providing house and home take too much time and effort to be subverted by the psychotic ravings of Democrats and their lapdogs in the MSM. In my humble opinion, more Americans will be persuaded by multiplying job opportunities and growing wages than the ravings of people who have disconnected from reality. Cries of “unfair!” to the Senate vote on the Green New Deal will be answered by “Democrats were so interested in climate change that they refused to vote for their own bill.” Truth will win the day. After all, Americans want safe streets, good schools, and good jobs first. Democrats offer nothing on these frontiers, while Donald Trump is working hard.

Americans are very sane. And they recognize insanity, even if they don’t have the fancy language for it. “Collusion Truthers,” indeed.

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Jordan, Meadows blast House Democrats after Lewandowski hearing



Jordan Meadows blast House Dems after Lewandowski hearing

Yesterday’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee by former Trump campaign manager Cory Lewandowski was a sham. It was poorly executed even as a bashing session for Democratic lawmakers to rant about the President’s campaign. One would think that after three years and multiple investigations, they’d give up. But this is all they have left. Democrats on Capitol Hill have nothing of substance left in their tanks.

House Freedom Caucus members Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows went on Fox News to blast their progressive colleagues for not only having the hearing in the first place, but also for their duplicity in handling all things associated with President Trump. The Democrats are not seeking the truth, otherwise they’d be looking into the real collusion and obstruction that has been taking place from their side of the fence. Instead, they’re talking impeachment as a distraction from their own shortcomings, their own failures.

This really comes down to a double-standard. The Democrats will hold hearings if the President sneezes wrong but if clear and unambiguous wrongdoing is uncovered about a Trump opponent, Democrats suddenly see nothing.

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‘Lite’ versions of Medicare-for-All are no better – and possibly worse – than the real thing



Lite versions of Medicare-for-All are no better - and possibly worse - than the real thing

How do Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and other Democratic candidates plan on sinking Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders? By highlighting how their radical Medicare-for-All proposals are several steps too far to the left for America and by offering “lighter” versions of their semi-popular healthcare plans. But there’s a problem with their proposals. All of them will lead to the same conclusion – single-payer healthcare – and all of them may actually be more damaging to the economy along the way.

This is saying a lot since the $32 trillion Medicare-for-All is an absolute existential threat to the United States economy. How could these lighter versions be worse?

Before we answer that, let’s look at what would happen if Buttigieg’s Medicare-for-All-Who-Wants-It, Biden’s Obamacare 2.0, or Harris’s Medicare-for-All plus private supplements ever become law in America. They all come at it from different angles, but what they’re describing is a public option for health insurance that would be taxpayer-funded and remove the out-of-pocket expenses from those who choose to take it instead of a private healthcare plan. This sounds reasonable to many Americans who want health insurance available to everyone, even those who cannot afford it, but who do not want to lose their own health insurance.

But what nobody’s mentioning is that the holes in a public option create problems for everyone, including:

  • Dichotomous healthcare services. There will be “good” healthcare offered to those with private insurance and “bad” healthcare offered to those taking the public option. We see this in action with the VA, which was intended to offer superior services to veterans. But the opposite has been proven to be the case. When government injects itself as an option against the private market, invariably the solutions they present are unambiguously inferior to the private variations. Americans will not be told of this dichotomy. Instead, they will find out when it’s too late that the healthcare they’re receiving is horrible compared to what they would have received under the private market option.
  • Increased costs across the board. What does a public option mean for the private market? Fewer customers. Fewer businesses enticing employees with health insurance benefits. Fewer healthy people paying for healthcare while higher-cost participants make private insurance more expensive for everyone. As for those on the public option, their acceptance of taxpayer-funded health insurance will, of course, drive up taxes for nearly everyone, including the middle class that nobody seems to want to admit will get hit with these taxes.
  • An eventual shift towards single-payerAs private health insurance becomes less lucrative and eventually becomes a money-loser, companies will start pulling out. We already saw this without the public option in Obamacare. Throw in a public option and it eventually becomes cost-prohibitive to offer anything other than supplemental insurance for uncovered procedures such as cosmetic surgery. The public option will become single payer by default within 3-5 years after it’s launched.

Nobody outside of the health insurance industry likes the health insurance industry, but over a hundred million Americans rely on this industry to keep themselves and their families from paying the extremely high costs for medical care. The combination of health insurance driving medical expenses and a government driving the health insurance industry has resulted in diapers costing $20 each after birth. They know most American will not care about the details as long as they’re not paying for it out of pocket, so they can encourage hospitals and doctors to charge outrageous rates. This all changes for the worst once single-payer is in place.

Back to the original premise – these “lighter” options could actually be worse for America than full-blown and immediate Medicare-for-All. With the latter, everything is upfront. They will tax us at extremely high rates to pay for their pet project. It will be horrible. But it will be understood from the beginning. With the half-measures proposed by the “moderates” in the group, the way it all pans out will be in a constant state of radical evolution. Prices will fluctuate so rapidly that changes will need to be made on the fly. It’s like inserting a knife into our backs slowly instead of just plunging it right in. The constant tearing of tissues over time may make us bleed out faster than if they just stabbed us quickly.

The various public option proposals are all single-payer-in-training. They will invariably become Medicare-for-All because private insurance will die a slow death as a result. Meanwhile, our healthcare quality and economy will die much more rapidly.

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The real reason behind California Democrats’ attack on Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash



Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) speaks at a rally after her measure to limit when companies can label workers as independent contractors was approved by a Senate committee on July 10.(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Today, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5 into law which would limit the use of independent contracts.

Newsom in a signed written statement said that the new law, “will help reduce worker misclassification — workers being wrongly classified as ‘independent contractors’ rather than employees, which erodes basic worker protections like the minimum wage, paid sick days and health insurance benefits.”

The author of AB 5, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), in a written statement said, “As one of the strongest economies in the world, California is now setting the global standard for worker protections for other states and countries to follow.”

This might sound great but does Newsom or Gonzalez genuinely care about these workers or is there a more devious reason?

Here is the real reason -the Janus Decision.

In Janus vs. AFSCMF, the US Supreme Court ruled that labor unions are inherently political and that employees cannot be compelled to support them financially. What has been the result? Tens of thousands of government employees have opted out of their unions and the typical $800 to $1,200 a year they hand over to unions are gone.

Where does that money go? The vast majority of those tens of millions of dollars goes to the Democrat Party and candidates like Newsom and Gonzalez.

So by reclassifying Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers as employees, what is Newsom and Gonzalez hoping to occur? According to the LA Times, Newsom stated, “the need to ensure workers in the new tech sector businesses can join labor unions.”

There you go, folks. Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers can join a union because they are now employees.

What will be the result?

These companies will have to drastically raise their rates to comply with the new law, thus you will pay much more to use these services. These companies will have to dismiss tens of thousands of drivers that relied on these jobs to supplement their income or even their only source of income.

For the driver’s that are lucky to keep their jobs, what will happen to them? You can rest assured that the unions will be there to extract their hard-earned money as they are pressured to join the union. Conveniently, the tens of millions they raise will be going into these politicians political bank accounts.

Now I have no love-loss for these companies. I’m a transportation CEO and they are my direct competition. This might even help me make more money.

Even if that is true or not, the facts are this had nothing to do with protecting these drivers. It was a devious plot to fill their campaign war chests will millions of dollars at the expense of you and these drivers.

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